CNN legal analyst Areva Martin accuses David Webb of ‘white privilege’ before learning he’s black





Reality exists, and reality denies the assertions of identity politics time and again. This notion that white privilege is the only way to succeed in America is idiotic, but this woman made it. She took the position that white privilege is the only way this Webb fellow could gain the experience necessary to succeed. Reality rejected her fragile worldview.

Black people can and do succeed the same way everyone else does it. That many are born into terrible situations is not in doubt. Much is the result of deliberate racism throughout history, and then more can be credited to the government attempt to “fix” it.

As Morgan Freeman put it, the best way to stop racism is to “stop talking about it.”

Rather, we should be focused on the intellectually bankrupt ideology and economics that perpetuate the continuing failure of certain groups of black folks and certain groups of white folks as well as everyone else in the challenging circumstances that create and promote poverty. We need to embrace free market capitalism. Until we do, the challenges that so many blacks – and everyone else in similar economic condition – face will continue unabated no matter how many liberals cry, government officials prosecute hate or government officials give things away.

In addition to embracing liberty in our economics, we also must educate and help these folks whatever the color of their skin directly with their negative social behavior, promoting whole family units (not through a government edict), reforming sentencing, doing something different with drugs and helping those who need off of the drugs.

I hope this woman is reevaluating things. I suspect that it won’t make a difference. .


It’s obvious it didn’t. She blamed her staff for giving her the wrong information. Typical.




If the Democrats stopped talking about it, 90% if their public talking points would evaporate. The Dems depend upon victimhood.

What are the Dems non public talking points? They center on how the world would better if capitalism were abolished and everyone lived under socialism. Socialism is not an easy sell because it fails time after time.


But OUR socialists will tell you that it’s never worked before because WE weren’t in charge.


But with brilliant leadership like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and “Pocahontas,” how could they fail?