Congratulations to the GOP


I did this 3 days before the 2016 election but RO went down before election day so I couldn’t brag about it, hopefully we will be up tomorrow evening so this will be prophetic.

Not really prophetic, the polls are using some very poor metrics (like in 2016) so their numbers are accurate but the interpretation of those numbers is way off; the GOP will hold the House and increase their majority in the Senate; they will do well in the State races as well (except for California) and the Left will melt down even more.

This is going to be a fun Tuesday :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t bet you. I think things will go well for Republicans tomorrow.

I’m not holding my breath, but I hope that somewhere along the way they start practicing what they’ve preached all my life and balance the budget sometime in the near future.


Yeah, and I hope I hit the lottery and wind up living in fantasy land with hordes of fawning sylphs waiting to gratify my every whim… and I figure I’ve got better odds :sunglasses:


We accumulated 20 trillion in debt over Obama’s reign, the stagnant economy kept the fed from raising the interest rate out of the cellar; they would never have raised rates if the economy had not caught fire but it has and that means all of that debt is going to cost far more money than the increased tax receipts from the solid economy.

There is literally no way stop the growing deficit quickly, Trump has put economic numbers up that make Reagan’s look pedestrian but it will take 4 to 5 years of record growth like we have had to simply pull even with the interest; the idea that congress could have cut their way out of deficits while we are paying interest on 20 trillion dollars of debt is simply a mathmatical impossibility.

The only hope is for a sustainable, rapidly growing economy with strong roots and even that is a long shot, that is what Trump is establishing now with little help from either Party; this part had to come first so thumbing our nose at him for continued deficits less than 2 years in is criticizing him for not doing the impossible.

Trump is the first Republican President in my lifetime that is playing the long game, only the Democrats have done that before; the long game pays far greater dividends but if insist on only looking into next week you will be just as “out of the loop” as most Americans were the whole the Left was establishing the deep state that curses us now.

History will record that Trump was the perfect fit for this time, maybe the only perfect option we had in this time.


Who knows what a sylph is!


I’m criticizing hypocritical Republicans and Donald Trump. They’ve made no attempt to control spending. The deficit problem preceded President Obama. To lay our public spending problem solely at his feet is ridiculous, and not to hold Republicans accountable (with the exception of Newt and his Congress) is laughable. They’re irresponsible. But your comments demonstrate why they won’t change any time soon. I don’t expect Democrats to control spending because they think money grows on trees and is limited only by capitalist greed. I’ve spent my life listening to Republicans lie about it, so I know any hope for responsible spending is impossible in the near future – it has nothing to do with Obama.


What spending cuts could have reduced the deficit in the last year and a half?

That is a genuine question, by my math we could eradicate all discretionary spending and not even ding the deficit due to the interest expense on 20 trillion dollars.

Comparing all of the deficits from the founding of this nation combined to the Obama debt is like comparing an expensive dinner on the credit card that cannot be afforded to buying a mansion on credit cards that cannot be afforded; one debt is an ongoing nuisance to service and the other will consume everything you have many times over.

That is why we will likely fail as a nation, we compare the uncomparable and we demand the impossible, if we don’t get what we want regardless of how ridiculous it is we condemn whoever did not give it to us.

By the way, the GOP incarnation from 2000 to 2006 was the only incarnation that didn’t reduce the deficit in the pre insane era of Obama and they were funding a war on multiple fronts, Reagan never had a GOP congress so the universal condemnation of the GOP regarding the deficit is just as legitimate a comparison as the Obama debt to all of the debt that preceeded it; ridiculous.

I despise the GOP for many reasons but when they have had the authority and no war to fight they have a pretty good fiscal record, under Trump they will do even better since he plans ahead.


The only ways to fix the national debt crisis are to grow the economy, which Trump has done and lower spending, where he has failed to do. There are so much entitlement spending now that there is little Congress can do about it.

It’s only going to get worse as we accept more illegal aliens who will be a net drain on the economy with their demands for services and welfare. More and more of them are going to flood into the country as they see that U.S. is nothing more than “Uncle Sugar Daddy” who will protect, feed and house them.

The classical economists told us that immigration was good for economic growth, and that was true given the level of government services in their day. When an immigrant came here it was sink or swim. They had to work or starve, and in most cases, they got to live the American dream. That’s what America was about. If you worked hard, you had the opportunity to greatly improve your life and the lives of your decedents. You were not locked in to a rigid economic category by the class system.

Now it’s “welcome to America, light up a joint, sit on your butt and collected benefits … because you are entitled.” And if you think we are not giving you enough, join a gang and live the life of crime.

