Congratulations to the GOP


Not a bad night, I thought the dems would fall 3 or 4 seats short in the House but they took about 4 more than they needed (which will be a good thing that I will explain later). I thought the GOP would pick up one Senate seat but they got 3, which is really 6 when you account for the Liberal GOP Senators who will NOT be in Congress come January :wink:

Colorado was no shock, they went all in with the gay mafia years ago when they declared war on Christians and legalized recreational drugs; they are competing with California to be the most communist state so they can be expected to go as blue as we are from here on out.

Texas is the main shadow on the parade, I have been saying they would be blue in 10 years due to the illegal immigration strategy that their Leftists are employing (pioneered and proven in California) but after yesterday I am thinking 5 years is all Texas has left; Beto should have never been in that race.

Had the GOP held the House with just a few seats to spare it would have crippled the Presidents agenda and ruined 2020, there are just too many Socialist Republicans who would have stopped anything good.

But now the Democrats are screwed, they won by playing the “blue dog” lie in red districts but they did not win enough seats to protect the lie. That means their freshmen will have to break all their promises to keep Nancy happy or side with Trumps agenda to keep their seat; Nancy does not have enough seats to “let them off the hook” like the old days.

Practically speaking the House was going to be problematic regardless of which Party eaked out a majority but this way the democrats will get all the gridlock blame.

Picking up those Senate seats is HUGE, the Senate is a statewide election so gerrymandering cannot hide the mood of the electorate; we basically have now had 2 elections where Trump has won the people.

Congratulations to Trump since he was the only one fighting for this, a lot of extreme Leftists in the GOP swamp have been removed and the judiciary is safely on its way to integrity.

I expect some pleasant surprises from the lame duck congress on their way out the door as well.

Watching Trump handle Pelosi will be a joy after I watched Pelosi run over Boehner and Bush, I am looking forward to the next 2 years :slight_smile:


Because California, keeps coming here. You’re the gift that keeps on giving.


As if you don’t love what Colorado has become, please


As much as you love sharing it I imagine.


In my view, the most relevant and most important reply in this thread is contained in RET’s, “Texas is the main shadow on the parade.” He is right. And a sad and very ominous shadow it is. Elections give us a real-time look at where we are as a country.

So, where are we?

Looking beyond the history of midterm elections - Given our nation’s dramatically improved conditions on the ground - both at home (record-setting economy) and abroad (foreign relations/improving trade agreements), not to mention the disgraceful Kavanaugh debacle perpetrated by the Left/Senate Dems and the Leftist verbal/physical attacks on those who disagree with them, there is no way in hell the far Left in Texas (or Florida for that matter) should have come anywhere close to taking the Senate - or even the House. Far left loon, O’Rourke, came within a whisker of defeating Sen Ted Cruz - in Texas for god’s sake!!. If that doesn’t get your attention, nothing will.

In addition, as I write this response, it seems very likely “It’s OK for Americans to fight with the Taliban” Sinema will take the Senate seat in AZ over fighter pilot/military veteran, McSally. The election challenge in Florida’s Broward and Palm Beach counties (of course/where else) involving early and provisional ballots mysteriously showing up and being counted behind closed doors/without Republican observers being present and beyond the legal time limit, might well hand Nelson (D) the Senate seat over Scott®.

Take away McSally’s victory and Scott’s win and, all of a sudden, Tuesday’s election doesn’t look so good. In addition, Uber-Left loon, Gillum, damn near defeating DeSantis in the Florida governor’s race - really??

I’m an admitted pessimist by nature - I’m also a realist. Looking for silver linings as I’m having my ass handed to me by hook or crook isn’t my style…

Texas is one of the last bastions of self-responsibility/self-reliance. Texas has served as a conservative firewall for as long as I can remember. If, as RET understandably suggests, Texas is on it’s way to the blue column, well, Trump’s presidency might be the last gasp of actual conservatism in the US.

Our hard Left education system, the hard Left media control and, as RET points out in Texas (and which is becoming true across the country), - our changing demographics - have fundamentally changed voting patterns across the country.

I’m reminded of Bob Dylan’s lyric, “the times they are a changin’”. I would add, they are changing VERY rapidly. Recall that less than 20 years ago, a Repub (yes, a RINO) was elected governor of California. It is probable you will never see that again. Same in New York. If Texas goes Left, well, you figure it out . . . Sanctuary cities? Hell, now we have sanctuary states!! It appears the US is well on its way to becoming a sanctuary depository!!

For at least the past 4 years on this site, I’ve been talking about the country reaching a tipping point - a point at which we are looking over the edge into a radical Left/socialist state abyss. It is obvious to me we are there. In fact, I’m not sure we haven’t slipped over the edge.

I’m rambling - so, I’m done.


I have a "pseudo-"grand-niece in Texas whose mother is a legal Columbian immigrant. Her father is the adopted son of my best friend in the world…and a bone fide American citizen, born in Fort Worth, Texas to an underaged American girl. She admitted to my best friend that she (and her mother) were voting for Beto O’Rourke…mostly because he’s “good looking.” THAT is the state of a great many, typical Democrat voters these days.


I guess if a guy who can make a smirk look like he’s smiling in his publicity photos is “handsome,” as part of your criteria for “good looking,” I suppose he’s your guy. He looked like a snake with arms and legs to me. Anyone who is on George Soros’ payroll is well on their way to getting on my bad side.


There is nothing wrong with Democrat voters that soup lines stretching for blocks won’t cure. IMHO.

In fact, sadly that might be the only cure - unfortunately, these “know nothings” will ensure most everyone else will be in line with them.


RUSH: “You go out to Arizona and you have Martha McSally, who swore on the McCain Bible, swore on the McCain-Flake Bible. She wouldn’t even do conservative media interviews, so anti-Trump. And she ends up losing to some hippie dippie left-wing Marxist, and everybody’s scratching their heads, why?”

ME: The why is because never-Trumper losers like McCain and The Flake are just that: Losers. McSally was one of them and she lost. What a moron.


The is talk that Delaware Senator Chris Coons is going to run for the Democrat presidential nomination in 2020. Perhaps Flake thinks that he and Cooms will form a “fusion ticket” that will unite the country. Fat chance.

Like John McCain, Jeff Flake is a political maverick who has no home. Maybe Flake will try to morph into a main stream, socialist Democrat, but I don’t think that’s possible. He did vote for Kavanaugh, thank goodness, and for a Democrat, that is close to a capital offense within the party.