Comment on the user above you


^ has a lovely quote in his signature




^ has not been around much lately… I think o_0




She’s been around now and then.

^ Necromanced a thread that was started back when they were worried about Y1K…




^His mother? Is a really big poster on this forum?
Sorry for necromancing of this thread, but I would like to get more off-topic discusions around here.


^ Just necroed this thread lol


R.A Salvatore


^Is hating my necromancing thread power


Robin Hobb


^ Is perhaps a fan of The Liveship Traders trilogy?


Kate Novak


Thinks clams are more powerful than this guy:


^Is a canadian.
I read part of the liveship traders books, should I read the whole thing?
I am more interested in Science Fiction.


Robert A Heinlein


Sorry I have to respond to this one.

^ Thinks that sissy man is more powerful than the Supreme Asgard Commander Thor!




^Knows that Dragons are more powerful than asgardians.


Michael Z Williamson


^Doesn’t know that an Asgardian Mod trumps Dragons and clams anytime of the day.


Brad Thor


^Doesn’t know that Ancients have more technology and knowledge than the asgardians of stargate.


John Ringo (Author).


^Doesn’t realize that even the Borg wet their cybernetic pants whenever a Magnaclam comes around…

Simpson 260

E.C. Tubb (novelized the 1st-season Space: 1999 episodes, and did a couple of original Space: 1999 novels)

I read the first two parts. They were good (at least to my tastes), but my health isn’t too hot and the villains in the books were so believably villainous that it was doing bad things to my stress levels. I’d still kind of like to read the final novel (Ship of Destiny; the first two (I don’t know which one or ones you’ve read) are Ship of Magic and Mad Ship).

I waffle back and forth between sci-fi and fantasy, and other genres in recent years. I’ve tried some amateur writing of sci-fi, fantasy and other.


^ Most likely hasn’t read Starship Trooper.


David Weber


^ Is mistaken about me not having read Starship Troopers (you are talking about the Heinlein title, right?). :yes:

262 Chevy V-6

Elaine Cunningham

I’ve read a lot of Heinlein. I prefer his earlier stuff; before Stranger in a Strange Land.


Yes I’m not playing right, but I was just wondering if NewC could have imagined that his thread would have lasted almost two full years.


Same here; it lasted much longer than he did.


Went seriously off topic


Larry Correia


^Bringing this thread back from the bottoms.