Clintons remodeled home without getting required permits


As anyone who has ever had work done on their home by contractors knows, one of the first questions raised is usually, “Do you want to pull permits for this?” That’s because taking out permits can be costly and, more importantly, tends to slow down the work as contractors have to wait for an inspector to show up at the site and sign off on each element of the construction. If a contractor isn’t available that day or, worse yet, if he or she discovers a problem, the entire job could come to a halt. So the fact that this contractor was under pressure to get the job done quickly probably explains why no permits were pulled. But it’s not his home, it’s the homeowners who are responsible.

I am sure many here have had to deal with premoits to get things done. If one is lucky a contractor will get the premits and until they do it can be a long wait before they materialoize and even longer getting an inspector out to okay the work.

For those of us who are DIYers it can be frustrating to have to get permits for doing simple things like replacing a door or window or tearing out old stuff and so on.


Just to point out God probably didn’t get permits to create the earth. Surly it wouldn’t be expected for the liberal God to have to get permits? Permits are for the “common people”, not Gods. Expecting The Hillary to be confined to requirements of the common folk is just wrong. Doesn’t everybody by now understand that she is above the law?
To me this whole mess is a direct result of her & bill getting away with all kinds of stuff their whole lives. They have gotten away with so much for so long that they have just plain forgotten that you should be at least a little sly about breaking the law. In the past the fix was in so they got away with it but you can’t (maybe) keep rubbing the publics nose in it forever. Of course I could be wrong & her getting elected will prove me wrong.


I once had a stainless steel chimney liner installed by a licensed contractor. He pulled a permit but the inspector did not show up for 5 days and wanted to see the liner. I said it is IN the chimney.

The inspector looked at me with a puzzled look and I just shrugged my shoulders. Apparently the inspector did not want to get a ladder to “inspect”. :whistle:

The Clintons are royalty; (Chelsea’s baby)

> As the pictures of the Clintons leaving the hospital began to hit news wires, many outlets began to point out how extremely similar the newborn Clinton photos were to photos taken of Prince William and Kate Middleton as they departed the hospital with their royal offspring in 2013 and 2015.
> The message Clinton sent by placing herself and Bill just so for the photos was no oversight. It’s pretty clear that the former first lady views herself as American royalty— and she wants her supporters to as well.

Bill and Hillary, King and Queen ? :sick:


Well, they would like to be royalty because then they wouldn’t have to worry about getting elected. I’m sure if Bill has ever read about the dissipated life that Queen Victoria’s son, Prince Albert, lived, he would be quite envious. In his old age Albert had special chair constructed that allowed him to enjoy his “professional ladies” in greater comfort, made necessary because his considerable girth.

I have always thought that Chelsea looked like Eleanor Roosevelt. The Roosevelts used to be “American Royalty.” The last Roosevelt I heard about that ran for political office ran for lieutenant governor of Massachusetts when Bill Weld was seeking his second term. In a highly unusual turn of events for Massachusetts Democrats he and his running mate got crushed in the general election.


Reminds me of an old “Weird Tales” comic book I read back when such books weren’t considered “too violent” for children. It seems that this king and queen had a pair of pet white mice that they were fond of so decreed that no mice or rats in their kingdom could be harmed in any way. The result was that rats proliferated and ate peoples food and even attacked their sleeping babies in their cribs. The people revolted, captured the king and queen and forced starving rats down their throats and sewed their eyes and mouths closed so the rats would have to eat their way out!!!


Gee, I understand now why the ladies wearing the hats and white gloves wanted to ban comic books back in the day. And I thought it was because there were violent scenes from World War II in them! I remember the closing lines to the TV series “The Adventures of Superman” used say that it “was based on the character who appears in ‘Superman Magazine.’” Of course the “magazine” was a comic book, but they didn’t want to admit that.