Clinton Takes a Huuuuuge Lead


Up by 10 in latest FoxNews poll, and up by 15 in latest MccLatchy poll:
Hillary Clinton has opened up a huge lead over Donald Trump | McClatchy DC
Fox News Poll: Clinton leads Trump by 10 points, both seen as flawed | Fox News




Anyone but Trump would be destroying her.


It is really quite outstanding how Trump cannot seem to focus on her. With all her baggage I am surprised(not really) that even Democrats would latch onto her.


Trump is falling faster than a balloon on fire in Texas


It’s early yet. Hopefully someone can explain this whole politics thing to Trump and he can fight back. If he can get in a believable Trump Comes Clean moment, everyone loves a redemption story.


I hate to bring this up - as a supporter of “Hell no, not Hillary” it pains me to report that Libertarian, and bona fide goof, Gary Johnson is moving ever closer to the 15% he needs to join in the debates.

If he does get on stage his impact could be significant. The interactive dynamics of a triad are significantly different than when only two people are interacting (a dyad). Suggest some of you read Georg Simmel’s seminal work regarding the social psychological aspect of a social triad.

This would be bad for Trump - I think about the only real chance Trump has is to outpoint her in the debates. Johnson would place additional variables at play.


Whatever “bump” or momentum he probably received from the RNC convention Trump himself extinguished the morning after the close of the convention when he gratuitously, foolishly and ignorantly decided to go after Cruz and his wife and his father - again. Trump has been in self-immolation mode for more than 10 days now.

As I noted in another post, Libertarian, Gary Johnson - running on the “pot” platform - might be able to reach the 15% threshold required to get on stage for the 1st debate - yes, I understand some polls are showing him at around 10%+ - unless I’m mistaken, this movement has been post RNC convention. If that’s true, it seems likely some Trump supporters have matriculated to Johnson - keep in mind, Trump’s numbers have fallen over the past week; unlikely they have gone to Clinton…

It MIGHT not be over, but the trend-line sucks.


Trump is not just stepping on his schwanzstucker, but he his stomping on it, he has no focus at all, he is all over the map and could have pounded Hitlery into the ground over the past 2 weeks, instead there is not a poll that is is even close to her anymore.

Someone needs to take him to the back room and slap him around and show him pics of Hitlery and Obama and tell him to STOP all the wasted time on subjects that he can ONLY lose on and he is losing BIG TIME!!!

I am not sure he can recover from his loss and not sure his ego will allow him to take sage advice. Right now he could not get a date on a all female Navy Battleship with a fist full of shore passes…


Don, does that mean you don’t think Donald is doing very well? LOL


Pleading insanity is probably not helpful in this instance - given the fact he is auditioning for POTUS.


The only numbers Trump cares about are Ted Cruz’s numbers, he wants Cruz out of the Senate to compliment his landslide loss in the general because he thinks this will be the kill shot on the Tea Party; his plan will likely work.


Well I see y’all are all firmly in the Clinton camp.


With Trump?

No, that domain is ALL the Trump supporters turf.


your hate for the guy just prevents you from seeing it doesn’t it? IT"S NOT TRUMP. HE didn’t start this. HE is the figurehead. YOU are giving the repub and dem elites exactly what they want. Be their slaves for the rest of your life.


My opposition has far more to do with not wanting to be aligned with Trump supporters than Trump himself, I am FULLY AWARE that Trump is just a figurehead for those who hate the Constitution, Christians, Honesty and of course those who desire a government that acts like a bully in implementing their Statist agenda via force.

Trump probably has no political soul at all apart from wanting to end the Tea Party so his crony capitalism can continue, he just cares about himself and these supporters gave him the nomination.


Well…John Hinckley is free. Maybe someone should let him know that Cankles has been writing Jodie Foster lesbian love letters…


Well, bull dookey again.

P.S. Still waiting for a straight response on Trump talking one talk precampaign and another during.


Now that Trump has sewn up the nomination, it’s time to implement phase II–throw the election so Hillary can assume the Oval Office where her husband once got his BJ’s.


you REALLY don’t get it. Well. Now I understand. You want the same old same old with the same politicians who…well…they don’t hate the constitution, they have just never read it and they just have no consideration of it as it applies to protecting US. And you’re willing to listen to their propaganda so that they can hold onto their power. Trump poses a real threat there. I can understand your fear, I just think you’re cowardly is all.