CNN's John Berman Calls Killing Of Qassem Soleimani 'Murder'

Is this another reference to your fairy tale about how Iran has been proving that can blast F16’s out of the sky? :rofl:

And that translates to Iran being a serious threat to the United States how exactly? :rofl:

By the way, your Party claimed for decades that the Soviet Union was “winning the cold War also” :rofl:

And they looked just as much like fools as you do trying to claim that they are a credible force, and their people know EXACTLY what happened because Iran is just as incompetent about sealing off their people from the web as they are at shooting down F16’s and hitting stationary targets with missiles :rofl:

RET, you want to explain to everyone here why Israel would lie about their plane being shot down?
And where that image of a crashed F-16 came from?

Because our Commerce flows through the Gulf of Oman and the Suez canal; both of which they can threaten, at large, for months if they choose.

RET, why do you think we care about Somali pirates? It’s the same thing, but the perp is an actual Navy, with actual resources.

Oh and, like Mike Pompeo said; exporting weapons and money to groups in Venezuela. That’s not exactly something that suits our interests.

Web traffic in Iran dropped by over 96% when the regime pulled the plug.

They’ve never had internet freedom there. It’s worse than China.

Would you like to quote where in that incident the Iranian military shot down “F16’s”?

Oh wait, you can’t…Because those imbeciles have never shot down an F16 except in the imagination of Liberals who dream of the day when one of these idiot nations can defeat the United States.

Which in no way supports your claim that Iran is a legitimate threat to the United States with great leaders who have only looked like incompetent and incapable morons because that is their “strategy” :rofl:

They know everything as quick as we do, their government that you respect so much for their capable and effective “strategies” could not stop two tin cans connected with fishing wire much less the average 10 year old with a VPN

Iranian missiles shot down that F-16, just like I said they did. That’s what the Syrians use in those S-200s.

And now, Iran is building those missiles right inside of Syria. Giving Hezbollah all the cover it wants.

Oh, and I’m sorry you’re finding military nomenclature so difficult. F-16. That dash is apart of the aircraft’s name RET.

Mike Pompeo calls them a threat, are you saying the Administration is wrong?

Not when the connection is cut they don’t.

VPNs only hide content of traffic, not volume RET.

VPNs, do not fix a severed connection. If the Cell towers are down, no one is getting internet.
No one besides those who the regime chooses to have it, and those rich enough to have a satellite connection.

Which in Iran right now, is very few people, and most of them are tied to the regime.

So what, does everyone who owns a Glock shoot equally well at a target?

I said the Iranians are incompetent and incapable of executing any of the military threats that they make CONSTANTLY; pointing out that ONE TIME the Syrians used Iranian equipment to shoot down ONE F16 translates into competence for the idiots that just made complete fools of themselves is laughable :rofl:

Yes, I am saying that anyone who thinks we cannot handle Iran quite easily is WRONG. It is Pompeo’s job to say that Iran is a threat, they obviously want to kill Americans and have done so; that is a LONG WAY from saying that Iran is capable of sustaining a fight against a President like Trump who NEVER listens to voices like yours who tell him we should treat them with respect that they do not deserve or call their idiocy some great strategy.

Within 24 hours the people of Iran knew the “missile attack :rofl:” was a failure and their government had lied to them; they were protesting with signs that said that and telling Trump thank you for killing a terrorist that had plagued them for years.

In every thread you eventually get around to stating your absolute confidence in government to know precisely what is going on everywhere and capable of controlling whatever they decide to control, that is just not true of even the best governments and profoundly untrue of governments that do not have to answer for their conduct; your twisted and misplaced faith is why your media and party were so shocked when Trump won and even the most obvious events like the Berlin wall coming down instead of WW3 started by Reagan.

You guys are always on the wrong side of history and your doomsday predictions are all just manifestations of your failed philosophical ideas.

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You said capability; implying their technology couldn’t manage accurate fire.

Thank you for admitting they do, and catching up with the rest of the class, you slowpoke.

FC already said he found hits about the shoot down, it’s hilarious to me you’ve taken several days just to reach what he did in one.

Competence is them running rings around the Arabs and building missile factories right under the Israelis nose.

Pompeo also talks about this; I guess you haven’t caught up there yet.

Where did I say that RET?

I was talking about a cold war, where did I talk about a hot one?

Could it be your trying to hide what I actually said?

To hide that you jumped the gun, again?

