Congress passes law, govt now wants Quota Killings of Blacks


How long before the govt sets quotas, can not have more people killed or injured than there are as a % of the population??? BLM already wants this for those sent to jail…

Texas police have shot 159 people since last September

**By Eva Ruth Moravec
•September 5, 2016 Updated: September 5, 2016 7:16pm


“African-American percentage far above overall level in state”

Ethnicity of suspects shot

White 69, Black 44, Hispanic 44, other 2

Population by Ethnicity

White 43%, Black 12.5%, Hispanic 38.8%, other 5.7%

Police shot

injured 88, killed 71

Police shot

21 wounded, 6 killed

Public Law No: 113-242 (12/18/2014)

[113th Congress Public Law 242]
[From the U.S. Government Printing Office]

[[Page 2859]]


[[Page 128 STAT. 2860]]

Public Law 113-242
113th Congress

                             An Act

 To encourage States to report to the Attorney General certain 

information regarding the deaths of individuals in the custody of law
enforcement agencies, and for other purposes. <<NOTE: Dec. 18,
2014 - [H.R. 1447]>>

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 

United States of America in Congress assembled, <<NOTE: Death in Custody
Reporting Act of 2013. 42 USC 13701 note.>>

This Act may be cited as the ``Death in Custody Reporting Act of 


(a) In General.--For each fiscal year after the expiration of the 

period specified in subsection ©(1) in which a State receives funds
for a program referred to in subsection ©(2), the State shall report
to the Attorney General, on a quarterly basis and pursuant to guidelines
established by the Attorney General, information regarding the death of
any person who is detained, under arrest, or is in the process of being
arrested, is en route to be incarcerated, or is incarcerated at a
municipal or county jail, State prison, State-run boot camp prison, boot
camp prison that is contracted out by the State, any State or local
contract facility, or other local or State correctional facility
(including any juvenile facility).
(b) Information Required.–The report required by this section shall
contain information that, at a minimum, includes–
(1) the name, gender, race, ethnicity, and age of the
(2) the date, time, and location of death;
(3) the law enforcement agency that detained, arrested, or
was in the process of arresting the deceased; and
(4) a brief description of the circumstances surrounding the

(c) Compliance and Ineligibility.--
        (1) Compliance date.--Each State shall have not more than 
    120 days from the date of enactment of this Act to comply with 
    subsection (a), except that--
                (A) the Attorney General may grant an additional 120 
            days to a State that is making good faith efforts to 
            comply with such subsection; and
                (B) <<NOTE: Waiver authority.>>  the Attorney 
            General shall waive the requirements of subsection (a) 
            if compliance with such subsection by a State would be 
            unconstitutional under the constitution of such State.

[[Page 128 STAT. 2861]]

        (2) Ineligibility for funds.--For any fiscal year after the 
    expiration of the period specified in paragraph (1), a State 
    that fails to comply with subsection (a), shall, at the 
    discretion of the Attorney General, be subject to not more than 
    a 10-percent reduction of the funds that would otherwise be 
    allocated for that fiscal year to the State under subpart 1 of 
    part E of title I of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets 
    Act of 1968 (42 U.S.C. 3750 et seq.), whether characterized as 
    the Edward Byrne Memorial State and Local Law Enforcement 
    Assistance Programs, the Local Government Law Enforcement Block 
    Grants Program, the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance 
    Grant Program, or otherwise.

(d) Reallocation.--Amounts not allocated under a program referred to 

in subsection ©(2) to a State for failure to fully comply with
subsection (a) shall be reallocated under that program to States that
have not failed to comply with such subsection.
(e) Definitions.–In this section the terms boot camp prison'' andState’’ have the meaning given those terms, respectively, in section
901(a) of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 (42
U.S.C. 3791(a)).
(f) Study and Report of Information Relating to Deaths in Custody.–
(1) Study required.–The Attorney General shall carry out a
study of the information reported under subsection (b) and
section 3(a) to–
(A) determine means by which such information can be
used to reduce the number of such deaths; and
(B) examine the relationship, if any, between the
number of such deaths and the actions of management of
such jails, prisons, and other specified facilities
relating to such deaths.
(2) Report.–Not later than 2 years after the date of the
enactment of this Act, the Attorney General shall prepare and
submit to Congress a report that contains the findings of the
study required by paragraph (1).

(a) &lt;&lt;NOTE: Effective date.&gt;&gt;  In General.--For each fiscal year 

(beginning after the date that is 120 days after the date of the
enactment of this Act), the head of each Federal law enforcement agency
shall submit to the Attorney General a report (in such form and manner
specified by the Attorney General) that contains information regarding
the death of any person who is–
(1) detained, under arrest, or is in the process of being
arrested by any officer of such Federal law enforcement agency
(or by any State or local law enforcement officer while
participating in and for purposes of a Federal law enforcement
operation, task force, or any other Federal law enforcement
capacity carried out by such Federal law enforcement agency); or
(2) en route to be incarcerated or detained, or is
incarcerated or detained at–
(A) any facility (including any immigration or
juvenile facility) pursuant to a contract with such
Federal law enforcement agency;
(B) any State or local government facility used by
such Federal law enforcement agency; or

[[Page 128 STAT. 2862]]

                (C) any Federal correctional facility or Federal 
            pre-trial detention facility located within the United 

(b) Information Required.--Each report required by this section 

shall include, at a minimum, the information required by section 2(b).
© Study and Report.–Information reported under subsection (a)
shall be analyzed and included in the study and report required by
section 2(f).

Approved December 18, 2014.


It just sounds like they are wanting more data to use AGAINST law enforcement.
In these PC time one has to wonder…Does the government not understand that law breakers don’t really need to be divided by color or race? They are all in one category…law breakers.


Look for Obama to release not just the terrorists, but hundreds if not thousands of blacks in jail…