Colorado governor pardons felon to stave off deportation to Cuba


Colorado’s governor issued a controversial pardon Friday to stop the deportation of a convicted armed robber to Cuba but the district attorney whose office prosecuted the man questions its validity.

Gov. John Hickenlooper, a Democrat, says that with the pardon he has done everything he can to keep Rene Lima-Marin, 38, in the U.S.

Carl Rusnok, a spokesman for ICE, indicated that Hickenlooper’s pardon would not be enough to stop the deportation.

“Rene Michael Lima Marin currently has final orders of removal from a federal immigration judge,” he said in a statement.

Lima-Marin and his accomplice were charged with robbing video stores in 1998. They were convicted on multiple robbery, kidnapping and burglary counts. The accomplice is still serving his 98-year sentence.

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Colorado governor pardons felon to stave off deportation to Cuba | Fox News


In a sane state he’d be recalled for @#$% like that. IOW, he’d be safe in CA … possibly CO as well.


Met some folks couple of weeks ago that had retired to the rockies and just “got the hell out” to Texas. Co has swung so far left its like a communist state and the cost. IIRC they have a 35 ft Airstream trailer, lic plates are $4300 bucks, same goes for expensive cars and trucks. The plates for the truck they pulled it with were $3700.

Seems Co is running the poor people out of the state with crazy taxes. They are retired but far from rich, so sold out headed S…


That’s what happens when tax-and-spend pols get a burr, well, somewhere, to implement @#$%^-the-rich taxes. At the first round of such taxes, some of the “rich” move themselves and their $$ elsewhere. Not “enough” taxes come in, so another round of @#$%^-the-rich taxes get implemented, and more flee. It takes at least 2 or 3 such rounds for at least a few Prog pols to recognize and admit what was predictable. I don’t think CA Prog pols are that smart. If they are even capable of that recognition and admission, it’ll take 5 or 10 such rounds. And IF they do, finally, recognize and admit reality, the damage is done. People and businesses it took generations to attract and establish won’t be coming back anytime soon. Even if the @#$%^-the-rich taxes get rescinded, they’ve established lives and businesses elsewhere, and they sure as Hades aren’t going to trust those tax-and-spend pols not to pull a bait-and-switch rug-jerking.

Whether the state in question is CN, IL, NY, or CA those businesses and “rich” people who fled aren’t coming back, nor will replacements be built up to the same point in 5 or 10 months or even years.