Clinton Indicted - WHAT THEN?


I’ll be brief:

It is very possible that Obama’s public endorsement of Hillary Clinton signals that he knows for certain she won’t be indicted or it sends a message to FBI Chief, Comey, that she will not be indicted by the Obama Justice Dept. regardless of the outcome of the investigation. Let’s face it, it’s doubtful Obama would risk “staining” his legacy, screwed up as we know it to be, by publicly supporting a candidate who ends up indicted for espionage.

However, let’s assume she is to be indicted. Let’s examine the possibilities.

First, it’s possible a bill of indictment could come prior to the Democrat convention. In this scenario, Joe Biden would be the most likely replacement to be parachuted in at the convention as that party’s candidate - pretty straightforward.

What if she’s indicted after the convention, but prior to the election in November? Does she voluntarily step aside? How do the Democrats legally get the name of someone else on the ballots of the states? The applicable legal deadlines for ballot placement will have long since passed. For that matter, how do they select who her replacement is?

However, there is a much more cynical and ominous possibility. What if an indictment comes AFTER the November election and after Clinton has been elected POTUS? My guess is that Obama would, "for the good of the country and to avoid a “Constitutional crisis”, pardon her as he goes out the door. If such a pardon took place and assuming Repubs still control the Senate - a sizeable assumption should Hillary get the turnout necessary for her to win in November - would Repubs have the votes necessary to impeach her?

If you think people are pissed off at the elitist political class now, it might be we haven’t even scratched the surface. The streets of America could get REAL UGLY real quick.

I would be interested in other participants weighing in on this topic.


I watched her say that she knows for positive she will not. The fix is in just like Obamacare. The reason why is that if indicted she would end up in prison.


She won’t be indicted.


My guess is that Obama will continue to shield Hillary from any consequences and pardon her as he leaves and, if she’s elected (looking more and more certain every day) she’ll reciprocate by nominating him and to the U.S. Supreme Court or as Ambassador to the UN.


Hillary says a lot of things. If she isn’t indicted, it isn’t because she looked straight into the camera and said so. The fact that she did so is, if anything, a strong argument that she will be, simply because of her abject lack of honesty…


I don’t think she will be indicted, either. In the end I think there is no way the investigation can conclude Clinton did not expose confidential information over her unauthorized private server. However, the Justice Dept will not indict based on lack of intent - that while state secrets were exposed, she did so without the element of intent to commit espionage.

Of course, INTENT is NOT a necessary component in cases involving the revealing of state secrets. However, lack of intent will be used as justification not to indict and between the “in-the-tank” media and her fellow Democrats the fact intent has nothing to do with it will be lost in the narrative of page 26 in the NY Times…


I’ll believe it when she’s sitting at the defense table surrounded by lawyers. I have a hard time imagining BHO allowing his ***In***Justice Department to go for an indictment, absent something horrifyingly compelling (and how something THAT compelling could still remain hidden).


I quite agree. However, to stave off a backlash Democrats will have to put forward a justification, bogus though it will be, as to why she was not indicted.

I think citing her “lack of intent” to expose state secrets will be that justification - even though in such cases demonstrating “intent” is not required to offer a bill of indictment.

John Q. Public will mostly buy the explanation and everyone will move on to the next Clinton scandal.

BTW, no one is talking about it, but look for Clinton’s lead over Trump to substantially widen the minute it’s announced that she will not be indicted.

As sad as it is to say, with the inarticulate Trump becoming a real and imaginary gaff machine now fighting not just Clinton, the Democrats and media bias, but also many members of his own party looking to save their jobs, Clinton should have little difficulty securing the White House. If Trump doesn’t turn this around and Republicans don’t knock off the BS and unite behind Trump VERY soon the only question that will remain is will Repubs maintain control of the Senate?

With so much riding on this election, including Sup Ct appointments, this election will without any doubt determine the future of the nation.


INTENT. In the world of classified docs intent only comes into play when or if they want to charges of treason or espionage. You personally are responsible for the safety, proper handling and safeguarding. Failure to do so results in loss of your clearance, your job at the least and possible jail and or fine…

Downside. For Klinton there is no downside the Dims and that ilk have no issue with exposing national secrets in fact they would cheer. The only people who care are conservatives and if we are losing the election it will not matter.


I think this is a kabuki dance we’re seeing.

The nomination goes forward, into the convention. Where they dispatch Mad Bernie and put the tiara on Billary’s nasty head.

THAT is when Team Barry goes into action. Alluva sudden, an indictment.

And an offer of a plea bargain. Charges reduced or a pardon proffered, if she just gets out. And lets Slow Joe Biden be the Dem standard-bearer. Biden and Fauxahontis.


I won’t argue, but I seeing it playing out differently along the same scenario.

Slow Joe is a no go. By then we will know who won and if its BroomHilda then we have a for sure Constitutional crises on our hands. But never fear Obama is here and he steps in to fill her shoes until Congress and elect a Democrat President, of course this will take about 4 years…and we have another scenario for Obama’s 3rd term.


Slow Joe has been wrong on every issue he has championed and is the court jester in this administration.


Straightforward? Biden? Pfffftttt, lol. You don’t even begin to think the democratic voters wouldn’t freaking riot over that? If the DMC where to try and slip anybody else but Bernie in, they might as well just give the presidential race to Trump now. There would be rioting in the streets if they put in somebody the voters didn’t even vote for in any appreciable numbers at all.


Riot by who???

If its Obama on a 3rd term grab there would be no riot, there would be DANCING in the streets. IF we allowed 3 terms, its would be Obama by a landslide over Hilda, Bernie would get more votes that her, but Obama would win hands down…

Never forget that FDR did a 3rd term and in the event of a catastrophic Constitutional issue or all out DECLARED war (WWII level) a sitting POTUS would most likely continue in office at least for some time in order to make an orderly transition, IMO Obama would seize the opportunity to remain in office, of course he would appear on TV stating “orderly transition only”. But it would never happen!


He’s wrong on all issues; but then so are most Democrat supporters.

They look at the world bass-ackwards and upside down. Truly. Fauxacahontis to give him gravitas and he’ll be a rock star.

I really think so. Just as time has run out, tragically, for the disciples of Reagan…so, too, this clown’s time has finally come. Copious amounts of pot and other drugs, along with single-parent non-families, government skeuls, no moral training and no training in critical thinking…and a sizeable part of the population is as addled as is Slow Joe.