Conference Committee On Border Security


The so-called bipartisan conference committee on border security has until Feb 15 to reach a compromise on funding acceptable to Trump.

IMHO - if there has ever been a bigger waste of time than this Senate/House committee I am unaware of it.


Well, for example, am I the only one who has noticed the committee is stacked in favor of Democrats? 9 Dems, 8 Repubs, with 3 of the Dems being from the sanctuary state of Cal, another from the illegal alien sanctuary of New York - not to mention the fact the committee is “blessed” with Illinois Dem. Sen, Dick Durbin’s presence. In addition, the only Rep from the border state of Texas is a Dem, Henry Cuellar. On the Repub side, Sen. Richard Shelby is about the only representative of any note present on the committee - he has about 3 decades of experience reaching across the aisle to Dems and getting hosed… Question to McConnell - must Repubs always be the ones who bend over to pick up the bar of soap??

mdmikeb to Trump - get the Declaration Of Emergency documents ready and be prepared to declare said emergency at the exact moment the latest caravan hits our southern border and its participants begin raising hell.

Yes, the 9th Circuit Court will issue an injunction ending the declaration, so, Trump, you had best be ready to seek relief at the Supreme Court from the Left’s certain injunction. The question then will be, how quickly will Roberts calendar the case.

We might as well bring this issue to a head right here and right now.


If Trump seizes emergency powers to circumvent Congress and ram a highly partisan and controversial policy down the country’s throat, he will become the closest thing we’ve had to a dictator since FDR. It would be completely outrageous. He should be impeached if he even attempts such a power grab.


And all of you calling for him to do it are scary. You make the socialists look like the grown up alternative. What a sickening movement you all have become.


Golly, JA, I guess Obama can clandestinely off-load at least $400 million delivered on pallets at an Iranian airfield in the middle of the night, but Trump can’t get even $1 toward barrier enhancements.

Listen, I would MUCH prefer to handle this through real negotiations. However, to do so, more than one side must be willing to actually and realistically negotiate.

You know as well as I how this is going to go - Dems will offer up, perhaps $1 billion (more or less) in exchange for “safe passage” for all in-country DACA folks and probably other Left-Wing demands. So, next year what does the Trump administration offer up to get another billion or so? This process is complete BS.

Pallets of dollars to Iran, but giving what amounts to a budget rounding error to this administration and you guys go ape-Shiite!!


The president can’t just circumvent Congress every time one of his or her partisan and controversial goals isn’t getting passed through the constitutional legislative process. That’s not a Constitutional Republic. That’s not balance of powers. It’s time for Congress to rein the executive branch in.


So what are we supposed to do about the part of the border fence in Arizona that is about three high that looks like a 19th century enclosure for cattle? Nothing I guess because the illegals have need a place where they can practice catch and release.

The Democrats obviously don’t care about border security at all. As long as they have walls around their houses and government marshals to protect them when they go out in public, why should they be concerned about the problem? The average citizen should not expect to be protected from the crime, the drugs and the human trafficing. Even talking about it is probably racist in the world the elitist Democrats.

So Congress uses their Democrat in the House and the 60 vote rule in the Senate, and nothing will ever be done.


I think an unarmed invasion of the United States and the colossal strain it places on our resources does constitute an emergency - especially since many leading Dems are advocating free college for all and paid medical services for everyone in country - illegals included.

What I’m surprised about, is that JA hasn’t played the xenophobe, homophobe or race card in responding to my post. I’m even more impressed he hasn’t talked about expenditure/debt concerns regarding Trump’s demand of $5.7 billion.

Usually, the Left throws out the debt canard. I give you credit, JA. You are obviously aware that complaining about spending $5.7 billion for a barrier/wall (call it whatever you like), while at the same time advocating full benefits/services for anyone who can swim or run across our border, and the enticement that represents, is a fools argument.


The question “what are we supposed to do about…” is bizarre to me. Presumably you understand and value the basic political mechanisms of a Constitutional Republic. So you have two morally legitimate options. Either work with the opposition to make a deal or, failing that, you defeat the opposition in the vote enough to command a majority powerful enough to pass the policy. Having your shameless cretin of a president seize emergency powers isn’t one of the morally legitimate options, at least, not if you’re talking about republicanism. If you want to throw away republicanism and just go for executive branch tyranny, then good luck with that when you have to deal with President Ocasio-Cortez in twenty years or so.

The fact that you don’t see the left making these arguments should clue you in on the danger: the left doesn’t care about republicanism. They’re perfectly fine using whatever corruption of the constitution than can get away with to force through whatever agenda they see as morally necessary.

If Republicans turn their back on their traditional defense of republicanism and the constitution so that this sleazebag president can fulfill his stupid campaign promise, then you deserve what you get, and god help us when the left gets in power again.


He’s not “seizing” ANYTHING, J.A. He HAS the power to declare an emergency when one actually exists–and there’s no question by anyone with a functioning brain cell or two that we ARE facing an actual emergency at the southern border. Just because the Democrats don’t want President Trump to have yet another win, is NOT “proof” that no emergency exists. It’s pure politics for them and it’s DANGEROUS to our country.


This is why you are such a phony “conservative.” You are like the "good Germans " who let Hitler take over. Once the bad people take over, you “might consider” doing something. I don’t believe that you are honest about anything you write. You are a stealth “progressive” and a truly dishonest person. When Ocarina-Cortez is elected eight years from now, you will support her because she was “dully elected”

All I said was that that some areas of the border are inadequate and should be fixed. You came back with your “bizarre” comment. Can’t you understand that Nancy Pelosi and rest of the Democrats want a revolution so long as it does not effect their finances? They want to make this into a one party country where there is no debate? Just one party.

Trump has offered compromises. You hate him, so you don’t listen. It was Pelosi who was unreasonable. She offered $1 for a wall. Should physical barriers be a part of the debate? If you agree with Nancy Pelosi, the answer is no.


You mean “dishonest” as in continuing to call me a “phony conservative” after I’ve told you over and over that I’m not a conservative, have never claimed to be a conservative, and indeed have been very open about calling myself a “classical liberal”?

You need to get help.


I’ll have see if a “classic liberal” does not believe in borders. Perhaps you can clarify that for me.

As for “help,” I know what I believe. Perhaps you need to think about you believe. Government that grows and grows ever larger in its taxation and regulation policies does not sound like something a “19th century liberal” would support. A “20th and 21st century progressive” would support those policies, and that sums up your positions most of the time.


Please present even one piece of evidence for this claim. This should be easy if it sums up “most of my positions.”


I can sum up the answer in one sentence: Because Nancy Pelosi said the wall is a nonstarter.

Not that controversial; a majority of Americans want it.

And in spite of public sentiment, the Dems stonewall every attempt to do something that is counter to their agenda, and try to ram through what is with it. What else are we to do, when the left opposes everything good with political gamesmanship (spelled with a “T” at the end)?

Why not? Obama did…


You have done it frequently Whenever you see a problem, you put your “19th liberal convictions” aside, and call for government action. From now on, when you do that, I will point it out to you.


I am sorry. I have overstepped the bounds of Internet manners. I’ll leave you alone.