Clinton continues to avoid un-staged press conference. What is she afraid of?


See: It’s been 263 days since Hillary Clinton last held a press conference. That’s a dangerous precedent.

August 24th

”Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, appeared on “Morning Joe” on Wednesday morning. Former Bush White House communications director Nicolle Wallace asked him about the fact that it had been more than 260 days since the candidate last held a news conference with reporters. Here’s the full exchange:”

It is absolutely astonishing that while Hillary Clinton is holding countless invitation only events around the country, with Hollywood’s rich and famous, Wall Street Bankers, our Martha’s Vineyard elitist crowd, foreign dignitaries and a number of fund raising events in foreign countries, she still, to this day will not hold an un-staged press conference where reporters, including those from FOXNEWS and other fair and balanced reporters, are free to ask questions off the cuff.

I guess the pay-to-play crowd, Hollywood’s pinko crowd, and fund raising in foreign countries is more important to Hillary than meeting with the people’s press and addressing some very important questions which the people are entitled to have answered by her.


80% of green energy money taxed away from hard working American Citizens WENT TO the Hillary Clinton / Obama Administration’s donors!


Someone needs to create a Hillary Clinton press avoidance clock, like our national debt clock.



Hillary doesn’t need to do anything, except avoid having a stroke, until Election Day. She is the most elitist major party nominee ever to run for president. You can see on these boards that the dissentions within the Republican Party are doing much of her work for her.“Ethan Alan” and “the clamshell guy” are leading the Republicans for Hillary movement.


Can anyone imagine or even fathom her Presidency? Make Obama look straight and narrow and as transparent as the windshield on your car. She would leave office worth over $1 Billion…


Clinton continues to avoid un-staged press conference. What is she afraid of?
She is trying to buy the presidency with propaganda & you do that through cooperation & money. She is getting both. From her view that’s a much smarter way to do it than to have to answer the same questions all the time with lies.


The Clinton presidency will very likely be a nightmare. If she continues the way she has over the last seven and a half years, she could be guilty of so many “high crimes and misdemeanors” that that impeachment and conviction would be a “slam dunk.” The trouble is, unlike the impeachment proceedings that brought Nixon down, the Democrats will rally around her no matter what she does. There won’t be any Democrats like New Jersey Republican congressman, Charles Sandman, who after defending Nixon for many months admitted that the evidence was “devastating.” The Democrats will simply call anyone who finds Hillary guilty of anything “misogynistic witch hunters.”


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Uh, I hate to mention this, but Nixon WAS NOT IMPEACHED. In fact, articles of impeachment were never even begun. Nixon resigned because his advisors told him that he WOULD be impeached if he didn’t, but he was never impeached. In fact, the only two Presidents who ever WERE impeached were Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton…period. Obama SHOULD be impeached, but the cowards in the GOP won’t ever do that because they are afraid of being labeled “racists.”


Uh, I hate to mention this, but Nixon WAS NOT IMPEACHED.

That is quite true, but the handwriting was on the wall in very bold letters. If Nixon had hung tough, he would have been impeached in the House and convicted in the Senate. As one of the liberals so elegantly put it, “Richard Nixon is a dead rat on the kitchen floor of America.” Even most of the Republicans in the House and Senate were ready to give him the ax.

So far as impeaching Obama, that would have been a waste of time and a political mistake, just like it was with Bill Clinton. Clinton’s main crime was lying about messing around with Monica. That was not an impeachable offense. It was stupid and typical of Clinton who is basically white trash in an expensive suit, but if every president who cheated on his wife were to be thrown out of office, the list of would be quite long. I could provide you with a list, if you like.

Obama has broken his Oath of Office. He has not upheld the Constitution, but there is no way that you could even get an impeachment and certainly not a conviction on that. The Democrats will defend him to the death, and the press would slaughter every Republican who voted to remove him.

For the record I think that Obama is a traitor who has sold out to Iran. The majority of his Iran policy critics say that he made the nuclear deal “for his legacy,” but I think that he is became a state sponsor of their terrorism. He’s freed up billions of dollars for them, and has turned a blind eye to their missile and atom bomb research so that Iran can go forward with their plans to dominate the Middle East and ultimately annihilate Israel. In the mean time Obama is given them plenty of unmarked cash to expand their terrorist operations.

If there is ever and honest history of Obama administration written, that will be it. And if it is Obama will be the worst president in history by a wide margin. Even James Buchanan was not a traitor.


