Consolidated Gay Issue Thread


So says you. But you haven’t refuted my contention that the words you cite have nothing whatsoever to do with homosexuality.


No, Jazz. As usual, you are picking and choosing what you wish to believe the Bible says–not what it ACTUALLY says…just as you do with the Constitution.


I have been saying this for sometime now. You cannot allow one group of sexual deviants in the door of legitimacy and not withstand the knock on the door of others, to do so would be blatant discrimination.

I believe the route will be thru giving children as young as 6 to make a sexual choice. Already there are 2 shows on TV about Transgender children. Tonight on TV is the first of a show called “Jazz”.

*"Transgender Teen Jazz Jennings Will Star in TLC TV Series “All That Jazz”

"Fourteen-year-old Jazz Jennings is your typical young girl, learning to balance school, her friends, her family and everything in between. But in addition to dealing with the chaos of being a teenager, Jazz has another obstacle to face: She was assigned male at birth.

From a young age, Jazz was drawn to items typically meant for girls and, over time, realized that she was a girl. With the help of her supportive and loving family, and a team of doctors and experts, Jazz decided to transition and live her life as a female. She’s shared her story through a series of YouTube videos and has served as an inspiration to teens experiencing the exact same thing.

“I wouldn’t change anything about myself. Not because I’m being cocky or anything, but because this is who I am and I’m proud of who I am. This is me, and I’m transgender, and that’s OK. It makes me a stronger person, a more confident person, and it just makes me myself,” she said in a recent YouTube video.

She’s decided to share her story in the upcoming series “All That Jazz.” Set to premiere this summer, Jazz will explain how she handles all the typical teen experiences, including dating, sleepovers and high school. You’ll get to know Jazz, but also her understanding parents, Greg and Jeanette, her grandparents Jack and Jacky, and her siblings Ari, Griffen and Sander.

“We know that families come in all shapes and sizes, but at their core, they are all about love, acceptance, and support. Only TLC can tell this family’s story in way that celebrates and demystifies difference in an effort to help create a world without prejudice,” said Marjorie Kaplan, Group President, TLC & Animal Planet.

We know you can’t wait for the show to air, so in the meantime, get to know Jazz by watching the Q&A she posted to YouTube last summer."*

Transgender Teen Jazz Jennings Will Star in TLC TV Series “All That Jazz” | TLC Presents | TLC

So to give a child the ability to make a sexual decision swings open the door to pedophiles. The min we allow children to chose their sexual direction then we have given them “the power of CONSENT”. At that point then some 50 year old prevent can have his way with Bruce or Betty. The sole purpose of these shows on TV is to highlight the torment these children go thru, making you feel sorry for them and shifting your stand on pedophilia, thu the ‘oh the poor children’ route.


Another example where someone from the left claims the bible does not speak against homosexuality


I didn’t pick and choose the quote - FC did. But I sure can read the quote - and it says nothing whatsoever about homosexuality. It speaks to fidelity within the marriage bond.


[QUOTE=Jazzhead (C&P from quote)]So says you. But you haven’t refuted my contention that the words you cite have nothing whatsoever to do with homosexuality.[/QUOTE]
False. I refuted it handily by pointing out that sex is for marriage only, and that marriage is a man and a woman; ergo, homosexuality is out of scriptural bounds (based on the scripture that I cited, and a ton of others that I haven’t, but others have over the years).


I think it is important to remember, no matter how hopeless it seems, no matter how much it looks like the LGBT movement has triumphed forever, is that they will not be the ultimate victors. They can pass every law that they want, throw every person who resists in jail, they can impose their beliefs on every country in the world, but they still won’t win. Because even then they will not be able to avoid their conscience. They know that what they do is wrong. Everyone knows that it is wrong, they have to be told otherwise. I remember watching the news when I was a child and my parents weren’t in the room one day and they were talking about how gay marriage had just been legalized (I didn’t know at the time that it was only in Massachusetts). Before that moment I didn’t know that homosexuality even existed, but I just knew it was wrong when I heard “I now pronounce you husband and husband”, and it still disgusts me to this day. That is why they want to go after every holdout county so that they offer gay marriage licenses. I highly doubt there are that many people in Casey County, Kentucky who want to marry someone of the same gender. The LGBT activists can’t stand the thought that someone, somewhere, doesn’t approve of their lifestyle. The same thing applies to the Christian bakers in Oregon. The lesbian couple could have just gone somewhere else, but instead they wanted to destroy the owners of the bakery. They accused them of “mental rape” and I think that is their conscience telling them that what they are doing is wrong. But whatever they do, they cannot satisfy their conscience unless they repent and turn from their ways.

