Conservative_Sangfroid, hola, como estas?


1) What state do you vote in?

The state of liberal idiocy, California.

2) Are you, or were you ever a member of the armed forces?


3) Does your username have any meaning?

Conservative means that, Sangfroid means cold blooded…sort of. This is a play on the meaning of my last name in Gaelic.

4) What are 3 or more of your favorite books (not necessarily in order)?

There are zillions of books. I loved Stephen King for years until he went over the liberal gunwale. Still love the Talisman and the Dark Tower Series.

Trinity by Leon Uris was/is very important to me. All of Clemens/Twain especially the Gilded Age, Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer.

A Conflict of Visions by Thomas Sowell. A Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Anything written by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

The Bible-not the King James but the “catholic” version. (Catholic means universal.). The Gospel according to Thomas.

An Essay Concerning Human Understanding by John Locke. Freakonomics. Asimov…all of it.

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant series by Stephen R. Donaldson. Lots of Poe. How the Irish Saved Civilization by Thomas Cahill.

Lots of William Faulkner but especially the story A Rose for Emily. Lots of Shakespeare, especially Sonnet 18 and Hamlet.

Seamus Heaney’s various poetry, but especially Mid-Term Break. Robert Frost’s works, especially the Road Not Taken.

W. B. Yeats’, especially Easter 1916 and The Second Coming. I really like some genres like magical realism and naturalism.

OK that is a lot.

5) What is the most important topic for you in the next election?

**Gosh, so much. Stopping Obama’s agenda and all that entails. But basically all of the things that Repub/Conser/Libertar talk about: small government, less taxes, reduction of the welfare state, individual responsiblity, respect for “traditional” value.

6) How long have you been lurking around the forums before signing up?**

Not at all.

And our younger members would like to know:
**7) What is your favorite music?

All kinds but I am kind of into this sort of “Irish” punk like Flogging Molly, The Pogues, Dropkick Murphys.


Welcome and you like the Catholic version of the Bible, is that still the Douay translation? I have a 1916 copy



What part of CA? NorCal or SoCal? Coast, Central Valley, mountains?

D-Rh or NAB or non-specifc translation, mention of the Gospel of Thomas is interesting.


Hi and welcome! I read Trinity a couple decades ago, and I’ve read most of Asimov’s Foundation series.


Yes, I think tht it is called that but I am not sure if the spelling is correct? Was the 1916 bible from your family?


SF Bay Area-I grew up all over…Livermore, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Pacifica, but now I am in the North Bay.


/grin … California is a “work in progress” and future learning will be taking place, I mean liberals can go forward for decades attempting to build up
California based upon $2 + $2 = $25, but there will come a time at some point when the reality of the correct answer will force compliance with facts.

One can issue a proclamation that $4 is really $25, but issued proclamations will not continue forever to buy bread, clothes, and cars.

Liberals are dangerous children that never matured into adults and their utopian zeal causes them to believe that $4 is really $25 because they
strongly desire $4 to be $25 ~~ they then they can “fix the California corner of the world” easier and quicker.

Imo, at some future point Father Time will “sit them down” put a dunce cap on their liberal noggins and give them a painful but survivable school lesson titled, “How To Conservatively Operate A State So You Can Keep On Eating And Flushing Your Commode.” /grin

I admire your range of interest and I am looking forward to reading your posts and I think you will make interesting contributions to the discussions here at RO.

“Respect for traditional values.”__ConSang

Its nice to have another traditional values conservative here at RO, may our tribe increase. [Edit: 'Course, you put the word traditional in quotes. Heh heh, time will tell what that means.]


Your have a wide range of interest in literature, perhaps music also?

Permit me to welcome you to RO with a beautiful song that I hope you (and others) enjoy.

Jackie Evancho, age 11, singing Puccini’s Nessun Dorma.
Starts at 1:14 minutes. Kick your speakers up.
Trust me, prepare to be moved!
Jackie Evancho - Guest Appearance - Britain’s Got Talent 2011 - YouTube



Welcome to RO


Thank you, and yes Jackie Evancho is amazing. It is hard to believe that that is coming out of that little girl.


CS; yes The Douay was my dads when he was a child.


That is really cool. My mom and dad were the youngest of large broods and I guess there wasn’t much left for them.

Does NJ stand for New Jersey?


Nah, The initials are my name, I lived in New Jersey in the 50’s, New York in the 40’s, started my Architect career in NYC and came south in 1980. retired in 2010




Feel like I should re-introduce myself. Haven’t had much time for leisure activities-online especially.


Understandable. Drop in when you can.