Cliff May: ISIL thinks Europe and NATO are spent forces. I’m afraid they have a point


Clifford D. May: ISIL thinks Europe and NATO are spent forces. I’m afraid they have a point | National Post


NATO can utterly destroy ISIL it’s only a question of will.


It’s a question of the will of the world, not just a few nations. Secondly, it is a question of funding and resource allocation. If the Iraq war hadn’t been fought, this would be a much easier fight.

So many countries have relied on the American military “crutch” to avoid fighting, now when the chips are down and they are directly impacted they look once against for America to lead. The term leading to me suggests there are followers…riddle me this, why are only a small number of nations interested in this battle which is impacting the entire globe?


What I said at the beginning…this attack on France might be a game changer for all of Western Civilization.



It seems that nothing short of another cataclysmic attack on American soil could possibly move our CIC to act in a forceful way. NATO, without the United States, is capable of the task. The objective must be wider that destroying the Caliphate. We don’t need a whack-a-mole tactic leaving a power vacuum for Iran, Syria and Russia. The West should strive to leave the region in a more stable state than when they arrive. A possible plan of action would be:

  1. Obtain a commitment from the Kurds to forego any territorial ambitions in Turkey. Recognize an independent Kurdistan formed from ethnically compatible regions of Iraq and Syria. Give them massive military aid. Tell the Turks to pound sand or we will unleash the Kurds into their territory.

  2. Use NATO forces to secure a large safe zone within the ISIS controlled regions of Syria and Iraq as fast as possible. Turn the occupation and maintenance of the region over to the Jordanians, Saudis and Gulf States with the long range end goal of a secular autonomous region.

  3. Destroy the remaining ISIS strongholds with an assault not seen since the firestorm of Dresden.

  4. Leave Assad alone with what remains of his country (mostly the coastal regions). Let him and his Russian allies suppress the so-called “relatively moderate moslem” rebels. Give them private assurances of our intentions.

This may not be a perfect plan but I doubt that NATO, with or without the United States, has the will for any comprehensive plan.