Cleveland police union calls on Kasich to ban open-carry


The head of the Cleveland police union called on Ohio Gov. John Kasich to ban the open carry of firearms in areas around the upcoming Republican National Convention, citing Sunday’s fatal shooting of police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and placed blame for the shooting on President Obama.
Saying a lack of leadership contributed to the Baton Rouge shooting, Cleveland Police Patrolman’s Association President Stephen Loomis said President Obama has “blood on his hands,” in an interview on Fox News.
“The president of the United States validated the false narrative and the nonsense that Black Lives Matter and the media are pressing out out there to the public, validated it with this divisive statements and now we see an escalation,” Mr. Loomis said, noting statements the president made following recent shootings of civilians by police. “This has got to end. We need some leadership in this country to come and put an end to this.”

Cleveland police union presses John Kasich to ban open-carry in areas around Republican Convention - Washington Times

Can anyone blame the police? I sure can not blame them one bit. I imagine their nerves are on edge and although this may infringe on rights this will go along way to prevent some innocent citizen from getting shot or some moron who thinks nothing applies to them.


Yeah, that makes sense…

It’s not the guys walking around open carrying that are the problem. It’s the guys that hide in a sniping hole and shoot at the police.


Quite true, DN. You don’t “protect” anyone by taking away the rights of someone else who is not doing anything illegal. Ohio is an open-carry State (as ALL States should be). Kasich was right to reject this idea out of hand…maybe the only thing he’s been right about this year. My wife had a cousin arrested back in the '84 campaign. He and a friend took their lunch break to drive their Jeep CJ downtown in Fort Worth, TX, to watch the girls leaving the Bell Telephone offices for THEIR lunch. Reagan was in town on a campaign stop and they found themselves pulled over by the Secret Service, handcuffed and taken to PD headquarters. They had forgotten that the jeep had a gun rack with a rifle and shotgun in it! They were held at the PD until Reagan left town, then turned loose with a warning not to openly-carry where the President might be.


Seems to me that open carrying is not a problem. As DN said, it’s the guys hiding in a hole sniping. If you’re going to shoot at the president, you’re certainly not going to be waving a gun around for all to see - unless you’re really insane. Of course, you wouldn’t be waving it around - unless you were really insane.


Which is pretty much what one cop in some city where there was a campaign rally said on the radio yesterday. And I do think it was Cleveland.