And he voices the same concerns I do; destabilizing the region, threatening our commerce, threatening our interests abroad.

Just like the Chinese going after our databases, the Iranians have plenty of recourse to make our lives miserable short of a hot war.

Is he right about it or not RET? You can’t have it both ways.

YOU SAID that the Iranians “shoot down F16’s with those missiles and they are a lot harder to hit than a building”.

YOU said that in response to my comment that the Iranians are incompetent and incapable of challenging us and they showed that to the whole world with that ridiculous missile “attack”.

YOU MADE UP a story about Iranians “shooting down F16’s” to lend credibility to your claim that they “missed on purpose”, the Iranians have never shot down an F16 and there is not a single F16 pilot in the world that fears the Iranians missile program because they suck at it.

If they didn’t suck at it you would have made a genuine claim to support your ridiculous view that these morons are actually brilliant and capable strategists :rofl:

Read closer RET:

Just like I said.
So you misunderstood. We’ll leave it at that.

You said “capability” RET, do you want me to quote you?

F-16 RET. I said it right, why can’t you?

Are you admitting that you know less than I do?

Which officials in the adminstration are also saying.

You would have known that had you kept up, slowpoke.

Sure AS, the Iranians are a significant, competent and capable adversary not to be trifled with :rofl:

Actually not. “Their missiles” were provided by the SOVIETS. The one that shot down that F-16 in the Baka’a Valley was PROVIDED by Iran, but was MADE by the Soviets.

So says Mike Pompeo, is he wrong?

Funny how you don’t provide an answer.

They provided the launcher, the S-200. The missiles were Iranian.

I answered that clearly, anyone who says Iran would be any trouble for the United States is wrong, including Pompeo.

How is that not clear? Iran is an incompetent and incapable military force, that is why they embrace terrorism; they can do nothing but fail in a traditional conflict against any competent military.

They can sneak around and murder people or bomb buildings as long as they are close enough to throw a rock at them, their navy could be sunk in a single day by us if we wanted to, their strategy is to bellow rhetoric and hope the United States is lead by someone from your Party who will shrink in fear.

No you did not. You said Pompeo was correct before, you did not answer for him saying the same thing I am.

And yet they’ve been winning the Cold War between them and the Saudis? Israel is now deathly afraid of being surrounded? How did they do that RET?

And you don’t apply strategic thinking if you think the only thing that matters is that we can take them in a hot war.

Hybrid warfare is the norm now; and as Pompeo says, Iran is a thorn in our side, not just in the Middle East, but in our own back yard in Latin and South America.

Where is your own concern about them being a state sponsor of terror abroad? About being this puppet master that they are clearly playing? That’s what I’m concerned about; in what ways can they twist the knife, or orchestrate half the entire ME region falling de facto under sway of militant Shiasm from Iraq to Yemen, to Lebanon? Not these moonshots of them starting WWIII.

Israel and the Saudis get it, so why don’t you RET?

Sez who? The Iranians?

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The Saudis!
On the list of overwhelming military world powers the Saudis are at the very top of every educated persons list for sure!

I guess I was wrong, the Iranians must indeed be competent and capable if they are “winning a cold war” against the Saudis :rofl:

I guess our best hope will be to make sure our buildings don’t fly, since they can drop F16’s out of the sky like fly’s but they have trouble with buildings; OR THEY ARE JUST MISSING ON PURPOSE IN WHICH CASE WE ARE SCREWED!

Unbelievable :rofl:

That is a good point, I doubt those morons have ever manufactured any weapon with greater complexity than a pipe bomb.

So… what about Israel? Why are they complaining that they’re being surrounded?

RET; you can’t fool me here. You thought I was talking about WWIII, when I wasn’t, and you don’t have any understanding of what Iran has been doing in the region for the last 10 years.

You validate Pompeo’s “concern”, and yet, you don’t even know what he’s talking about do you?

You’ve paid 0 attention. You didn’t even know who the Houthis were.

How about you develop a real interest in this, instead of waiting for it to impact your political bubble?
Not everything is about Trump or domestic squabbles.

The same reason every nation on earth would “be complaining” about being surrounded by nations that do not believe they have a Right to exist.

Which says absolutely nothing to support your ridiculous claim that Iran is a competent and capable military force that “missed on purpose” because it was their “strategy” to look like incompetent morons who threaten Armageddon but can only deliver the equivalent of a stern letter written without spell check :rofl:

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Which means they believe them to be a threat.

Israel. Are they right or wrong RET?