Cognitive Dissonance and the Silly Putty Jesus


Jesus Christ (the actual God/Man of the Bible) is not a mythical being that we’ve created; He is the second person of the Holy Trinity-the Godhead. However, the Jesus of Pop Evangelicalism is, too often, a cartoon character that adapts and adjusts to us, in order to meet our felt needs.
He’s like Silly Putty. We can bend him into any shape we want-we can even even press him against any image and he’ll take on that image like a cheap copier. He’s very accommodating of our every whim and fantasy, and he’s a very useful tool of the Evangelical Industrial Complex. There’s only one small problem: **he isn’t real. *At all.

Here are some thoughts on how to fend off cognitive dissonance for good:*

[LEFT]**1. ****Diligently eliminate all false teachings from you life.**This is what God’s Word tells us to do. This will probably take some time and effort-do it anyway. This will also probably make you unpopular with some people-do it anyway. As a start, check out all of thisShocking Stuff You’re Not Supposed to Know! Even though Jesus and the Apostles tell us repeatedly to “watch out for wolves in sheep’s clothing” we’ve been told by Evangelical “experts” to do the opposite; we’ve been told to always (and only) be accepting, non-judgmental and positive. As for me, I’ve been more at peace than ever before by ignoring all the “experts.” If Jesus is the head of the church, shouldn’t Jesus be the head of the church? Why are we allowing “vision-casting” pastors to promote the Silly Putty Jesus? Probably because he tells us whatever we want to hear. But it’s all deception, and truefreedom comes from the true Gospel.

**2. ****Question everything.**Seriously. Question your own presumptions before you even start asking questions. For example: instead of saying, “I want to go to a church where the pastor can really keep my attention with exciting and humorous sermons” or “I want to go to a church that I’m comfortable with” or “I want to go to a church that’s relevant to my needs” you should be saying “I want to go to a church that carefully follows God’s Word-no matter what!” The pastor who keeps your attention with his exciting and humorous sermons is quite possibly preventing you from hearing about Christ and Him crucified for your sins. Is hearing a little pep talk about improving your life skills a good enough reason to attend church? Do you really expect so little from the God of the Universe? Question everything, but make the Bible your final authority. Which leads to the last point…

**3. Stop following the teachings of men. **Do you want to follow Jesus Christ, the Risen Savior? Great! That means taking up your cross and denying yourself, it doesn’t mean “having your best life now.” Evangelicals believe that the Bible is God’s Word, yet they read it very infrequently, and then they often misunderstand it when they do. It’s not a “manual for life” or a set of instructions for “achieving you dreams.” It is God revealing Himself through the redeeming Savior, Jesus Christ. He came to earth by taking on human flesh through a virgin birth; He lived an amazing life full of astounding miracles; He had authority and wisdom far beyond any human; He died on the cross where He took our sins upon Himself, and then He was raised from the dead. And then He gave us His Word: His unchanging and objective Word. We need not live in doubt anymore.


Discernment is vital for believers and it is important to know and follow sound theology and not get swept away by false doctrine. This is an excellent article.**[/LEFT]


Huh? I thought evangelists were still pro-Jesus. What exactly is “Pop-evangelicalism”? Conservative favorites like Pat Robertson still believe in the fundamentals of Christianity that Jesus was real.

  1. How is the article contrary to this?
  2. I would guess something that mimics evangelicalism, but traded its substance for popular appeal.
  3. I don’t know that Pat Robertson is viewed as a conservative “favorite.” I can’t speak to his belief in Christ, but he’s taken some positions that I feel are distinctly unbiblical.


Joel Oesteen brags that he never preaches about Jesus. Or sin. His is a “feel-good” religion.