Clinton Foundation Failed To File Financial Info On Affiliated Charities


Clinton Foundation officials told CNN Tuesday that “certain supplementary financial information” may not have been filed as required with the New York State Charities Bureau for three years.

The news comes a day after New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman sent a cease-and-desist letter to the Trump Foundation — sent on September 30 and made public on Monday — preventing it from soliciting donations in New York because the Trump Foundation had failed to properly register as an official charity.

Clinton Foundation Failed To File Financial Info On Affiliated Charities | Weasel Zippers

Nothing screams fraud more than Clinton’s Foundation which deliberately broke the law. Hillary has much to hide. Can one claim to be a charity when it’s donations are thinly disguised pacs and organizations which are political?


It looks like New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, is bucking to be the next United States Attorney General. He can forget it. He might get an assistant’s job in the Hillary Administration, but he’s the wrong race and gender the get the top spot. Prejudicial attorneys, who selectively enforce the law, are dime a dozen in the Democrat Party.

Give Loretta Lynch credit. She’s just as bad as Eric Holder, but she has brains enough to keep her mouth shut and deliver her version of a “impartial enforcement of the law” without all of the bombast and obvious dishonesty. The only time she has really slipped up was when she got on the plane “to talk about her grand kids” with Bill Clinton. These crooks make Nixon Attorney General, John Mitchell, look like a choir boy.


My favorite headline of all time.