Clint Eastwood backs Mike Bloomberg, wishes Trump would be 'more genteel'

A Fistful of Dollars:thinking:

And he thinks Bloomberg would be “genteel?” The same guy who calls women “horse-faced lesbians,” who thinks HE knows what we should eat and drink and when? Clint’s obviously losing it.


It is disappointing, but not surprising that Eastwood is making statements like this. He is a creature Hollywood after all.

I wonder if he looked at Bloomberg’s record as New York mayor? Does he know about how Bloomberg wants to control the lives of people from the size of soft drinks they can buy to the salt shakers on restaurant tables?

Maybe at age 89, Mr. Eastwood is getting soft in the head. It happens to many of us. At any rate, Mr. Eastwood will not have to worry about Bloomberg unless he runs as a third-party candidate. Things are looking awfully good for “Comrade Sanders” right now.

Now there is a major threat to the well being of us all. I know that “Comrade Sanders” will need Congress to get his draconian tax and private property confiscation laws passed. Still, he can do a lot of damage with executive orders on his own, let alone what he will do to the Supreme Court.

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Thanks for that @silliessis Just goes to show that we must always keep in mind the source and the initial lies associated with our fake news.

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