Congressman Paul Broun is running for Senate in Georgia


Rep. Broun’s wife announces husband’s Senate candidacy - The Hill’s Ballot Box

I am very pleased. He is one of the top 5 members of the House based on his Constitutional voting record.

I am also pleased that he has introduced bills to remove the U.S. from the U.N. and abolish the Federal Reserve.


He sucks.

"**Congressman Paul Broun (R-Ga.) said last week that evolution and the big bang theory are “lies straight from the pit of Hell.”
“God’s word is true. I’ve come to understand that. All that stuff I was taught about evolution and embryology and the big bang theory, all that is lies straight from the pit of Hell,” said Broun, who is an MD. “It’s lies to try to keep me and all the folks who were taught that from understanding that they need a savior.”

He continued:

“You see, there are a lot of scientific data that I’ve found out as a scientist that actually show that this is really a young Earth.** I don’t believe that the earth’s but about 9,000 years old. I believe it was created in six days as we know them. That’s what the Bible says**.”

And this is the guy on the SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE!!!


How about his voting record Cam? Looks good from the little glance I gave today.

Anecdote time, yay!:
I don’t know much about the guy. I do know plenty of people who belive the same as to the formation of the earth as he does. Those people don’t suck.


But they don’t head the Science & Technology Committee either OR try to get their Religious views incorporated into our learning standards. Nor do they try to get Congress to endorse 2010 as the Year of the Bible. I was waiting for him to propose 2011 as the year of the Torah and 2012 as the year of the Koran. Perhaps 2013 will be the year of the KarmaSutra. I understand Rep Menendez is a willing co-sponsor.

Meanwhile a guy who believes dinosaurs and men walked the earth together wants to represent ALL of Georgia now instead of just the crazy part.
He may vote right 99% of the time on fiscal/defense etc. but he is scary in the position he is in and as one of 435 he is simply a small embarrassment and reflection on his district…NOT an embarrassment on the whole state. I’m sure the big reason he is interested in the Senate is because he lost his buddy on the Science Committee…Todd Aiken.

The libertarians should convince Boortz to run…if nothing else…his debates with Broun would provide some great YouTube vids. Hell…Herman Cain is from GA and he could walk away with the nomination despite his indescretions.


Is the technology and science committee even Constitutionally allowed? I don’t see it, and could care less about it.

The crazy people are the establishment candidates because they don’t understand the Constitution.


Just saw this. I’m opposing Broun’s candidacy. He’s crazy. He compared Obama to Hitler. I mean really, I hate Obama but that comment is just plain stupid.

My guy, Tom Price decided not to run so I will be supporting Jack Kingston. I like Phil Gingrey too, but he’s said some very badly worded statements on rape and abortion. Gingrey’s fued w/ Limbaugh won’t help with Tea Partiers either.

I think Kingston is the right man for the job. He’s Pro-Life, VERY Pro-Military (there are numerous military bases in GA-01 if I remember correctly.) and just a good conservative overall.

Only other candidates I might consider over Kingston are Lt. Gov Casey Cagle (I’ve been a huge fan of his for years), Kelly Loeffler (Co-Owner of a WNBA team but idk her stances on issues so this is very questionable).

Kingston 2014!