Coexist Sticker Deconstructed by Steyn


You all have seen this sticker. Pretty clever…even if you know it is stuck on some weasel libs car.

Mark Steyn takes it down in one simple paragraph in todays column:

“I wonder, when the “Co-exist” car (used by the Boston bombers) is returned to its owner, whether he or she will keep the bumper sticker in place. One would not expect him to conclude, as the gays of Amsterdam and the Jews of Toulouse and the Christians of Egypt have bleakly done, that [SIZE=5]**if it weren’t for that Islamic crescent you wouldn’t need a bumper sticker at all. **But he may perhaps have learned that life is all a bit more complicated than the smiley-face banalities of the multicultists.[/SIZE]”

The most brilliant part of a brilliant column: The


its still a nice sentiment. Like Peace on Earth and Good will toward men. Not all will follow it either.


I don’t think Islam has anything to do with the, for example, the killing of gays in Uganda, or Christian persecution in China, or the genocide in Rwanda, or Hitler’s extermination of the Jews, or religious persecution in the USSR, or Pol Pot’s genocide in Cambodia, or the holodomor in the Ukraine, or the IRA’s violence in Ireland, or World War I and World War II, or the troubles in Tibet, or the drug cartels in Colombia, etc.

The Coexist sentiment still holds value even if Islam did not exist (though admittedly the world would be much better). Islam is not responsible for ALL violence in the world, after all.