Coffee it's not just for breakfast anymore


[FONT=inherit]Coffee it’s not just for breakfast anymore.
I have drank coffee since I was about 12. I drink it black and I like it robust (flavorful).

Over the years I have drank it for a lot of reasons. My Army Infantry days I often drank it in the US, Europe and Korea to warm an ole soldiers frozen hands and body as I stood in knee deep snow in Germany or the bitter howling wind and rain on the DMZ of Korea in January. Or the hard dry cold on the mesa’s of Ft hood Tex. In those times a Mess Sgt would take several lbs of coffee, dump it in a (hopefully) well cleaned garbage can add water, some salt and egg shells, bring to a boil and yell coffee is ready. We would dip our canteen cups into the boiling cauldron and the first cup would be used to clean and kill whatever lives in that canteen cup we wore on our hips. The coffee was bitter, acid, thick and most of all hot and that was good.

Its been a long road since then and today I have developed a more refined taste and approach. To that end here is how I make my 'cup ‘o joe’ and many thanks to those days when it was anti freeze for an ole soldier…

Good coffee is a result and the steps along the way are each important to arrive…the means justify the end.

Beans: I experiment with a lot of beans, but I keep coming back to Starbucks beans. They are of excellent quality and remain the same over time.

The Roast: The darker (longer) the roast the more flavor you extract from the bean, the lighter the roast the more the flavors or the beans orgin (country, area, soil etc) arrives at your taste buds. I go for the darkest of all roasts, Italian, the next darkest if French, trust me there is a taste difference. NOTE: Darker and longer roast = LESS caffeine, which is why I can drink 2x 18 oz cups each morn and not get the shakes or ringing in my ears…

The Grind: If you want more flavor then the grind comes into play and for that the finest (granularity) is Turkish grind, almost like dust.

The Steep: I steep about 10 min, steep to long and it will get oily, to short and it lacks flavor and becomes almost dry and tasteless .

The Water: Pure, flavorLESS, if you are getting it from you kitchen faucet then you are making anti freeze to warm you on a cold morning, nothing else.

The Mechanics: To bring out the high notes flavors then it is a French Press, nothing else will deliver like it does. But they are not all good, many if not most allow far to much of the grind to pass thru its filter system into the coffee…you want to drink it, not chew it. When it comes to the French Press a start up company has perfected it. Its stainless steel, vacuum insulated and has a patented double filter and that is the secret: Espro Press

The Cup: Ceramic or stainless steel, period!

TIPs: Wash your stainless steel/ceramics in bleach-soap in order to insure you remove the residual coffee oils.

Experiment with steeping time to arrive at YOUR perfect cup.

Preparation Espro French Press: I have a 18 oz press and I use 2x level coffee spoons. I place it inside and tap the press on the side near the bottom to stack the coffee on one side. Then pour boiling water into the stack using a fast hard pour to mix the coffee into the water, slow as the rises and halt just below the fill line, then slowly bring it to the fill line, try not to go over. Let steep, the push down slowly on the press, I let it settle for about a min or so then pour into your cup of choice.

The Results: MY coffee notes. Rich: Notes of chocolate and molasses. Earthy: Caramel, toffee and tobacco. Fruity: Fig and Cola.







I drink one cup LESS than a pot of coffee every morning. That extra cup is for my wife when she gets up & then I make more. I like plain coffee with creamer, nothing fancy, just hot & within 10 minutes of me getting up. My wife is a fan of what I call “fancy” coffee, iced, flavored or whatever she drinks it all.
We have been married 27 years now & the closest that I have ever come to doing physical harm to her was after we got our Keurig. She said something along the lines of “I’m in the mood for a cup of coffee, would you like one?”. Since I never turn down a cup of coffee I said yes & soon she would be handing me a cup of what LOOKED like coffee. It wasn’t, it was that flavored carp that she likes. That stuff only goes half way down my throat before I start choking on it. I warned her that I didn’t like it & that it wasn’t coffee. (I was nice about it & polite too). So a couple of weeks later she does it to me again (I guess on the theory that a different flavor might be better). Again, half way down & I’m choking on it. The second time I blew up. I have no idea what I said but I do know that her eyes got big & she has never even suggested that I try another cup of it.
I will say that expresso is ok. A little bitter but drinkable. I know people add sugar to it but I hate sugar in coffee. The last time I had it I ordered 3 of those little cups & no it didn’t make me jittery or keep me awake. I’ve been drinking coffee for over 40 years & if I don’t have coffee in the morning my heart doesn’t pump & my brain doesn’t work. I’m almost like a democrat.


