Colorado shooter made 'no more baby parts' comment


Colorado shooter made ‘no more baby parts’ comment
Associated Press
Published: Sunday, November 29, 2015 at 6:44 a.m.
Last Modified: Sunday, November 29, 2015 at 6:44 a.m.

After his arrest, Dear said “no more baby parts,” said a law enforcement official, who could not elaborate and spoke on condition of anonymity … .

Planned Parenthood cited witnesses as saying the gunman was motivated by his opposition to abortion.

Anti-abortion activists, part of a group called the Center for Medical Progress, denounced the “barbaric killing spree in Colorado Springs by a violent madman” and offered prayers for the dead and wounded and for their families.
The Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs … has long been the site of regular anti-abortion protests. A Roman Catholic priest who has held weekly Mass in front of the clinic for 20 years said Dear wasn’t part of his group.

“I don’t know him from Adam,” … “I don’t recognize him at all.”

Police haven’t said what motivated Dear, 57, to carry out the attack.

Dear … was described by neighbors as reclusive. … he stashed food in the woods, avoided eye contact and warned neighbors about government spying.

At a vigil Saturday at All Souls Unitarian Church, Rev. Nori Rost called the gunman a “domestic terrorist.” In the back of the room, someone held a sign that said: “Women’s bodies are not battlefields. Neither is our town.”

Vicki Cowart, the regional head of Planned Parenthood … promised to quickly reopen the clinic. “We will adapt. We will square our shoulders and we will go on” …

… a woman in the audience … objected to the vigil becoming a “political statement” and left.

In the parking lot of the two-story building, one man said the gunman shot at him as he pulled his car out, blasting two holes in his windshield. …

Cowart said all 15 clinic employees survived and (made) sure everyone else got into safe spaces and stayed quiet.

Those who knew the 6-foot-4-inch, 250-pound Dear said he seemed to have few religious or political leanings.

Neighbors who lived beside Dear’s former South Carolina home say he hid food in the woods as if he was a survivalist and said he lived off selling prints of his uncle’s paintings … .

What we know about the shooter, based on this article is, IMO, equivocal.

On one hand there is the shooter’s statement, according to an anonymous source, “No more body parts,” of which AP makes much. PP and its allies at a theologically liberal church are making predictable claims.

Along with the condemnations of Pro-Life groups and the statement by the local Catholic priest who has been at that particular PP weekly, there are several aspects of Dear’s actions and life that at this point indicate to me that he was not especially Pro-Life, and the shooting was not motivated thereby.

1.) Dear, as best we know, shot outward.

2.) Dear did not penetrate into the PP building beyond the foyer, the only barrier being a locked door.

3.) No clinic workers or patients, as best we know, were harmed.

IOW, Dear’s actions, in several aspects, were inconsistent with PP being his target. In addition, those who knew or were familiar with him characterize him as not particularly religious, a loner, and rather paranoid.

While my impression could be contradicted as more information comes out, Dear seems more like a mentally off paranoid loner who got set off by ?? and chose to do his shooting near two banks, at least two restaurants, and a supermarket - i.e. around a lot of people. PP was probably convenient, and chosen for its foyer with a locked inner door - a degree of protection at his back. Which would mean his comment about, “no more body parts,” was off-the-cuff, an indicator of little more than awareness of recent news.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe he’s a Scott Roeder style fruitcake, who was motivated by hatred of abortions and abortionists (but who also held mainstream Pro-Life people in utter contempt).


Maybe a former wife or girlfriend had an abortion. I understand that can set some people off.