College Student learns a little Reality


University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier has been sentenced to 15 years of hard labor after stealing a propaganda sign from a hotel.
Video of the incident, as well as Warmbier’s sentencing, was released yesterday:

Warmbier has been held in North Korea since January. The U.S. has urged North Korean authorities to release him on humanitarian grounds. Warmbier was visiting North Korea as part of a tour group.

University of Virginia Student Sentenced to 15 Years Hard Labor in North Korea - Christine Rousselle

Looks like another college student thought he had rights he did not have. He goes into a country in which he should have been aware is hostile and steals.


What in God’s Green Earth were a bunch of college students DOING “touring” North Korea in the FIRST place??? What moron thought up THAT idea?


Come on you know our college students are enlighten. You are just showing your white privilege for even asking the question.

In truth what a maroon. These kids go to college get a liberal education that glorifies everything but democracy and decency. They expect special treatment


I know a lot of churches do it. There was an article citing another instance in which a person was arrested for leaving a bible in a club.

Yes, this kid was stupid, but the’ve essentially sentenced him to a concentration camp. Hopefully they’ll get him out.


He is a freaking radical. No doubt friendly to NoKo. He was stealing. 1. Stay out of unfriendly countries. 2. Obey the laws if you happen to be there stupid. and 3. Karmas a bitch.


I’m wondering what kind of karma you think he had to justify 15 years in a concentration camp in North Korea.


On he did steal so I would say he should suffer the host country’s punishment but at the same time it is NK. Just being American is a crime to their administration.


I have seen information on his own leftist activism. I wish I could find it right now, I can’t, but it will turn up again. I WILL find it.

  1. The article, he was offered a car worth 10,000 if he got the banner home by someone in his ‘church’. AND there was a promise of 200,000 to his mom, from the church it seems, if he did not make it home from this stunt. WHAT kind of church does this?

It’s almost as if he did it on purpose isn’t it? and our country is dealing with this and that country to they say, get him out? why? What’s the criteria for Obama moving on something like this?

  1. Young Pioneer Tours…w.t.h? providing tours to NoKo? why? how? How stupid do you have to be to do this in this political climate?

  2. the video. how embarrassing.

North Korea sentences American college student Otto Warmbier to 15 years hard labor - CBS News


Well first off, his “confession” is clearly coerced. He also said stuff about the US government making him do it. Other prisoners of North Korea have said the same thing: they make them put things into their confessions, just like ISIS does. He probably tried to take the poster as a souvenir. Stupid? Yes. Deserving of 15 years hard labor? No, of course not.

And no matter how far “left” the kid may or may not be, I don’t understand how you can call 15 years in a camp “karma”.

If someone told you that you were being sent to a labor camp in North Korea, I’d like to see you stay calm. The kid is terrified.


The poor kid spent his college career “learning” that the United States is the worst violator of human rights since Nazi Germany. If all that tripe is true, how bad could North Korea be? If his parents and church were aware of these plans they should be jailed here in America for reckless endangerment and felonious stupidity.


He was lucky he was not shot outright. Going into a hostile nation and provoking them is not only stupid and has consequences. I know to you liberals none of it is worth punishment no matter what you do.


These guys go over to another nation and figure they can pull this kind of stuff and get a pat on the hand like they do here. I am reminded of the person a few years back who was caned in Singapore.

U.S. Student Tells of Pain Of His Caning In Singapore -


Of course it has consequences, but do you really think it’s worth 15 years of labor? What he did was stupid. Doesn’t mean I want him to serve this sentence, Sam.

I think the issue here is that Sam just hates college students and wants them all to be sent to concentration camps.


The answer is yes. When will you learn how you think things should be are not reflected by reality. They could have shot him. Grow up


Yeah, I remember that. If he’d had a proper “caning” when he was growing up, he’d never have put himself in such a position.


According to wiki he has been in and out of trouble since then.


Trekky; First of all HE KNEW, that North Korea was not an American friendly country, quite the contrary, they consider America to be the great enemy. He knew this and he went anyway. I have absolutely NO SYMPATHY for this over privileged jackass. It should NOT be the responsibility for ANYONE to try to get him out. Some lessons are hard learned and this one should shake the very foundations of his liberal college education.


It is this kind of response to youths getting into trouble that encourages them to keep getting into trouble. If they paid the price every time, they might learn after a while.


Today I learned members on this forum are okay with an American citizen spending time in a North Korean concentration camp, as long as they’re a college student.


Look>.no one is happy an American is held anywhere. But look at what our gov’t encourages. These little idiots make these decisions themselves and they think because THEY HATE AMERICA and hold communist regimes in high esteem that they’re going to be welcomed with open arms by those same regimes. Well. It don’t work like that. I can’t help it if these ‘students’ are that stupid to think stupid things and then do stupid things. I don’t know why I have to sing the blues and go out of my way to help an idiot.

Bad things happen when you make bad decisions.