Comey Speaks At 11:00 am


FBI Director, Comey, is set to make an address at 11 am Eastern time. Comey may simply be announcing a conclusion to the actual investigative phase and setting forth a time-line for a formal announcement of the results. However, this could be an announcement of the outcome. Who knows? I would think if an indictment was to be recommended he would have sent that recommendation to Loretta Lynch for grand jury consideration - that isn’t something he, Comey, would necessarily announce in a public address.

Ultimately, while I expect Comey to acknowledge Clinton used poor judgment with respect to the use of her “home brew” server and that secret documents were likely exposed as a result, it was not her intent to do so - in short, she didn’t mean to compromise security. No harm, no foul. Blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah.

We are a nation of the stupid led by the corrupt.


Not stupid, just lazy and apathetic.


In this day and age, with what is happening at home and abroad, to exhibit laziness and apathy is a sign of stupidity.


The fix is in. No charges for Clinton. Hillary Clinton is above the law.

“Some pigs are more equal than other pigs.”


He said there was “NO INTENT”…yea her e mail servers, just fell off the truck and landed in her house by accident…


I hope he resigns. I would be ashamed of myself for this scandal. Hell I am ashamed my government is this low.


This ought to get the Trump camp some votes.


Her husband was above the law too. A perjury charge is just for mere subjects of the state.