Congratulations to ME this time!

The following is a post I made the Sunday evening before the 2016 election, I was not a “Deplorable” so I congratulated the Trump supporters who I had been sparring with for months; the polls were saying it was hopeless for Trump just like they are now.

Same story, 4 years later; but this time I am on the Trump Train blowing the horn! I can officially (finally) call myself a Deplorable because I held a ballot party yesterday at my house and my son dropped off a whole stack of Trump votes at the polling place this morning on his way to work :+1:

Every year the ballot party gets bigger, I doubt we will deliver California any time soon but my family has won a lot of political souls away from the dark side :wink:

So CONGRATULATIONS to all of those who kept the faith and delivered another sound beating to the forces of communism, racism and hatred; this time I get to share in the victory! :sunglasses:


Did you do the math this time? How’s it look?

Read closely:

Oh I read that. I was hoping maybe numbers and rationale would be available this time.

I will explain the numbers later, I have a couple hours of bookwork to finish tonight.

But I have time to say SEE I TOLD YOU SO! :grinning::sunglasses::grin::+1:

Here is my prediction. The numbers won’t look good for Trump when the ballots are all counted.

Here is the path to victory as it stands…

I think there is a good chance that Biden will take at least one of the three remaining toss-ups, GA, PA or NC.

I agree - it appears clear that Biden will be declared the next POTUS. Trump ran against media, big tech (censorship) the China pandemic and Joe Biden. In spite of his record on the economy (pre-virus and V-shaped recovery), foreign policy and his pushing big pharma on pursuing vaccines, Trump has found his collective opposition, as identified above, simply too much to overcome.

In the end, I think there are two other interrelated dimensions which, over the course of 4 years, took their toll on Trump’s potential to be reelected. First, I think his incessant, often ill-stated, inarticulate tweets and comments from other platforms simply wore out much of the electorate. Democrat’s knew precisely which buttons to push and a frustrated Trump all to often took the bait. I think there were many voters who assumed the chaos, including looting and burning, would come to an end with the election of Biden. That may come to be the case, as the anarchist’s candidate, Biden, got elected. Let’s face it, government buildings/storefronts were not being boarded up for fear of conservatives/Trump supporters terrorizing/burning/looting!!.

That said, Trump needs to tamp down the “election stealing” rhetoric. If there is evidence of voter fraud/ballot tampering, bring it forward, if not - knock it off with “they stole the election”.

I am saddened that the hardest working, promise keeping and best policy POTIS in my lifetime was brought down. It took China and it’s virus to bring him down.

In a real sense, China was the big winner here. Given the Biden family’s business entanglement (putting it mildly) with China, we are left to wonder just how far China will go in leveraging/blackmailing Joe.

One final point: Those who subjected the country to 4 years of impeachment/Russia collusion BullShit/lying to the FISA Ct will now get away with it. The same goes for any real accounting/investigation of the possibility/probability of the Biden family graft with this nation’s biggest threat - China. What do you get when riots/anarchy/ - or possibly selling out one’s country goes unpunished or even uninvestigated? More of it.

I hate the phrase, but “it is what it is.”

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I’m not quite so certain of a Biden win, Doc.


Wish I could share your glimmer of optimism, PD. In my opinion - the fat lady is yet to sing, but she’s stepping up to the microphone.

I would say this - in a sense, this election was stolen, but not the way Trump is referring to. A case could be made the theft took place in plain sight - a one-sided media hammering by the Left over a 4 year period and a failure to even acknowledge the presence of evidence of Biden family grift with China and the Ukraine.

A democratic republic cannot long endure censorship and/or dramatically and purposeful one- sided reporting. The lack of inquisitiveness by media has been nothing short of stunning.

I agree, Doc. The so-called “news media” in this country is, by in large, a disgrace of epic proportions. But then, the Democrats and their “vote by mail” scheme is largely responsible as well. They convinced people that (1) everyone should mail in their ballots as early as possible and (2) sending out ballots in job lots to anyone with a pulse was somehow “fair.”

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Yep, China is the big winner in this election. They sent us The Plague and then chased Trump from office. China had the perfect strategy, and they executed it perfectly.

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This election should teach us all three things:

1 - There is NOTHING that Democrats will NOT do in order to steal an election.
2 - Refer to #1
3 - Refer to #1 and #2.

