Common Core: Finally parents are beginning to wake up


Common Core is BO’s invention of mandatory “educational” guidelines which are poised to take over all schools. Catholic, Christian, private and other schools will not be exempt and the reason is because standardized tests will be based on CC’s goals. It’s about time parents get outraged…

» Schlafly: Backlash Against Common Core » Commentary – GOPUSA


Communists can’t get adults to believe them so, they go after our children to brainwash them via the education system. Talk about using the power of the state to force specific teaching curriculum onto the entire country including private schools and home schoolers. The commies on this board are no doubt advocates of this.


The suggested readings include a sales talk for government health care (such as Obamacare) and global warming propaganda (including a push for Agenda 21). Some of the fiction suggested is worthless and even pornographic, presumably chosen to reflect contemporary life. Another suggested reading favorably describes Fidel Castro and his associates without any indication they are tyrants, Communists and mass murderers.

We should take a bit of advice from our neighbor to the north. Canada has no national standards (all standards are adopted locally) and not even any national Department of Education.

CC advocates admit the standards cannot be changed or errors corrected because they are already printed and copyrighted by the private owners such as the Gates Foundation. Bills to repeal CC have been filed in Oklahoma, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Alabama, South Dakota and Georgia, and Indiana Governor Mike Pence just signed a law to “pause” the CC implementation and hold public hearings.

I’m glad to see the my Conservative Governor, Mike Pence, is trying to stop this insanity. With the way that the 0bama is presently being neutered, this may be another loss in his second term. One could hope anyway.


Knowledge of this rancid excuse for education should be explained in detail to all parents who send their children to public schools. This is an outrage against everything we hold deeply in this country.


It’s ridiculous that yet another fad is rolling through education causing the expenditure of millions or billions in professional development time and shortchanged school schedules yet again as teachers bargain and cry for more prep time to deal with the latest mandates. Administrators spend their time trying to figure out how to implement it as the landscape and goal posts shift some more. And the effect on the classroom constantly changing horses midstream.