Confirmation: Fifth Column media engages in collusion


See: Newspapers across U.S. denounce Trump’s media attacks with coordinated editorials


”Newspapers and media outlets across the U.S. launched a widespread effort Thursday aimed at combating the constant attacks from President Donald Trump as well as negative feelings about the media’s role in society.”

More than 300 newspapers around the nation joined together to each publish editorials that explained the role of journalists and amplified the positive role journalism plays in society.”

Well, this proves the fake news establishment’s collusion! Instead of cleaning up their act and start being unbiased when reporting on President Trump, the fake news establishment [Fifth Column Newspapers around the country like The New York Daily News; The New York Times; The Boston Globe; The Baltimore Sun; The Seattle Times; etc., have decided to join hands in a coordinated effort to switch the subject from their outright bias against the Trump Administration, which is the issue, to defending a free press which President Trump has never attacked.

These Fifth Column nitwits don’t even have the common sense to stop their antics when polls show the American People are fed up with their never ending assaults on the Trump Administration and refusal to cover and give praise to the Administration’s countless accomplishments.


Without a Fifth Column Media, Yellow Journalism, Hollywood, and a corrupted FBI, Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, would be making license tags in a federal penitentiary


Opinion, New York Daily News:

Aug 16, 2018

Cut it out, Mr. President: Stop vilifying the news media

President Trump is not “vilifying the news media” you nitwits. He’s calling out Fifth Column newspapers like yours who constantly attack the Trump Administration, publish fake news, and refuse to cover and give praise to the Administration’s countless accomplishments.

Maybe he will stop calling you guys out, if and when you start being fair and balanced.



Well put. I concur.

This is a point that many may not see.