Congress Moves Forward With Impeachment of IRS Commissioner


Hearings to determine whether IRS Commissioner John Koskinen should be impeached for misconduct will soon be underway on Capitol Hill.
A resolutionto impeach Koskinen was introduced last year by House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz over the stonewalling and obstruction of ongoing congressional investigations into IRS targeting of conservative groups. Now, the House Judiciary Committee will hold two hearings on the resolution and will determine whether to proceed with impeachment.
The Committee argues Koskinen “failed to comply with a congressional subpoena which resulted in destruction of key evidence, made false statements during his sworn congressional testimony, and did not notify Congress that Lois Lerner’s emails were missing.” The first hearing will examine a lengthy Oversight Committee report detailing Koskinen’s conduct and a second hearing will bring in outside witnesses to determine whether “further congressional action is warranted.”

Congress Moves Forward With Impeachment of IRS Commissioner - Katie Pavlich

I expect this to result in little to nothing just like Lois Lerner who ended up resigning without a day in jail. The foot dragging and coverups by this administration is well documented and those coming under investigation just blow off these hearing and tell them they will not comply.


Sam, I guess my response to this news was, so what?

As we have witnessed repeatedly, an administration and those serving within it, can act as they wish without serious repercussion.

The formula is simple: Deny, deny and deny some more and stonewall, stonewall and stonewall some more. Refuse to provide requested documents/records - force subpoena of those investigative documents/records and then tie the process up in various courts by way of legal appeals. This against the backdrop of reduced public interest over time, a lessened media interest over time (provided the media had much interest to begin with) - This strategy all but guarantees “running out the clock”.

That is exactly what has happened here. The IRS case is nearly 5 years old and the Obama reign is about to come to a close. Impeaching Koskinen? SO WHAT? As Hillary has said, “What difference does it now make”? The damage to conservative groups during the run-up to the 2012 elections has been done. The Obama administration’s goal was achieved.

We have a corrupt government with safeguards against government corruption totally inadequate to keep up with/address the corruption. PERIOD!!


Lois Lane retired at MEGA salary the rest of her life, she also got a $25,000 bonus for “Early Retirement”, which they treat as retiring at anything under a full 30 years IIRC. What is common is to retire one day before your 30 years and pick up the $25k payday.

Nothing will come of this, just the rest of the govt folks (except military). For some reason the Army sent me off to the Personnel school where we learned military and Civil Service Personnel Mgt. I have no idea why as I never worked in the field at all. The bulk of the course is on dealing with the civil side of the house. WOW, the things I learned were stunning. Number of civil servants fired from the govt was near nothing especially on the military side of the house. To make a case on a civilian was a 1-2 year process or longer. For most military you will only remain on station for 2-4 years, so making a case is extremely difficult. What is done in the military is just look the other way or move the individual into a corner and a private cubicle and in many cases just take aways his job, let him set there and do nothing.

It was rare the command when after anyone unless there was outside involvement such as the FBI or another LE agency involved.


Yeah, Government “service” has become a New Nobility.

And I don’t think it can be ended short of a revolution or collapse. Lois is just one of the more visible faces of this oppression by our government taskmasters and lords…


I have preached for several decades now that the REAL enemies within are the bureaucrats. The elected officials are merely lazy, uncaring and moderately corrupt. What’s killing the country, slowly but surely, are the millions of government bureaucrats who can do ANYTHING they can conceive of without fear of retaliation.