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The greatest movement of blacks from poverty into the middle and even upper economic classes was during the Reagan years!


That’s easy:


We’ll never get it completely right when we’re looking through the fog of a sin-filled world. But even though it’s diffuse, we can still see the general direction from which the light is coming.

“Convincing?” That is how you get meaningful stable moral law? And since you get evidence and counter evidence out the ying yang (think lawyers in court), how can you be sure you’ve got it even in the right direction without a demonstrably immovable Source? “Choice” does not define morality; it can only be used to choose morality- or immorality.

I’ve got news: Atheism is responsible for far and away the biggest purges of the last century, and probably of history. Morality isn’t a “progress,” because it is perfect to begin with; it’s our practice of it that leaves much to be desired.

By the way, if science and secularism drive morality, how come it was Judaism and Christianity that did more to lift the lot of women from ancient times (something the left generally either does not know or does not want to know)?

Who’s ignoring what facts? There were times in my youth when we were poor, and my mother’s family were generally poorer still; yet none of us turned to crime. Crime is a consequence of choice; not circumstances. The latter is just a cop out.

And culturally (note that I’m not saying racially) in this country, yes, blacks do commit a disproportionate amount of crime. You can argue the reasons, but I believe the fact is well documented.

The failure of your stats is that you’re not talking about how many crimes per capita are occurring in both communities, and the fact that whites aren’t blaming the police en mass.




And a black person is 5x as likely to kill a white person as a white person is to kill a black person.

The richest 90+% black neighborhood in the country has a higher per capita crime and murder rate than the poorest 90+% white neighborhood. And their income is almost 10x higher.

The fact that they commit such higher rates of crimes because of bad morals and culture is actually a far worse problem though. I would treat an autistic man biting my child considerably differently than a fully functional office manager.

If it were a genetic propensity to commit crime, it would be a lot harder to hold them to the same standards as whites(or anyone else). It really wouldn’t be fair. But instead, it simply comes down to bad character. That’s something entirely preventable. You can’t change your race, but you can change the way you act. The entirety of the problem can be fixed specifically because it is not a genetic predisposition.

You act like poverty causes people to behave poorly. No, being a general all around piece of crap causes poverty.

I’ve been around enough extremely poor working age people(< 10k income in 2018) of every race to know full well that just about every poor person has serious problems. They are almost universally dumb. Significantly below average in terms of intelligence. Of course that will naturally lead to employment problems, because you need a basic degree of intelligence to operate a cash register. And you need a basic degree of common sense and morals to not steal from said cash register on camera. Something that every gas station owner could tell you about. Due to their low intelligence they tend to have poor impulse control. This generally leads to obesity, frequently leads to substance abuse, and angry outbursts are quite common that burns bridges.

Poverty is the result, not a cause of lack of ability, bad behavior, and poor life decisions.


Care to specify, or do you just want to sit in smug judgement and pretend that you have cause?


I’m not going to indulge this ghoulish racist trolling you guys are up to. Repulsive.

Back to Comey, this is just an astonishing and shameful series of outright lies and baseless accusations by the President. This guy is completely unhinged:

The president said he watched Comey’s televised town hall event and criticized the former FBI director for “leaking” what he called “classified information.”

Trump, April 26: Look, Comey is a leaker and he’s a liar and not only on this stuff. He’s been leaking for years.
**> **
> He’s probably been using his friend, the so-called professor who now turns out to have FBI clearance, which he never said. He even lied about that because he never said that in Congress.
**> **
> He said he gave it to a friend and he gave it to a friend to leak classified information. It’s all classified. It was totally classified.
**> **
> So illegally — he did an illegal act and he said it himself in order to get a special counsel against me.


Whether what Comes passed to his buddy was “classified” or not is immaterial. He leaked the content of a private conversation with THE PRESIDENT. If the President considered it to be classified, then it WAS classified. However, the FBI director has no business leaking his memos to someone outside of the government…ESPECIALLY not so he could get a “special prosecutor” appointed to “investigate” this phony “Russian collusion” hoax.


I sit here slack jawed at the fact that you can say that without questioning yourself. Imagine if Obama, no wait, Clinton had declared that all of his private conversations, regardless of content or setting were classified. 1/2 of the baby-boomer gen would have keeled over with heart attacks.

It would be funny if not so ridiculous.


The President has the Constitutional authority to classify whatever he deems appropriate. He also has the Constitutional authority to DEclassify what ever he decides to declassify. I’m surprised you don’t know that.


The only person in this thread who has made broad based judgements solely on ethnicity is J, literally everyone else has at least tried to justify their opinions with some factual data; Racism clearly still exists in America but if this thread is an indicator it is clearly a rarity.


Even if his classification is to hide his corruption?

I’m curious though, whatever it is we’re talking about that should be (should have been) classified, is there a formal process of classification, or is every word the President speaks classified?


IIRC, all documents generated by the FBI (including it’s agents and employees) are property of the FBI and automatically classified confidential until they are reviewed for content. Comey, as I understand it, is making the argument that the memos he leaked weren’t “marked classified”, but then he never submitted them for review. IANAL, but that’s what I understand from my reading on the matter.


Yeah, the guy who voted for Hillary!?


OK, there is a sin - a single act; there is also Sin - the continuous practice of “sins.”


The only Presidents I’ve known to do that are LBJ, Clinton and Obama.


Standing FBI policy is that all meetings between any FBI agent and the POTUS are universally classified. This isn’t even in dispute by anyone including Comey. He says it doesn’t apply to him because he released the information as a private citizen.

In essence he’s trying to tie the classification of the document not to the time period in which it was recorded, but the time period which he chose to release it. Because no one else ever saw it until he released it after he was no longer an agent. He’s basically arguing that the notes were an unfinished draft and didn’t become complete until he released them. A half-written note is probably not classified. Generally only completed documents are.

He’s on extraordinarily shaky ground on this one, but I don’t think anyone can actually state for sure that he’s wrong. I’m not aware of this defense having ever been used before in a legal setting.


You didn’t answer the question.


Racist? Statistics and numbers are now racist? Whitey didn’t make those crimes happen. Evil Republicans didn’t make the crimes happen. Feel free to be repulsed.


You don’t care what the answer is, Mr Brown. All you give a damn about is trashing President Trump at every opportunity. The fact is, the President DOES have the authority to classify any documents he chooses to.