Companies pull advertising from Controversial MTV show


Subway Latest Sponsor to Pull Ads From MTV’s Controversial Show ‘Skins’ -

If this show is showing actors under 18 years old engaging in sexual activity, then they’re breaking the law. Even if the filming is done in another country.

I’m glad to see these companies pulling out from advertising.

These same hypocrites who don’t have a problem with glamorizing teenagers being promiscuous have a problem with the media glamorizing smoking cigarettes.

And these liberals who claim that this show is just depicting what teenagers do. Do shows like this depict the nasty STDs or teen pregnancies or all of the bad stuff that happens from being promiscuous? No.

Shows like this also glamorize getting drunk and using dope. They never show the bad sides of getting drunk or using dope.


Already posted, CandyGirl. =)


And yes they do depict STDs pregnancy broken hearts drug overdoses etc


I hope so. As well as the financial costs of these things.


Wait… what? Hold on… Huh?

Teens + pot = baaaaaad problem. Problems in school, problems with respect, problems with democrat like loafing and waiting for mom + dad to foot the bill.

But then… that’s why I am pro legalization. Take the profit out of selling it illegally + it will be a bit tougher to get a hold of. Right now teens have more access to pot than adults.


Yeah, that happened with the repeal of prohibition, didn’t it?


Oh goody, another “let’s make drugs legal and crime will go down and productivity will rise implication”


Exactly right.

I never had a problem getting liquor, or beer when I was young. Even if I did get carded, I always had friends that were old enough to buy.


Remember back in the beginning MTV was having almost the same trouble over actual music videos and the “indecency” of the scantly clad girls and obscene lyrics? Is that a sign of getting old? Remembering when they still played music?


Now I’m sorry but the free market has a lot to answer for RE music…music is supposed to be a cultural expression, both sorrowful & joyful but in one way or another ITS SUPPOSED TO SAY SOMETHING! Lol sooo, our culture is ‘some half naked chicks with one or two songs about sex that they didn’t write’. Put to a generic beat that didn’t require dedication to learning an instument. Made because it’s a job, not a passion.

I’m 30 and have only just come to appreciate how good 80’s music was. Cyndi Lauper would have gone nowhere today, she was far too ugly, but she is amazing. All those ballads from that era…Foreigner etc. I was a teenager in the 90s when grunge & alternative music were as popular as the manufactured stuff, weren’t as good as the 80’s generally but at least they were songs. That were written by artists to say something, not churned out for a paycheck.

I get so p’d off watching music channels with current stuff coz it’s the same 20 songs in the charts over and over, whoever can afford to buy space & build demand gets aired. That’s fair enough for consumer goods, but art is not the same. It can be sold the same, but it really shouldn’t be. I often wonder what kids feel now when they listen to their music, whether or not it actually speaks to them or if it’s just a boppy distraction that’s easy to listen to & mildly enjoyable. I wonder if they get that heart ache/stomach soaring feeling I get from RHCP or um time after time


Nice dissertation, but it was just a comment that “Music Television” doesn’t play music anymore. It’s pretty much “All Reality, All the Time”. Part of the trouble I was referring to was Tipper Gore taking on Dee Snyder and Bob Denver in a Washington showdown. She lost. There were numerous other groups that swore that MTV was going to be the ruination of all the chil’en.


What on EARTH are you talking about? Hahaha :stuck_out_tongue: None of that means anything to me. Who are those people? It sounds like they were in some kind of fighting match? Or was it some music thing? Ohhh Bob denver, he’s either a country & Western singer, an old comedian or the guy from Gilligans Island?

We have MTV and yeah it’s boring as, who cares what these kids do? And theres so much of that ‘look how rich these ppl are’ that’s boring as well. Who cares? Unless theey’re my friends i dont get to play with their stuff so they aren’t of interest. MTV needs to change it’s name or stop with the false advertising…

I meant music channels that play music and yeah missed your point but it’s (clearly) a sore point for me. Inspires rants. We’ve got 5 or 6 cable music channels only, 3 or 4 for new stuff 1 classic 1 country and western (I have no idea why it’s there, must have been in the package bought from the US provider)

Oh and you know I’m right, music now sucks :smiley: it’s like empty calories for the mind


Tipper Gore = Al Gore’s wife.
Dee Snyder = lead singer of Twisted Sister. You mentioned 80’s music, I assumed you would know them.
My bad on Bob LOL! It was John Denver. Rocky Mountain High. Stared in “Oh God”


Wait…I still dont get this bit;

Part of the trouble I was referring to was Tipper Gore taking on Dee Snyder and Bob Denver in a Washington showdown. She lost.
How did she take them on? What did she lose? What were they fighting over?

I suspect, now that you’ve put that gore thing in, that she was trying to do some ‘think of the children’ thing? Sigh if so. I remember Twisted Sister but I was too young to know their names as individuals. And I only know Twisted sister from watching flight of the navigator, which is an excellent kids movie, i might ad. Hmm I wonder if the spaceship from it was ever for sale? Cool

Edit- but my original impression RE the showdown was that all these people were engaged in a cross between a hip hop style battle, a dance off & a dash of WWE wrestling, maybe in times square & widely televised. Seriously, that’s what I thought u were talking about :smiley: but it was ridiculous


Try this. Sorry to use Wikipedia, I scanned it and it looks like a fairly decent synopsis. Yes it was all for the children.

Parents Music Resource Center - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

LOL a death match between John Denver and Tipper would have need a riot! Dee would have killed her quick.


:smiley: yeah? I’m gonne see what this gore woman looks like, if shes as beige as her husband should be amusing. Tipper sounds like a black name tho…hmm al gore with a big black wife? In all tight colourful clothes with attitude, getting up and doing that finger shake thing at his opponents hahaha


She’s an idiot, and dissapointingly american well-to-do-white woman looking :frowning: With that blonde hair and thin mouth. Like a step up from those Oprah women in the crowd, if that makes any sense.

I hate these people that try to dictate what we consider offensive…If i’m offended, i’m offended and I keep it to myself. Most normal people are like that. Also, I stop looking. I don’t go on for this reason. Also coz they’re just pathetic & too weak to admit their problems are their own :smiley:

Kids aren’t going tp be protected from this stuff, its in all of our minds at some level, dark accidental thoughts, curiosity etc. Learn to face it & deal wiith it or like big al, a rap video will scare you because your a p…fraidy cat. And swear words are powerless if you don’t let them offend…it’s the intent behind words not words themselves that should cause a reaction. But if ppl feel uncomfortable about this stuff it shouldn’t be forced on them without warning…just have a bit of consideration for those who aren’t bothered and want to view/hear it


There’s boatloads of good music out there, you just have to look for it.


This is no reason to ignore it.


Yeah, I know there are still bands producing great music. My point is that this used to be celebrated by the majoriy, and you didn’t HAVE to seek it out. If you casually browse music media at the moment it’s just cr*p on repeat

Though I’ve heard that KL in malaysia is awful like that, every place my mate Ben went seemed to be playing Sean Kingston’s ‘beautiful girl’ for the whole week he was there haha