Congratulations to ME this time!

I can’t prove the specifics of the dead people voting or voter intimidation in the big cities, but the “news” media bias is screamingly obvious.

I am amazed at the ability of the media to establish narratives among Conservatives even after Trump proving their irrelevance for all these years :thinking:

John McCain not only publicly supported Clinton in 2016, he sent HIS PEOPLE to Europe to pick up the Steele Dossier that Clinton paid for and used his connections as a Senator to get it made a priority at the FBI; Trump called him a loser and a traitor for this but that didn’t stop the voters in Arizona from voting for Trump who won by 5.4 percent while his “insults” were fresh in everyone’s mind!

Now we are supposed to believe that Cindy McCains endorsement of Biden is the explanation for the close election this year? Trump is the one to blame for this?

It’s not election fraud via mail in ballots, it’s not the fact that we are 4 more years into the “California Strategy” being applied with illegal immigration in Arizona and Texas; it has to be Trumps 5 year old remarks about McCain that nobody cared about in 2016. :thinking::rofl:

The media has no plausible explanation for why Arizona and Nevada need a week to count ballots while Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming didn’t have any problems; it couldn’t possibly be that Arizona and Nevada have corrupt Democrat governments who can “find” the votes they need; IT WAS TRUMPS OLD MCCAIN INSULT THAT DID HIM IN!

Same story with Wisconsin and Michigan, they are surrounded by Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky and Minnesota; none of whom had any problems counting the 2020 election votes but these 2 States need a whole week?

These States keep extending the time because Trump keeps winning, so they have to keep “finding” votes for Biden; that is why it’s taking so long and that is why they won’t allow the Trump campaign to monitor the “counting” even though the LAW says that they must and a court order to comply with the law is being ignored.

All the media has to do to get Conservatives to blame themselves is plant a narrative no matter how ludicrous and we will do the rest to ourselves.

The GOP has a lot of problems but President Trump is not one of them, without him we would be preparing for Clinton’s second term with both houses of Congress firmly in the hands of the democrats.

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Allow me, it’s because those races are tightly contested while the others aren’t. A lot of states aren’t done counting, they’re just less competitive so they’re safe enough to call.

Here’s the percent of votes counted as of posting this:
Arizona - 90%
Nevada - 84%

Meanwhile utah is at 83% and colorado is at 92%. The others are closer to 99, but the point is states have different infrastructure for this. If utah was competitive, they’d be the most egregious of them all by your standards. This is normal, it ALWAYS takes this long to count all the votes.

Besides, as it’s trending Biden is probably gonna lose at least one if not both those states.

Oh I see, when a race is close its harder to count; that makes perfect sense👏

Those darn machines get really nervous when the numbers are close, no matter what you do they just slow down to a crawl :rofl:

Your not trying very hard are you, those other States you mentioned are only dealing with the provisional ballots; they counted the rest long ago.

Of course, they didn’t have to deal with all the new votes that were cast each time Trump took the lead, that is time consuming :thinking:

That’s just not true. Utah has a small fraction of ballots left that are provisional

Kinda makes the rest of what you’re saying fall apart. Places like Nevada and Utah just don’t have the preparation and infrastructure to handle something like this quickly. The only reason we’re talking about Nevada is because they seemed like they’d matter (they won’t) and they are slow.

They get attention because they’re slow and competitive, not the other way around.

Nothing I said “falls apart” and Nevada has the same “infrastructure” they have always had and the same population; so the mail in was larger than the usual absentee and the election crowd was smaller. That is exactly what every other state had to deal with except for the constant in flow of ballots after the election was over to try and keep Biden alive :thinking:

Your Party is a bunch of criminals, I also noticed that you ignored the locking out of Trump observers in Michigan and Pennsylvania; are you still thinking up an excuse for that?

Can anyone plausibly explain how, at 3:30AM the day after the election, over 300,000 Biden votes appear out of nowhere without a single vote for President Trump? That’s a statistical impossibility, yet the lefties think it’s somehow “legitimate.”

Yes, only 1 source had that number. It was a typo, and they corrected it.

Fake news, if you will

There are laws on the books that allow poll watchers from both parties to monitor the process. Why are those laws being broken in Detroit and Philadelphia, even after a court order required that to stop in Pennsylvania?

If the vote count has already been tainted with questionable ballots in Pennsylvania, we will never know the true result. That is probably true in some other states where the vote was close. The predictions that the haphazard vote by mail system would produce tainted results are coming true.

“Crooked, Sleepy” Joe Biden will begin his presidency under a cloud. It won’t matter because the Socialist Democrats will have gotten what they wanted. The only firewall that might be left will be the Senate. It might be able to block legislation that will ensure that the Democrats never lose another presidential election. If it doesn’t, our elections will be a shame, and the democratic process gone, just like the statues of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt that the anarchists pulled down in Portland, Oregon.

At any rate, we a witnessing a replay of the 1876 presidential election. The Republicans did the election stealing that time. The “winner” was Rutherford B. Hays who would be known in some circles as “Ruther-fraud.”

RET, I am not at all disagreeing with you regarding the media culpability in Trump’s loss - and I am sure as hell in no way sticking up for John or Cindy McCain. John McCain was a RINO of the first order.

However, there is little doubt in my mind that McCain got out of bed, flew across the US to DCwith the express purpose of very publicly sticking it to Trump on Obamacare. McCain was not an Obamacare advocate by any stretch - he was, however, vindictive and petty. Trump’s needless and on-going attacks on McCain and his one claim to fame - his war record - I firmly believe cost us the final nail in the Obamacare coffin.

That said, McCain is well thought of by many, if not most, residents of Arizona. - I think it unrealistic to believe Trump’s needless rhetoric ridiculing McCain did not cost him votes in a VERY tight election in AZ. Did it cost him AZ? It might have; for sure it didn’t help.

Now, let me be clear - without the one way media pounding for 4 years and the lies surrounding an attempted coup by Democrats - Trump would have won another term going away. Also, let us not forget the voters here - to them I would say gullibility/ignorance is not a virtue

Finally, We had better hope like hell that Loefler and/or Perdue win their run-offs in January. If at least one of the 2 fails to win, as I read it, we will have a tie in the Senate. In that case, Kamala Harris end up wielding power.

Yes, this is the nightmare. If the Senate ends up in a tie, the Harris will be the deciding vote. The only "firewall left will be Joe Mansion from West Virginia, and he’d be too scared to block the Democrat juggernaut

The virus was really the last nail in the coffin and the factor that won the election for the Democrats. If the economy could have remained strong until Election Day, Trump would have won. But the virus gave the Democrats the talking point they really needed. and Trump helped them out by not presenting a clear message to combat their lies.

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