Come back to the 5 & Dime Megyn Kelly, Megyn Kelly


Megyn Kelly, you had me at hello and soon we had a standing date every night. Your cutting-edge interviews, sprinkled with ‘Kelly-ism’s’ always brought a smile. I respected and trusted you…then you dumped me for NBC and to say I was hurt would an understatement. Yes, I know, you expected me to follow you into that wasteland of fake news and talking heads and even I wondered how your message was resonate there.

Your Sunday show now sounds like a weak sister you have kept in a closet; your ratings show how weak she is. I tried to follow you, but the love has gone just like Elvis, you have left the building.

With hope in my heart I sat with anticipation of your morning show. But your opening act was something about cutting edge gay comedy, followed up by Al Roker riding a bicycle and I began switching the channel thinking I was watching a NBC rehash of the Twilight Zone only to be jolted into reality when I saw your ruffled at the ankle pants.

You walked into the Valley of the Shadow of the people of the lie and fake news and I can only guess you thought you would shine like a beacon. But the reviewers and viewers have chewed you up like wet mulch and you left a ratings trail that is scraping bottom. But there you are and unless something racial changes you will become the fodder of just another mindless, talking bubble blonde head that slides into the annals of daytime talk show hosts whose names we will never remember and our only memory of you will be of ruffled at the ankle pants.

I’ll pour a drink; adjust my TV,
And stare at the shadows that stare out at me.
I have no expectations, oh, but occasionally
I need someone. you were someone.
Come back,Megyn Kelly, Megyn Kelly.
I need someone. you were someone.
Please come back, Megyn Kelly.

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Her new show is just garbage and this song is spot on!