CNN’s Chris Cuomo claims it’s ILLEGAL for public to view Wikileaks emails


Chris Cuomo said last year, after jihadis attacked our free speech event in Garland, Texas, that “hate speech” was not protected by the First Amendment — by which, of course, he meant my work. In effect, what Chris Cuomo was saying was that he wanted to live in a dictatorship where some authority decides that certain speech is “hate speech” and outlaws it. Now we see that he apparently thinks he lives in such a dictatorship already. He wants to see a United States in which people’s opinions and views are outlawed, and others are mandated by law.
That is just the opposite of what the U.S. Constitution provides for. And it is exactly what I am fighting against in my work.
Chris Cuomo is abysmally ignorant of the U.S. Constitution, and here he once again reveals his dark, authoritarian heart.

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Apparently the left is in a panic about the revelations that have been coming out from wikileaks. Now I read that something has happened to the feed coming from wikileaks because of possible pressure from our government to stop it.

The left does not want revealed the true nature of Hillary and those who surround her.


I wonder if the IRS is going to investigate WikiLeaks.


That just makes me want to look at it.


You might want to use TOR to go there…just in case these nimrods start acting as if it WAS illegal.

You have the worldwide web stuffed with kidddie-porn…and, as I predicted eight years ago, they’re FIRST going after POLITICAL material.


I have been saying this all along and few ever listened: When Congress pass the “HATE CRIME LAWS” then the only person that could determine what was hate speech or a hate crime or hate anything, was Law by Man, this always,100% of the time leads to a Dictatorship! How long before you can be arrested for bumper sticker that has a conservative or biblical statement on it. NEVER??? YOU THINK?

Put a Confederate flag on your bumper or window and try to drive onto a govt facility, you can go to jail…


TOR is already compromised

> There was a perfect example of that was recently reported by Ars Technica, where the FBI was pursuing some people involved with what was known as SilkRoad2. And the article says, "Despite the use of Tor, FBI investigators were able to identify IP addresses that allegedly hosted and accessed [so that is both sides] hosted and accessed SilkRoad2 servers, including the Comcast-provided IP address of someone named Brian Farrell, who prosecutors said helped manage SilkRoad2.
> “In the court-filed affidavit, DHS special agent Michael Larson wrote: ‘From January 2014 to July of 2014, an FBI New York Source of Information [and they said in parens (SOI), so the source of information remains unknown, but SOI is a term of art] provided reliable IP addresses for Tor and hidden services such as SilkRoad2, which included its main marketplace URL, its vendor URL, its forum URL, and its support interface.’” And I cut out all the other URLs because they’re just gibberish. But, for example, the support interface is “uz434sei7arqunp6.onion.” So they’re all like that inside of Tor, and they’re all supposed to be only available to people who are inside the network, specifically not to someone you’re trying to hide from.
> “The SOI [that is, that Source of Information] ultimately led to the identification of SilkRoad2 servers [which are supposed to be masked] which led to the identification of at least another 17 black markets on Tor,” that is, black markets operating on Tor. “The SOI also identified approximately 78 IP addresses that accessed a vendor.onion address. A user,” this affidavit explains, “cannot accidentally end up on the vendor site. The site is for vendors only, and access is only give to the site by the SilkRoad2 administrators and moderators after confirmation of a significant number of successful transactions. If a user visits the vendor URL, he or she is asked for a username and password. Without that, the vendor website cannot be viewed.”
> So this is real-world demonstration that there exists technology for penetrating the Tor network.
It’s great for all but one thing. Which is something the government *really *wants to go after. There is no way to hide from the NSA. At least not from a home location. Maybe if you had some type of pre-paid wireless data card bought with cash that you used in a laptop away from your home, and then disposed of later). Though I wouldn’t even bet on that.


Tor is updated frequently, as holes are found or hacks appear.

Besides, there’s the question of diminishing returns. They aren’t going to spend the same manpower to someone who goes and reads Wikileaks as they did to crack that terrorist city employee’s iPhone.

As with locking your car. You cannot make your car theft-proof; you can only make it so that the thieves, or in this case the broadbeamed government investigators, go for lower-hanging fruit.


How unfortunate.


I can make YOUR car theft proof…

It was a nice night out on the ranch, cool from the summer days heat full moon hanging in the sky and reflecting off our lake. Dad and I were on the porch, enjoying the night, smoking a cigar while the women folks (mother and sister) were cleaning up after dinner. Its was about half past 9pm and we heard a noise over at the horse barn, nothing new the colt I had ‘Big John’ was always in to something. Then we thought we heard a voice in the still of the night, the a low bang around where we kept a drum of gasoline for the tractor and truck.

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