Colin Powell endorses Obama


Powell went on to explain his reasoning:
“When he took over the country was in very, very difficult straits. We were in the one of the worst recessions we had seen in recent times, close to a depression. The fiscal system was collapsing. Wall Street was in chaos, we had 800,000 jobs lost in that first month of the Obama Administration and unemployment peaked at 10 percent. So we were in real trouble. The auto industry was collapsing, the housing was started to collapse and we were in very difficult straits. And I saw over the next several years stabilization come back in the financial community, housing is now starting to come back after four years, it’s starting to pick up. Consumer confidence is rising.” …
Summarizing the past four years under Obama, Powell said “Generally, we’ve come out of the dive and we’re starting to gain altitude.” He added, “The unemployment rate is too high, people are still hurting in housing but I see that we’re starting to raise up.”
Turning to foreign policy, Powell said he saw “the president got us out of one war, start to get us out of a second war and **did not get us into any new wars. **And finally I think that the actions he has taken with respect to protecting us from terrorism have been very very solid. And so, I think we ought to keep on the track that we are on.”

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In other words he voted black. As for the rest, Obama has worsen the economy as well as started other wars. A phrase comes to mind “people died -Obama lied” Ain’t no big deal


OMGosh!! I just read this! This is an absolute outrage! BO is using this as his “trump” card at the 11th hour. What an absolute PIG!! I used to admire Powell, but not anymore! He’s NO republican. Here is the whole article:

Powell standing by Obama in 2012 presidential race - politics | NBC News

Here’s the part which I think is the most incredulous: "He also praised Obama’s economic performance, saying, that while difficult choices are ahead on taxes, spending and budgetary policies, "steadily, I think we’ve begun to come out of the dive and we’re gaining altitude."

It’s sad to say (and I’ll probably be accused of being a racist for this…) but it seems that the color of one’s skin is more important than the content of one’s character to blacks.


No surprise here. He backed Obozo last time too. This is the face of the New Republican Party. Not enough difference to make Powell choose the right.


Not again Powell! I have great respect for the man but I’m afraid he is letting race influence him. Obama may have slowed down the economic down spiral but he is dangerously close to sending it back down again. Only thing stopping him is that he wants to be reelected. After that economic turmoil.


This does not surprise me. Colin Powell has always been a squishy Republican.


He supports the color of his skin before anything else.


Exactly, Powell is every bit the Racist as every other Liberal.


Wow you guys! I’m getting a real education here! I always admired Powell–I thought he was very intelligent and dignified. I guess, like BO, it’s all an illusion… Sad, very sad. I belong to the Black Republicans (I’m not black, though) website and so admire these wonderful people. They suffer much from their own because of their refusal to submit to racial pressures to conform. One of my favorite Black Republicans is Dr. Thomas Sowell. Now that gentleman would be a good candidate for President!


I served under Powell, He was a joke of a General and is a joke of a politician.


Gee…that’s too bad. How was Gen. Schwartzkopft? I always liked him, too. It is obvious I know nothing about miltary leadership! I know I just bludgeoned his name…


Stormin Norman was a beast. A lot of troops didnt like him because he was a throw back to Patton. In your face and man up kind of General, the kind of man a combat soldier looked up to. Powell was a “feeling” kind of General. He was more sensitive about hurting someones feelings. Read his book its full of that touchy feely crap. I remember thinking once that if he wasnt a soldier he would be on some commune in Oregon conversing with a tree.


Well, I guess he is…only in D.C.!! Thanks for explaining this to me. Gen. Schwartzkopft always seemed like he was a no-nonsense kind of guy. Are there any good generals today? I never hear about them like we used to hear about Sch. and Powell.


I wasn’t an officer (and I don’t usually talk about my service). I do know that those I served with pretty much held the belief that most Colonels understood that to be a General you had to play politics. Once they get that Star they become politicians more than Commanders. There ae exceptions, but for the most part thats the way we saw it.


Very sad…and I didn’t mean to pry.


I liked him at the time of Desert Storm, but from the Haiti situation (during the Bill of Wrongs’ time) on, he sounded like a politician, and only got worse.


Neither Bush nor Obama followed the Powell Doctrine, which would be a step in the right direction for sure.

Is a vital national security interest threatened?
Do we have a clear attainable objective?
Have the risks and costs been fully and frankly analyzed?
Have all other non-violent policy means been fully exhausted?
Is there a plausible exit strategy to avoid endless entanglement?
Have the consequences of our action been fully considered?
Is the action supported by the American people?
Do we have genuine broad international support?


I worked for Powell, and had a lot of friends on his staff. Powell is a liberal, always has been, we all knew that. Oh is have some things that were a bit conservative and he want to prortray that he was more conservative than liberal, but we knew better.

Powell was a staff General and a damn good one. You might remember that Powell was in the Pentagon while Desert Storm was going on there is a reason for that. Powell like many GO’s is not a battlefield commander. He does not make snap decisions. You didn’t run into his office as ask for a decision now, ain’t gonna happen. He is a staffer. His reply to you will be 'we need to staff that thru ___ and ___ and ____ and etc etc etc.

He is a paperwork guy, no more, no less

as opposed to

General Norman Schwarzkopf, who makes snap decisions, does so on his feet, behind a desk is not his way, he is in the thick of things. Some of you might notice he did NOT go on to be Chairman JCS…he did not want it and they did NOT want him there. You would not buy a 636 HP ZR-1 Corvette to go to the grocery store, he is a Bull in a china shop and does not like to be tied down, we called him the BEAR. And if you worked for him learn to duck, he liked to throw things. And he ain’t no liberal!!!


What ever happened to him? I suppose he’s retired. What a shame. They don’t make them like that anymore, unfortunately for us.


At this point in the life of Colin Powell, he has become irrelevant. A lot of young black children will hear the name and ask “Who he?”


Sad. Hopefully, they’ll hear the name BO and become nauseated…poor kids!