CNN Blames Amazon, business for the lose-lose-lose employee head tax


Economic literacy continues to decline just when ya might think “the people” cannot get any stupider. How is this a thing? CNN sees it as a lose-lose-lose and then with characteristic stupidity manages to blame the victim (Amazon and the Seattle business community) as well as everyone else.

And then goes on to blame Amazon and other businesses for homelessness!

Of course, the victims also include the homeless, the consumers, i.e. the people, employees who live in Seattle, the population of Seattle in general and so forth, as the City of Seattle continues to wage its war on prosperity and a real chance to extend prosperity to larger portions of its population, including the homeless.


Can anyone cite a “Progressive Policy” that was not a “fiasco”?

In Seattle or anywhere else?


The irony of taxing Starbucks, a company that goes out of its way to help the homeless, is pretty sad. In my town, homeless people actually congregate around the Starbucks locations because it’s one of the most welcoming places in town towards them; most businesses refuse them entry and access to their bathrooms, Starbucks makes a point of giving them this access.