I drink one cup of Folger’s Classic Roast every morning (well, MOST mornings). I drink it with creamer and no sugar…period. When I was working, I drank coffee all day long…as many as 7 or 8 cups. I’ve tried Ruwandan coffee, Pure Columbian coffee, even Dominican coffee and always come back to Folger’s Classic Roast. To me, it’s the best in flavor for the money. We bought an espresso machine a few years ago but wound up giving it to our daughter.


Years ago when I was in the Marine Corps, a pot of coffee was always on the hot plate of the OD (Officer of the Day.) I was SOG (Sergeant of the Guard) and always used to go down to his room (in the headquarters building where I stood watch) 'cause I knew there would always be a pot of coffee there.

One OD in particular was my favorite. He was a “Mustang” (an enlisted man who had been promoted to officer . . . most often a battlefield promotion) who knew how to make the kind of coffee us young Marines were used to.

It was called . . . “'MIDWATCH”, and it was the worst tasting coffee you ever drank. We didn’t drink it for flavor, but rather to stay awake during the watch (the SOG watch, like the OD’s, was 24 hours.)

There was no secret to making it. All it had to do to become " MIDWATCH" coffee was stay on the burner so long that it became an acidic thick black goo. Once it got that way (and most people would have thrown it out by then) it was . . . MIDWATCH coffee guaranteed to keep you awake and eat holes in your stomach.

I wouldn’t have any of it today, but back then I liked it.

The term “MIDWATCH” is I think, or was anyway, universal and I think may have had origins in the Navy. It was not unique by any means.


I too started drinking coffee around the age of 12 and I usually drink a couple of pots a day or so depending if I am doing something or working away from the house. I do not drink pop much


For years I have tried and drank at various peoples homes machine coffee…generally I pour it out when they are not looking. They also attempt to make expresso coffee and those are generally made from sawdust that is dyed brown then soaked in various chemicals to give you whatever flavor of the day you seek. Those go beyond HORRIBLE.

Then one day in a high end store like a Williams Sonoma that had Nespresso there who make both the machine(s) and the coffee. They offered I took with typical LOW expectations and I could not believe the taste. But was this just a fluke? So I tried another. Soon I stopped by there regularly tasting the Nespresso offerings and enjoying every single one. My wife who is from Europe and a serious coffee drinker, growing up in England, France, Spain and is a global traveler to say the least (before she met me). Well we broke down and bought a machine, not cheap as in Walmart, but not over the top as most of them are:

We bought this:

It retails for $449, but the bare machine runs under $200 if you shop around. That said you buy it in order to GET their coffee’s. They just introduced Cuban coffee and WOW is that rich and flavorful. Every afternoon my wife and I have one. It makes a GREAT expresso as good as any I have ever got in the US and makes it at home…

As most of us in this thread at least are, shall we say, SEASONED adults who have traveled a long and winding road to arrive at where we are today. And, I am sure most like myself have tasted plenty of what the world has to offer, some good, some great and some we should have spit out. Today my coffee is one of my luxuries and I don’t have many anymore and some say life is too short to drink bad coffee. At this stage of life, there is far to little time left to drink bad coffee.

This is there Cuban coffee:


You cannot go wrong with Folgers. Two cream one sugar. That is the perfect cup of coffee for me. The cream must be powdered as well. None of that liquid stuff. As for sugar, yes the sugar does make a difference especially if you are a hot tea drinker, I go with C&H.


enjoybettercoffee is a coffee sales place on line. I recommend the red pack of Douwe Egberts. It’s the best coffee that I have ever had & not all that expensive. We order a shipment every now & then. I started drinking it when I lived in Holland.
Oh & coffee was NEVER just for breakfast!