Please stop with the historical revisionism. Clinton was NOT impeached for having an affair with Monica Lewinsky or “cheating on his wife.” He was impeached for committing perjury and advising others to perjure themselves in a federal court proceeding–both of which are federal crimes punishable by 8 years in the federal pen. At the very time the Senate failed to convict him, there was a female federal judge doing time for the IDENTICAL offenses. There was no question as to his guilt of either offense, but the cowards in the GOP-controlled Senate couldn’t bring themselves to convict him.


The election is only two months away and yet we have not seen any debates from Hillary and what little she does do is scripted.


That argument was too esoteric for most people to understand. You would never get a conviction on a U.S. President for lying about an affair. It was a dumb political move by the Republicans, and it blew up in their faces. Impeachment is the last thing you want to do with a president unless you have him or her so dead to rights that not even the news media can save them with propaganda.

Revised to add, if the Republicans had been able to convict Bill Clinton in the Senate, Al Gore would have become president. Given that additional boost, Gore might well have won the 2000 presidential election. I think most all of us can agree that that would have been a disaster.


Hillary will be carefully cloistered from now until Election Day. If she makes an ass of self in the first debate, the Democrats and low information voters will feel sorry for her. In other words these fools would vote for her no matter what she did in the debate including frothing from the mouth and soiling her pants on stage.

That is what presidential politics had come down to in America. Do any of you remember when Romney won the first debate, and the Obama people felt sorry for Obama? The bottom line is you can’t win with Democrat voters. Their party and their welfare checks come ahead of the nation’s best interest.


Claptrap, as usual. And lay off the personal labels for RO members. That’s close to insult territory, and against the rules. Disagree with us all you like otherwise.


It appears that we share an equally thin skinned disrespect for one another. So be it.

What I wrote about the disloyalty of some Republican elites, sometimes openly giving their support to Hillary Clinton, is true. If the Democrats had nominated a decent candidate, I could respect their position, but the Party of Jefferson has not done that.


Clinton understands that the media is assisting in her avoidance of responding to and answering the many questions surrounding her campaign. She also understands that Trump is assisting in her election effort by providing her ammunition to use against him - information media is reporting in great detail. Then, there is the tried and true Democrat rallying call always used against the Republican candidate when the Left can’t run on their record - calling your opponent a racist.

Hillary is running a VERY smart campaign - a campaign being assisted by the very media that is supposed to be inquisitive and hold both candidate’s feet to the fire. Media has not demanded “face time” from her in the form of a real press conference and neither have most voters.

When you have a miserable record, with questions of corruption surfacing daily, and no answers other than obvious lies, and no media outrage about not having unscripted news conferences and a media who beats up your opponent for you, why expose yourself to questions?

There was a time in this country when the news outlets would have been leading the call/demand that FOIA information/documents be released by the feds in the case of possible corruption - recall it was the media that relentlessly went after the Watergate information and it was the media that dug up the information that scuttled Dem, Gary Hart’s campaign. Rarely is there real investigative reporting. Media has largely become just another advocacy group acting as stenographers for the Left.

Regarding the Clinton email/server scandal - the information/documents and literally every scrap of information that has surfaced about this matter is the result of information brought forward by the efforts of an organization called, Judicial Watch - they filed a Freedom Of Information request and suit 2 years ago. The media, who throughout most of our history has played the key role in watchdogging government, has not only contributed next to nothing in terms of investigation, it has most often been loathe to report significant details about the situation.


Great post, Mike!

The only question I might have concerns the Watergate scandal. If it had been a Democrat instead of the Republican, Richard Nixon, would the response from the press been the same? Although the press was not as openly liberal as it is now, they were still mostly supportive of the Democrats. Nixon was a very unpopular figure among the press and liberal circles because his highly partisan past. Getting the goods on him made his many enemies very happy.

Since these were not the circumstances, it’s a question that can’t be answered, but I think that it is worth posing.


No way to know, but post Watergate the press went after Gary Hart for having an out-of-wedlock affair. It cost Hart the Dem Party nomination. Clinton years later spread eagles an intern on the desk in the oval office and it took an act of congress - literally - to get the media to provide any investigative heavy lifting. Bill Clinton today is treated as a saint by the media. While I think key players in media circles have leaned Left for decades, it has now become so obvious that most people just expect it.


Would she actually leave office without dying?


Tim Kaine is a fitting VP for her. He’s as corrupt and sneaky dealing as she is.