Clinic Protestors

So I find out the guy who wrote the law in Texas that avoids judicial scrutiny was a 36 year old Virgin. For the love of cake will someone take that guys V card so he can live a normal life. Now everyone knows the solution to judicial scrutiny have it citizen enforced in civil court. Don’t like private gun owners sue them out of existence. Do like open white supremacy sue them out of existence (its happening in North Carolina right now). Now Richard Spencer is a real A-hole but, do we sue things we don’t like out of existence? Is this who we have become? Can I please sue Catlin Jenner back into Bruce Jenner? BTW what the hell was in that box of Wheaties.

See I have a very big thing against pollution, gun crime, drunkenness. I don’t walk into a bar and tell people to stop being drunk. I’d get my ass kicked, and rightfully so. The protesters are still at the clinic even tho it is closed and meetings there are for birth control and to strategize about out of state issues. They’re still effing there my sweet jalapeno. Can they take a minute to go down to Denny’s to tell the fat-flips about the dangers of gluttony, maybe a trip down to bar and preach about hedonisms. Why can’t they go to the strip joint and talk about chastity? Maybe they can preach to drug pushers. Were literally 300 lbs and overdosing on fentanyl why the hell do Guatemalan migrants wanna come here? What to take over the crumbling infrastructure, to watch the gringos eat themselves to death?

The Guatemalans want to come here to get free stuff. The message has already be sent that you might come here and get paid $450,000 a person if your family gets separated. Take my kid when I cross the border, PLEASE!

As for the suing part, that is standard procedure for your party. Throw in false indictments for wrongdoing for those who actively oppose Democrat candidates and policy, and you have one of the core strategies for your political movement.

Dude splitting up a 2 year old from his mother was some effed up stuff dude… like 450k is too much, but they have probono legal advice this is us trying to save money out of court. Should we settle in court and pay more?

Hey dude! @Unitedwestand, they broke the law by coming here in the first place. When you break the law, or even get accused of breaking the law and are taken into custody, you are separated from your children. They don’t go to jail with you.

This proposal sends completely the wrong message to the current caravan in Central America. The fact that there are other circumstances surrounding this proposal, will get lost in the shuffle. All they will hear is, “Hey look! The U.S. Government is paying $450,000 to immigrants. Let’s go!”

I wonder when you are going to care about your fellow citizens. The illegal immigration issue is huge and complex, and it’s not going to make your life better. It’s going to water down the job market for low paying positions. It’s going to effect the amount of resources the government can afford to give to you. Crime, illegal drugs and terrorism are major concerns.

Yet none of that matters to you. You just parrot the the Democrat Party line.

When the whole family breaks the law very different circumstances. The Simpsons were way ahead of this “get the baby cuffs” as they lock up Maggie with her parents lol. You people couldn’t be educated if Christ himself came down to tell you of the inhumanities of the working class, migrants, and refugees. If you think they have it so good renounce your citizenship with your family and cross illegally. You couldn’t pay me 450000 over 2 years, to stay in those detention centers or even county jail. It smells bad you get sick like every 2 weeks. You never know what time it is, the guards rough you up. Sexual assault is common place I’ve long passed my age when anyone wants to do that to me. Hey if your white and under 21 and have long hair your fair game. You have no idea what it feels like. What do you live in sendgop one of those cute little yuppie Mc-mansions where the maids come to clean? Micheal Savage has a bit of an idea he was broke in San Francisco in the 1970s and when people would remind him that he would moderate his comments. Go watch Training Day (2001) it’s about the cost of an Officer of the Law doing the right thing.

Yea, we owe the world a living because in your world there are no borders.

When you life goes down the tubes, your standard of living goes down, and your kids have lower expectations and their standard of living is less than yours, you could understand, but I doubt it. Your have been programmed. You think we owe these people a living. They have voted for socialism when they could vote, and what did it get them? Nothing but more poverty.

I can never hope to reason with you because the system that you have programmed to hate is the system that brings technological progress and generates wealth. But you will never understand that.

We quit innovating the day NAFTA was passed. India got Tech Support, China Got Manufacturing, and Japan/Korea got electronic. We were supposed to keep heavy industrial and agriculture but we didn’t. Yeah we innovate in California and it gets made in Korea and China. No one is coming from China to innovate here its a one way street.

“We quite innovating the day NAFTA was passed”

That is a profoundly ignorant statement. I was nowhere near retirement when NAFTA was approved almost 30 years ago. To say that this country has gone nowhere with since then technology is false on the face of it.

If you are so sure that NAFTA is bad, you should be praising Trump to the heavens. He was the first politician to make a major issue of its weaknesses.

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Like all leftwing anti-American socialists, you have it all wrong. What is “effed up” is a mother dragging her child to a foreign country to commit a crime. What is effed up is people like you siding with the criminals and against those who enforce the law.

Yeah that.

The children are subject to their parents. I don’t think it’s reasonable to lump them in with the parents who broke the law.

We’re well aware of these things. What I don’t see is a good reason why we should let them come here wholesale to repeat the screwups that led to their own nation becoming such a sleaze pit.

I do. And I still say we can’t import the rest of the world’s problems. We’re not fixing it here worth a hoot. In fact, it’s getting worse, with the left trying to legalize prostitution.

You are so nice to the Marxist Socialist hatemonger. You’re like a Mitt Romney. His people would throw you in a camp if they could.

Actually I like Mitt Romeny, Kristi Noem, and Fantasy Chaser. It was nice being able negotiate with rational people who listened. I never thought I’d miss Bush and Company. The way you have had the moral among you fall makes me cry.

Mitt Romney is a sellout. I worked on his campaign for four months on the Florida heat only to have him wimp out in the last debates. Then he doubled down and voted to convict Trump because Trump didn’t give him a place in the cabinet.

Like my vote for Jimmy Carter in 1976, I regret supporting Romney.

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