Clintons Committed More Treason Than For Which the Rosenbergs Were Executed! – Where is Justice?


I was thinking about all of the crap that the Clinton’s have avoided being prosecuted for over the years and of course … Bill’s giveaway of our missile systems technology for ‘Illegal’ campaign contributions from the Chinese was #1 on my list!

I had heard the stories over the years but never really knew the breadth of the treason committed or if the stories were even true!

For those with the free time, I highly recommend this as a worthwhile time killer!

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I cannot support executing the Klintons, not because they don’t deserve it, but because I want to impart the harshest sentence on them I can and executing them would NOT be it.

First thing I would do is shut down their phony game and fund and put the money in a Treasury, gone from them forever.

Billy: Put him in a single cell on his own in the center of one of the round prisons they have. This let him see everyone in the WOMEN’S PRISON, but can’t get at them…then put a Viagra pill in ever meal he has.

Hilda: Take everything she has, and make her work at Wal Mart the rest of her life as a GREETER…in a rural town where the county has never voted for a Dimocrat…


Hillary would probably steal from every basket leaving the store.


For Hitlery:
Give her a root canal every day WITHOUT a numbing agent.

For Billy-boy:
Give him a daily cystoscopy WITHOUT a numbing agent (a cystoscopy is the firehose up the Johnson “procedure” . . . I had one WITH a numbing agent, and my screams were heard in the next zip code).


This is just one of many, many examples or how wholly corrupt our Judicial System has become, I just cannot understand why so many still view the United States Judiciary as having integrity and being worthy of honor.

No Nation can thrive with a Judiciary that places political agendas and personal preferences above Law, we are hardly different than 3rd world toilets at this point.