CNN's John Berman Calls Killing Of Qassem Soleimani 'Murder'

I know that I shouldn’t be surprised but I am unable to post a response that doesn’t include a bunch of … %#&^%'s in the sentence so … here goes …

&#@ %$@# #$%* #$@&%*!

US media is on the side of our enemies.


So are the Democrats.

If Obama had had him killed, it would have been “a brilliant move by our president.” Remember the many drone strikes Obama authorized to kill our enemies?

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Our enemy or solemeni’s enemy.

To them, the impeachment is the most important thing. The attack on our embassy was nothing. The attacks that Soleimani was there in Iraq to plan were nothing. The thing they’re excited about is the impeachment, which they don’t even acknowledge was purely partisan.

This is why I call CNN one of the all-hatred-all-the-time agitprop fake-news channels.

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Yes, I joust with a socialist on an another site constantly. His tag line is, “Trump is a short-fingered vulgarian fascist.” His obsession is hating Trump and the United States. According to him the United States has been at war for more than 90% of its history and is an imperialist bully. He says we are building an empire.

This is the mentality that we face on the left. They only hate; they don’t reason; and you can’t talk reason with them. Everything Trump does is wrong, no matter what it is.


As the token “America hating Socialist” here at RO, I’ll just say that Trump has shown himself to be of extremely poor character and as a result his detractors will second guess everything he does as self-serving, just as the right fundamentally hated Obama and mistrusted everything he did.

I’m not old enough to say that I really remember a time when, as a nation, we got behind our President as a group. I mean, every President will have radicals who are detractors, but I think as time has gone on and media has become more biased and social media more prevalent that this trend will continue to get worse and worse. (As a side note, I really, really don’t understand why this lesson cannot be learned throughout history. The idea that you can threaten a proud nation of people into submission though minor acts and threats of violence only INCREASES violence, it does not decrease it.

R’s will distrust D’s and D’s will mistrust R’s it matters little how much either side tried to placate the other.

I hate to say this, but I’m becoming increasingly skeptical that anything other than a dire national emergency will allow R’s and D’s to see themselves as one people who are on the same side.

For my part, I don’t really mourn the loss of the Iranian general, but I do worry that it will have repercussions in the future that will cost American lives. Yes, I already know what you’re going to say. Soleimani was already responsible for killing Americans. That might be true, but let me ask, what was the goal that Trump wanted to accomplish by killing Soleimani? If it was to reduce the number of Americans killed, I predict that it will only increase the number of Americans killed future-forward and as such will be a failure as a decision.

Of course, most of this forum won’t connect future deaths caused by Iran or it’s proxies as related to Trump’s decision, but I will. Of course, it will always be impossible to know what deaths were the result of Trump’s decision and what deaths might have happened anyway and that’s what most will hide behind.

I wonder if Trump or any member of Congress, R or D would do if their sons and daughters and grandchildren were the one having to fight and risk their lives?

Republicans distrust Democrats primarily because they’ve continually shown themselves to be untrustworthy…over and over again throughout my entire life and I’ll be 78 years old next week! The first time on record that this began to be apparent was their embracement of the USSR prior to the start of WW II and afterwards. The press REFUSED to report on the atrocities they (the Soviets) were committing on their own people and pressed to keep us OUT of WW II until AFTER the Germans threatened Russia and their satellites. There were OBVIOUS communist “advisors” in FDRs cabinet and even in the DoD. McCarthy was essentially RIGHT about the infiltration of communists and communist sympathizers in our Departments of State and Defense. No one that he accused was ever shown to be “innocent” of his charges…not a single one…but the press (and Congressional Democrats) turned him into a drunken parody and ran him out of office and into an early grave. The Democrats had historically been virulent racists and with the help of the press and education establishment successfully turned the tables and convinced many Americans that it was actually the Republicans who were the racists. Frankly, I can’t think of a single Democrat today that I’d trust to dog-sit my Yorkie.

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I can’t speak to Trump’s motivations, but the fact is that Iran didn’t wait for Trump to be hostile to the U.S. Ever since the Islamic revolution in Iran four decades ago, they’ve hated our guts, and referred to us as “the Great Satan” (get the Islamic lumber out of your own eye, Iran). They weren’t waiting for Trump to do something to act against us, and I doubt that taking out that guy makes an iota of difference in their motivations; only their strategic ability (and that was to our good).

Study the religious aspects of the Iranian government’s motivations; they actually want WWIII because of Islamic prophesy. That’s why an argument can be made for making sure they don’t have the means to do it.

Their leadership is hyper-rational, and has the same mind for geopolitics as the Soviets. Ayatollah Khomeini explicitly stated that their ideology plays by the same “revolutionary” playbook as Marxist-Leninism (who they were at one point allied with), just with an Islamist core.

Their arming, coordination, and training of fighters in Yemen, Syria and Lebanon, is no different than how the Soviets managed the same feat in Asia, Africa, and Central America.

but he’s dead now. Who’s going to take his place.

Honestly you guys. You give aid and comfort to the enemy with your admiration of their armies and tactics.

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What are you reading? Is there some sort of strange filter on your PC that shows you something different than what I wrote? Because if not, then I question you’re comprehention skills.

Every post here isn’t about YOU, CSB, despite what you’d like to believe.

She said:

Who do you think Caroline was talking to?






That leaves AS and I…Since she said “guys” plural…Thus I assumed she was speaking to me. Probably more AS than myself, but if that’s the case, why lump me in when I’ve said nothing that can be interpreted that way.

Do you see a fault in my logic?


They already announced his successor. He was at the funeral, stating the final vengeance is God’s, and God would have his vengeance.

I work to understand the enemy. Are you saying you don’t?

I’m just pleased we have a president that doesn’t appease evildoers yet isn’t in a hurry to go to war.

In the same week the Democrats and their media have condemned a man who thwarted a church massacre and condemned both the military response to an attack on a US Embassy and the killing of a known Terrorist who was labeled as a terrorist by their last President.

We are most definitely NOT on the same side of anything and the larger the crisis the more pronounced the divide will be; there can be no peace between Americans and Democrats.


So by your reasoning (which I would call typical Democrat reasoning) we should accept acts of war like attacking our embassy’s and the killing of our people because the evil terrorists will only hate us more if we respond quickly and decisively?

This is why the 2 sides will have enmity forever, in all of human history the only way to successfully deal with an enemy who has sworn to destroy you by any means necessary is to break their will by making the consequences so HUGE that they cringe at the idea of weathering them and cannot find anyone willing to help them continue; appeasement of evil ALWAYS breeds more evil.

And the vast majority of politicians and their children who have been or are in military service are Republicans as are the vast majority of military personnel who vote, that ludicrous statement is daft even for a Democrat.

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As most people here probably know, I served in the U.S. Army for 8 years during the Vietnam era and spent HALF of those years in the Far East. I was an intelligence specialist for most of those 8 years so had access to somewhat more information about what was going on than the average infantryman.

CSB hasn’t the LEAST clue what he’s talking about when he pontificates about the Mideast. The same can pretty much be said about Alaska Slim, as well, though he does seem a bit more intelligent and pays marginally closer attention to what’s going on.

I’ve watched the Democrats bungle our foreign policy for 60 YEARS. Almost NONE of Democrats’ policy decisions have been rational and initiated with OUR best interests in mind. Maybe the ONE that made sense was the decision to take out bin Laden. Oh, I suppose JFKs decision to challenge the Soviet’s placing nuclear missiles in Cuba was another. Other than those two? Nada, nicht, zilch.