Clinton's Health


Do you want to elect someone who barely can climb a step or disappears for days because the stress of dealing with the election over whelms her? Would she be there in a crisis? A crisis like the one where she said what does it matter (they died).

Someone who is so corrupt she is burdened with scandal after scandal and tells people her public pronouncements do not reflect her real feeling. Someone who wants even more “refugees” an the upswing of daily terrorist’s attacks against the nation.



Honestly I really don’t care about her health. I realize that people talk about it because they are making the point that she is unfit for leadership. But to me she is unfit no matter what her health is. I see no difference between her or the next 5 democrats that would replace her. All support socialism & I’m against it now matter who is pushing it.


This is why her schedule is so abbreviated she is only good once (and I say that loosely). She has already PROVEN that when the fone rang at 3am she could not or would not answer the desperate call from Benghazi, that FAILURE cost us 3 lives!

The shape she is in and I doubt she can answer the 3 pm call.