Clean out your PMs


I deleted a few.


Thanks, I just had to clean out mine, too!


I’ve seen a few requests for people to clean out their PM boxes in the last week or so, so I wanted to remind everyone that we’ve got this handy dandy thread for that purpose if you think of it.


Hey Jack H. Clean out your PM’s!


/Big Grin … Okay I’m on the way now to get that done.

I’m like a pack-rat 'bout keeping anything, including written pieces.

(My wife’s most uttered sentence is: "I think The Salvation Army could use these items.)


Hey Jack. Do it again. Maybe you should let your wife manage your PM space. That “pack-rat” thing of yours strikes again.


Hey 2cent,

Clean out your PM space.

(See above: What is this? Everybody I want to send a PM to has a full box. Is this some kind of conspiracy theory or are you guys trying to tell me something?)


Yup, it’s a conspiracy! LOL

Enough deleted you should be able to get through now.
Apologies for not being considerate enough to do that.
Thing is, I don’t think my in-box WAS full. ???

No matter. Please try again.



You can send me one! Mine is empty…:sad:

Someone please…talk to me…


Why? You’re unclamly…


Silence you Magnaflam servant!!! I, Seravee, of the IDO have been silent to your clammy transgressions as of late but no more!!!



Aw, Snap!


[quote=“2cent, post:88, topic:27750”]
Thing is, I don’t think my in-box WAS full. ???
[/quote]I know. This PM space thing is wacky sometimes. There have been people where the PM free space shows room for maybe 10 more messages, and the thing behaves as if it were full.

Consequently, I keep mine with about 20 messages free space showing. Probably overcompensating, but I know the thing gets temperamental now-and-then.

It doesn’t show the used or free space in bytes, only number of messages, so I really can’t figure it out.


RET your PM Inbox is full


Ok thats it…

From now on if you are going to send a PM to someone you better send one to me also! If you don’t…BANNED!!


See post #92


It only shows it in the “box” you’re currently in; if you’re in your inbox, it doesn’t show the number of messages sent and vice versa. We really need to have something that shows the entire available capacity - the system doesn’t care where the messages are, just the total # messages.


See post #91


As if…