colonel wants adultery case tossed, claims law discriminates against heterosexuals

Lawyers for a Schriever Air Force Base colonel argued Monday that a half-dozen adultery charges against him should be thrown out because the military’s law banning extramarital sex discriminates against heterosexuals.
Col. Eugene Marcus Caughey is headed for an August court-martial on charges of rape, assault, taking a dirty selfie and the adultery counts. He was in court Monday for a formal reading of the charges and to argue pretrial motions.
Maj. Keith Meister, one of three attorneys defending Caughey, told Air Force judge Col. Wes Moore that the military’s definition of adultery as sex between a man and a woman hasn’t keep place with its definition of marriage, which now includes same-sex couples. That’s because the military’s adultery law requires “sexual intercourse” as an element of guilt, which the Pentagon defines as an act between a man and a woman.
“A homosexual man or woman couldn’t commit adultery as defined,” Meister argued.

Schriever Air Force Base colonel wants adultery case tossed, claims law discriminates against heterosexuals | Colorado Springs Gazette, News

Now here is a wrinkle I did not anticipate. With the effort to redefine marriage how does it change how we perceive sex between to beings. No I did not misstate the word. I broaden it to include adults, children, and animals.

The directives that the military uses nowadays which canter to homosexuals and transsexuals seem to fly in the face of conventional morality.

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He’d better recheck his contract and the U.C.M.J…

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I did laugh a little as that is quite the lawyer spin. Granted how it is is written, does discriminate against heterosexuals and since we are in in the Age of Feelings and Safe Spaces it should be tossed out so he can sleep better at night with himself. Of course this only applies to him if he is a minority. If he is white he needs to check his white privileged and stop hating blacks and muslims.

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