CNN Polls: Trump 49% for party, but 52% wouldnt support him if he won


So these were two separate polls, I just saw them on the TV, not from online so I don’t have a link to provide.

49% of voters pick Trump as GOP nominee. In another poll though, 35% said they would “definitely not” support him in the general election and “probably won’t” support him 17%.

Mission accomplished for CNN and those who propped Trump up as the messiah and “outsider” (as compared to Carson who is an outsider AND a Conservative). In their efforts to destroy the best of the GOP, they have ensured a Clinton victory, unfortunately, it was how I saw this unfolding IF Trump could win (I admit I was wrong as I didn’t think he COULD, but I did think he might run independent and control the outcome that way). I don’t dislike Clinton as some of you do, my philosophy is counter to her economic policies and positions against the TPP and NAFTA, not unlike Trump and Sanders, otherwise she doesn’t concern me and she does have great experience.

I find it comical how much the CNN try to justify their full support of Trump and the coverage they have given him based on him being in the lead. In one exchange when CNN defended their decisions, they were asked “where was all of this support for Romney last election?” I don’t have anything particular against CNN, but it’s clear their political discourse, it’s the same reason why Clinton has never even accepted an offer to do an interview on Fox with particular reporters. Fox is obviously on the Right, CNN, the Left. Nothing wrong with this, but the excessive support CNN gave Trump was unmatched, even Charles Barkley took a shot at them for this support. Of course, the real wild card here is what if somehow Trump BEATS her? Wouldn’t that be the most ironic, one for the ages.

Another guest stated that for three full weeks in August CNN gave a full 77% of political coverage to Trump! So, even if you are a Trump supporter, surely you must see this as problematic in the interest of a strong, thriving democracy.

One final note. The free pass that Trump has been given for the vetting process will go by the way side if he is selected the nominee, just as Rubio has suggested. It will be a field day against him.


Can you name ONE thing she’s accomplished with all her “experience” that’s been of benefit to Americans? Didn’t think so.


Wheras before I would vote for Trump in the general I am not so sure anymore. If Sanders gets the nomination the I definitely will. Clinton on the other hand will be shredded by Trump. No because he is a good debater but because he will come at her like a freight train(assuming he is not a plant).


A couple of points.

First, based on empirical evidence, it is a near certainty that Trump will be the Republican nominee and he will face Clinton (unless she is indicted, which I doubt).

Second, I don’t understand how anyone can think it possible at this time to predict the outcome of Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton.

While it is true that Trump will go after Clinton non-stop, understand that the instant he secures the nomination the full force of the Clinton DNC, her acolytes and virtually every media outlet will recognize Donald Trump as a target rich individual who has yet to be fully vetted. Upon his winning the nomination all that will change -those I identified, along with individuals crawling out of the woodwork with a personal ax to grind, will unload on him like none of us have ever witnessed. Remember, there are few voters who don’t know who Clinton is and what she has done - few if any surprises there; the same can’t be said of Trump.

That’s not to say he can’t or won’t win, but how anyone can state with any degree of certainty that he will do so escapes me.


Since most Democrats don’t understand why Trump is winning, they can’t effectively counter it.
And even if they did, Clinton is just about the worst person to use in that counter.

If they were running Obama for the first time, they could probably do it. Sanders might even be able to(though it requires different stuff). I can’t come up with a way for Clinton to do it.

I really think that the only way Trump loses, is if he blows things himself. I don’t really think Clinton, the media, or the DNC can take him down.


Yep. And I’m yet to see the media “love fest” for Trump. Since when? Since he threatened to sue them for all their “lies” about him? Please.
Personally, I don’t think the DNC WANTS Hillary to win. I think they just let her run because they knew they could finally be done with her.
Still, how anyone with a brain cell firing can’t see what a destructive, power-mad, exploiter of everyone she is, I don’t know. Add to that, her pure cold heart.
The woman is a madman. Sanders, as you insinuated, CWolf, stands a better chance than she does. Although I agree that one is slim, too.


The media does not make or break candidates, only candidates can make or break themselves.

Just because GOP candidates have traditionally lent the media credibility that it cannot provide for itself does not mean that media attacks are what killed those candidates, cowards always fail eventually.

Trump is not afraid of the media, the phrase “but the media will say” inspires no fear in him; this is the ONLY way that Trump is like Reagan.

The Democrats have NO argument for themselves or against anyone else, they have their same old playbook that causes the Establishment GOP to wet their pants and run away screaming but Trump will laugh at all that and fire back with a bazooka.

Trump won’t worry about being called;
Anti woman
Anti poor
Anti education
Anti environment
Anti elderly
Anti black
Anti Hispanic

Anyone can increase the list but Trump will not flinch, all the traditional whining that Republicans do about the “double standard” is created by themselves when they “explain” and “justify” themselves after these attacks; Trump will return fire with all the accusations that reveal the Democrats are the ones guilty of all those things so this “Double Standard” will evaporate.

Trumps sucks and is a morally bankrupt, Lying Leftist scumbag, but like Romney he will be falsely called a “Conservative” by the Democrats; he will prove how all the fear mongers in the GOP “think tanks” are dead wrong about how to conduct a campaign.

Trump will not sink himself in the General like the Establishment candidates do, that will be fun to watch but horrific to live under after he whips Clinton’s butt; by this time next year we will be wishing we let Obama pick Scalia’s replacement.