If you live in San Francisco, it’s okay to kill somebody. All a San Francisco jury will do is convict you for a gun violation, which is a politically correct verdict. Murder? That’s just a reflection of the fact that you have been deprived all of your life because you are not White. You know, it’s about the “White man’s privilege” thing. It’s not your fault.

If you think that these comments are off the wall, look at what they teaching to college students these days.


I do…?


So do I. In mythology, it was an invisible air spirit capable of controlling the wind. I think the way qixlqatl meant was the common-usage of a slender, girl servant.


If voters always acted with fact-based knowledge, insight and logic I would wholeheartedly agree with you RET - the GOP/Trump would hold the House and Senate.

While I am hopeful, I would be a little surprised if the House goes to the GOP.

What really scares the hell out of me are the races in Florida. I think we will get an early glimpse of how the night will shape up once the returns from Florida are in. That Gillum might win the governorship and Nelson the Senate seat is beyond troubling.

In Florida, your theory will be tested early. Hope you are correct, RET.


I am approaching the two big elections in Florida with an attitude of fear and loathing. DeSantis has been sleepwalking through this entire race. He has been a tired, dull, lackluster candidate. Given the campaign he’s run, I can’t understand why he wanted the job. He should have stayed in the House.

There is no secret as to what Gillam is. He is an extreme socialist who wants to make Florida into New York State without Wall Street to fill the state tax coffers to pay for his spending programs. He is a disaster.

I’ve said to my wife that we might need to move out of the state if he is elected. He will want a state income tax, and come after our assets if he can.

The thing really makes me angry is that Gillam got the Democrat nomination with 33% of the vote in a crowded primary. Only a minority of Democrats wanted him, and now all of us will be stuck with him. He is paid off George Soros puppet.

As for the Senate race, it’s Rick Scott vs. the Walking Dead Man. Bill Nelson is nothing but a Democrat puppet who votes the party line. He’s never had an original thought in his life. All he can do is talk about when he was an astronaut looking down on the earth. He says he saw “no Democrats, no Republicans, no religions and no races.” Given his limited mental capacity, I’m sure that’s true.

Nelson will just be one more dead head in the Senate. Gillam is toxic.


Sendgop - since Florida is full of retirees and you live in Florida, I am wondering if you have an opinion about McConnell’s comment of 3 weeks ago regarding the need to address Soc Security/Medicare - specifically, if his comment might have played a role in your state’s election? .


From what I have seen, it didn’t seem to make much of a difference. It hardly got into the press down here, and the Democrats didn’t rush in any negative TV ads to take advantage of it.

Rick Scott has been a great governor who as serviced for two, four year terms. Despite his good record, both of his elections to office have been very close. Last time he ran against Republican turned Democrat, Charlie Crist, and only won by 1% or so. The governor’s races have been close to flipping since Jeb Bush retired.

Now Gillam has used the race card to get the him over the finish line. I’m sure that there are more than few melon heads down here who are voting for Gillam because, “It’s time to let an African-American have his turn.” They have not looked at the issues or listened to what Gillam’s platform is. His platform includes, abolish ICE, increase state spending by billions of dollars, make free health care a right and make Florida into a sanctuary state.


Colorado Governor, and Mike Coffman’s House seat are both blue now.

Granted, the former was already blue; Polis though promises to be even worse.

Time for me to leave.


Looks like the moron from San Hellfrisco will be back in the saddle again. Ugh.

Praying for the kind of gridlock and obstructionism that brought us more responsible government spending in the 1990s.


Yep, miserable Nancy Pelosi is back. It shows how old the Democrat Party’s ideas and leadership are. The same old tired woman is in place with lots of Botox in her face.


Well, it looks like all the pundits who said they Dems would take the House but not the Senate were right. I haven’t heard much about individual races.


There will be a re-count in the Florida senate race because Scott and Nelson were less than !% apart. I think Nelson is a dead duck, because his got to scrounge a lot of votes, even though it’s close. Scott will be smart enough to keep an eye on the crooked Democrats who have a lot of experience with trying to steal elections.

I have not heard about the Arizona senate race yet. It looked like the hero fighter pilot lady had a lead over “Ms. Code Pink.” I hope it holds.

It is interesting to note that the only avowed Socialist Democrat who won was the lady bar maid from the socialist district in Brooklyn, New York. That district sent Vito Marcantoni to Congress in the 1940s so it’s no surprise that they are still following the Communist path. All of the others lost or appear to be losing.


What is troubling are the number of far-left Democrats that lost Senate races by only razor thin margins… O’Rourke (TX), Sinema (AZ) - not yet conceded, and Gillum (FL), It is testimony to just how close we came to losing the Senate. The narrow victories in these states may well be due to a changing demographic. In addition, we lost 7 governorships, with the race in Georgia still undecided.

While we did relatively well when viewing the midterm results from a historical perspective, I find little comfort in the results.