Computer Specialist Who Deleted Hillary's Emails Granted Immunity by Justice Dept


Paul Combetta was a computer specialist from Platte River Networks who apparently specialized in deleting emails. He made Hillary Clinton’s emails disappear even after requests from Congress to keep them. Yet, despite that seemingly guilty deed, the Department of Justice has just granted him immunity. As a result, the House Oversight Committee’s request to investigate the deletions have hit a dead end.

I would say this is proof positive that the Nojustice department is guilty of trying to help a coverup.


Without immunity he might have faced jail time for deleting the emails. The possible jail time might have made him talk about what he was told & what he knew. So he deletes the emails (erases that part of the investigation) & then is granted immunity (so now he doesn’t face jail time & can cover everyone’s butt without a worry). Neat package.


The FBI is in the TANK for Klinton Comedy is a joke at best and should be relieved of his position immediately if not sooner. Let him go be a security guard for ChelSea who gets paid $900,000 per year for her brilliance, certainly its not for her looks!


The corruption is complete and through-and-through.

The Elites will get their wish - a sickly old woman who they support because she is their equal - in their venality. Who wants what they want; who despises what and who they despise…THE CITIZENS.

They will get all that; and to those of us who are not under whatever delusions they’re working with…we know where this goes. A world crisis as the Chinese, Russians, Islamics all see profound weakness and incompetence. Those who have been our allies will just recall what this woman, as SecState, did with Gadhafi. He’d complied with everything the United States demanded, turning over the nuclear program…and then had Hillary’s State Department engineer an overthrow. That treachery and lack of strategic focus WILL be remembered - that it’s not SAFE to be an ally of the former United States.

The world will reject us or lust for our blood; the Iranians and North Koreans have BEEN GIVEN NUKES by liberal Administrations.

This is the end. We will be attacked, probably immediately surrendering - as the foreign powers call their chits in - and then we’ll be divided.

The Chinese, especially, are not kind to their conquered subjects.