College Students Need Counseling After Seeing Trump Signs on their Campus


Last month there was item on the news where it was claimed that college students felt threatened after they saw Trump’s name scrawled on the steps and sidewalks on their campuses. Some of them even needed counseling to help them get over the experience.

I’ve been feeling kind of edgy and bummed out today, and I just figured out why. While I was driving to the bank, I saw a fairly largeTrump for President sign that had been defaced. A Democrat, who is obviously into tolerance and diversity, had defaced it with a big “X” and had written the F-Bomb at the top. I felt so traumatized and threatened by that incident:freaked: that I know I must seek professional care if I am not be mentally scared for life. :zombie:

How about you? Has my story damaged you mentally? If soperhaps we could organize an on-line support group. :hippy:


I saw a U-Tube video where a guy had a trump sign in his yard & someone kept taking it. So he electrified it & put a camera to film it. It turned out to be his neighbor, who was charged by the police. I thought about putting a sign up just to see what would happen. I didn’t because around here nothing would happen. In a town of over 80 thousand I think that I’ve seen 2 Sanders bumper stickers & maybe 2 Hillary bumper stickers. So it wouldn’t be worth the effort. Besides people don’t come in your yard when they aren’t invited around here.


Here in Florida a person who put up a Trump sign had his house covered in spray paint. That’s why my wife won’t let me put up a sign. Some Democrats have become brown shirt fascists. They will attack those who disagree with them physically. This is what they learn in their college courses.