Congressman (woman) Giffords & 6 others shot in Tucson


Breaking: Congresswoman, five others shot in Tucson, AZ; Update: Nine injured « Hot Air

reports are now saying she is dead. Youngest woman elected to congress. I don’t really know her party status. Gunman tackled and is in custody. No other news on the shooting.


Oh my gosh! I hope she isnt dead! I’m praying for her, and all the others involved!


That is sand and very unfortunate no matter what your politics. I’m sure the shooter’s motive should be very interesting…

Congresswoman Shot-Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Shot In Arizona (Photo) | America’s Breaking Local And World News


Here;s her site. She was in favor of cutting congressional salaries. No update as to the latest tragedy though. I’m sure they’re all in a state of turmoil.

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Representing the 8th District of Arizona


I say within the hour there will be a report of this being the act of a Right Wing Psychopath. My condolences to her family and friends. Especially the innocent victims familys.


HOLY COW>>I JUST READ on another site that she is STILL IN SURGERY. She MAY be okay, or at least alive. I understand the murderer shot a child also.

Breaking: Congresswoman, five others shot in Tucson, AZ; Update: Nine injured; Update: NPR reports Giffords, 6 others dead; Update: KOLD reports Giffords still in surgery « Hot Air


Most of the Yahoo commenters are all ready blaming “tea baggers”


Not long ago her hq doors were shattered when the obamacare question was on the table. If i am not mistaken, wasn’t she opposed to O’care?


John Boehner says, an attack on one who serves is an attack on all who serve. And i say…just shut up John.

because that sounds like a prelude to more rules and regs on the citizenry to protect you congressmen. That means blacks/hispanics/muslims/homos and congressmen are a protected class.

everybody but the innocent are jockeying for position. And we’ll be the ones to pay.


She was a democrat, good riddance.

I am as cold to her as she was to me.


You are really pathetic GT7. From what I have heard she is alive and is recovering. A Federal Judge and a 9 year old child were killed. This piece of scum that did this deserves the death penalty. No matter what side of the political spectrum that you take no one deserves to be harmed for serving their country or to be harmed at all.


Why am i NOT Shocked that the nazi scumbag would post such a disgusting comment?

Screw off.

God bless Rep. Giffords, and all the others injured, God also bless their families.

And, I give my condolences to those who lost their lives, and to their families.

I like what Sen. McCain said "Whoever fired those shots, is a disgrace to Arizona, the United States, and the Human rce"




My prayers go out to her and her family and the families of all hurt or killed. I think the beast that did this should get the death penalty. I don’t say that lightly, either. IMO, not many deserve the death penalty but this one does.


Wow, check out this eery youtube video of Jared Lee Loughner, alleged shooter of Gabrielle Giffords.
Jared Lee Loughner-Who is Jared Lee Loughner and did He Shoot Gabrielle Giffords? (Video) | America’s Breaking Local And World News


Generally speaking,



oh here we go. Who is Jared Lee Loughner and Did He SHoot Gabrielle Giffords? DID HE SHOOT HER??


Violence does no one any good. No matter the background of this scumbag the Right will take the beatings. New gun laws and added infringement of personal rights and freedoms. Let us not forget the child, what possible good did that death do anyone.


GT7 doesnt care, he’s a loser. All he cares about is forcing his ridiculous views down peoples throats.


You guys got his number!