Cold Chili Sandwich

There is nothing I like better than a cold chili sandwich with mayo. I’m having one right now. Also, chocolate chip cookies with a slice of roast beef.

I know that’s weird, anyone else like starnge combinations of foods?

I sometimes like to eat pickled jalapenos with tuna salad.

I mean weird, not tasteful!

Cold chili Snadwich! LOL! I Meant Sandwich!

lol but my family looks at me like I’m nuts when I eat that.

My brother likes to put fritos on a sandwich.

Potatoe chips on a tuna sandwich! Potatoe chips or any chips on a sandwich - good!

Fixed, but that was wicked funny!!:howler: Im going to start calling sandwiches snadwiches.:howler:

Be my guest - Snadwich! LOL! I might start calling them that as wel!:rofl: Thanks for the correction though, I don’t always like to advertise…stupidity!

But, have either of you tried a thin sliced bit of roast beef on a chocolate chip cookie? Good stuff.

I didn’t notice the title sad snadwiches until you pointed it out. lol

haha no haven’t tried that one yet.

I know my wife had cravings when she was pregnant… Are you telling us something, GILEAD ?.

:rofl: No! I am only telling you that roast beef and chocolate chip cookies are a good combo!

At 50 years old, if I were to have change of life baby, my desires and demands would go well beyond chocolate chips and roast beef! LOL! My poor husband, he would be looking all over west texas for gold-leafed chocolate,newborn calamari, and the brains of summer hatched rattlesnakes…