Please, do explain what they did to steal it. Also, it’s not over yet.

Trump had over 270 at 8:30 California time last night, Trump is the next President; the media knew this early so they refused to call most of his States so the “count” would never show a lead over Biden.

I said from the beginning that there would be more fraud than ever before but it wouldn’t matter because Trumps lead is big enough to overcome it; when they realized that they had not done enough they stopped counting and went home while a bunch more Biden votes were created.

It won’t matter, the Left knows that the Biden lead won’t withstand the scrutiny of a recount but they don’t care; the point is to make it seem like Biden won in spite of it being closer than predicted but then Trump STOLE THE ELECTION IN THE COURTS!

And that will be the “Russia” for his second term and the fuel for the riots, murder and mayhem.

Trump won handily, the GOP held all of their House seats and picked up more, the Senate will settle with only one net lost seat in a year when most of the 3rd up for reelection were GOP seats; pretty damn good year.

It appears I was wrong about taking the House so that was disappointing but the evidence of fraud in Michigan is already being uncovered and Trump has made it clear that he will contest all of the States with obvious fraud.

Wisconsin begins the canvas tomorrow, now that Trump has made it clear that he will fight I expect them to “correct some errors” in the canvas to avoid the scrutiny.

Michigan just reported that they “have found some conflicting numbers to sort out”, which means they know that their caught if they push this any further.

Pennsylvania is in violation of both their own Legislature and a court order; they will stall the inevitable but they won’t push it to the point of jail time.

The goal is to take as long as possible before Trump is certified the winner so they will have a new “narrative” to try and slow his second term down; it won’t work :wink::muscle:

Have no fear, don’t buy the narrative; just wait a bit and see if I nailed it :sunglasses:

Screenshoting for posterity

They didn’t call the states because it wasn’t mathematically impossibly or unlikely that Biden turned it around as the mail ballots were largely D. Analysts have been saying for months it was going to look like a strong night for Trump and slowly shift to Biden as the mail ballots were counted

The “analysts” are Democrats and have been setting this up for months. They also published phony polls that said that Biden was up by over 10 points nationwide and in Florida. Nationwide, Biden is up by 2 points, largely because of the California and New York votes, and he lost Florida outright.

Someday, you might get the message, @Gene. The Democrats are not you friends unless you work for the Federal Government or are on their payroll. Otherwise, you are their pawn. When it comes to the economy, they will kill it and re-distribute a fraction of what they take from taxpayers. Most of their largest payments go to their families, like Biden, or to those who contribute to the Democrat cause.

The only thing “progressive” about the Democrat cause is their receipt of tax revenue.

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I look forward to you deleting it when you realize it went down exactly as I said :rofl:


I really have to bring this up as an example of Trump’s ill-advised, counterproductive and needless commentary - the type of commentary I alluded to above… As many may recall, Trump repeatedly and needlessly commented regarding his disdain for John McCain - for example, he stated that he did not consider McCain a hero - heroes don’t get captured (words to that effect). Trump had NOTHING to gain by the comment and it predictably and irretrievably tagged McCain as an enemy of Trump. IMHO - it cost Trump and the rest of us McCain’s favorable senate vote necessary to kill off Obamacare - and it might well have cost Trump Arizona, as a much beloved Cindy McCain endorsed Biden. If you underestimate the love of John and Cindy McCain by most Arizonans, you would be very mistaken.

You make a great point @mdmike. Trump’s greatest failing is that he never knows when to stop talking. He went on for way too long at the Corona Virus press conferences. He should have made a short progress report, taken a few questions and gotten out of there. Instead he stayed around and kept yapping, which got him in trouble.

Ditto for his policy to downplay the virus. It was the right policy - FDR did the same thing with the Great Depression. (“What we have to fear is fear itself.”) The trouble is Trump kept saying it until the effect was gone, and it became a political liability.

Trump’s actions with the virus were spot-on. He started the short shutdown, supplied states, especially New York, with special help, got the respirators built and worked to get the economy moving again. The trouble was, he didn’t present what he did well. He got off-message.

As for McCain, yes, Trump should have shut up about him. Did McCain’s actions and demeanor anger me? Yes, but he’s dead, and beating the dead horse did not to help Trump’s or our cause.