And remember that though the LGBT movement has overwhelming financial and political power that seems infinite, their power can not extend beyond this world. God is more powerful than all the judges, Presidents, and politicians on earth and, try as they may, if they chose to fight against God, they will inevitably lose. As it says in Romans 8:31, “If God is for us, who is against us?”


LB, I think you’d be a lot happier if you’d just lighten up. This fantasy of yours that LGBT people want to “throw every person that resists” in jail cannot be good for your long-term health, including your long term spiritual health. Sure, gay folks want respect, just as you and I and everyone else does. Don’t be angry because they want the respect you refuse to provide. You don’t have to respect them. I sure as heck don’t have to respect social conservatives who won’t see others as individuals.

It’s a free country, where everyone is guaranteed the equal protection of the law. That’s a fantastic, happy thing. I am so pleased for my friends and neighbors who’ve always led good, productive and, yes, Christian lives. I’m so happy that I’m with folks here who insist that the same Constitution that respects the right of gay Americans to marry must also respect their religious liberty to dissent and turn their backs. Those of us with love in our hearts acknowledge the religious liberty of those with hearts of stone. Go ahead, refuse to bake that cake, refuse to shoot those wedding photos. We understand where you’re coming from. No, you’re not advancing your cause by withdrawing from the larger culture, but if you feel better being alone, then that’s your right as an American.

But still, if I may - lighten up, LB. The only commodity dispensed by God to all of us is time on this earth. It will be up soon. If you’re confident that disrespecting others will gain you eternal reward, then go for it. You’re probably right. Unless, of course, you’re wrong.

I’m feeling magnanimous in victory, and confident both that time heals all wounds, and wounds all heels. And I am so happy for my friends.


This is America, where we have freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of association. America is based upon capitalism and were the LGBT crowd instead of doing all they can to shut down a mom and pop bakery, if they had taken their resources and opened a bakery themselves that catered to the LGBT crowd they could have been successful. They could have rejoiced in America, they could have realized the American dream, they could have not only done LGBT events but gone into all out competition against them and possibly won in the bloody arena of capitalism.

But they did not do this, instead they took the HATE approach, they became BIGOTS, they committed a hate crime, NOT mom and pop trying to feed their family. They are gutless and instead they chose the mighty power of the local, state and federal govts, they chose wrong, they chose the path not of freedom but of govt making the choice for you.


17Oaks, are you of the view that boycotting a business that sells a product you oppose or discriminates regarding who it will serve is unAmerican? I’ve heard about, for example, citizens boycotting a store that won’t permit patrons to carry legal weapons while on the premises. Is the motivation behind such a boycott fairly characterized as “hate”?

Here in my own backyard, Waldron Mercy Academy, a Catholic affiliated private school in Merion, PA, days after the SCOTUS decision fired its director of religious studies for being a lesbian in a lawful marriage. The woman had disclosed her marriage at the time she was hired and had been at the school for approximately eight years. She was “outed” by a parent, and the school fired her for living a lifestyle in opposition to Church teaching. All perfectly lawful, of course. The response has been overwhelming. Parents are now organizing and outraged, and are threatening to pull their kids from the school or withhold tuition payments until the woman is restored to her job. Is any of this motivated, in your view, by “hate”?


I cannot make that as a blanket statement. In fact I did qualify it and stated instead of being bigots they should have opened a Gay Bakery and laughed all the way to the bank.

What they did, was ruin a family, destroyed their business, took food off their table, discriminated against them by denying their pursuit of happiness and what was their gain? I see nothing, have not read where a Gay Bake has opened up to meet market needs, instead we have the hammer of the govt forcing people against their will. Govt has taken over business, you now must run your business as the govt tells you, soon they will hand you an ‘Approved Employee Handbook and Pay Schedule’. In fact this is occurring already in cities across the US. This NOT how America was built.

America became the greatest country in all of history because of 2 things:

  1. We won in the bloody arena on the battlefield as soldiers fighting hand to gland “sending some other bastard to die for his country” [General George Patton]

  2. We won in the bloody arena on the battlefield of capitalism, starting and building great companies to compete across the world

and now we have had 6 years of some guy in the WH who thinks he has a better way and our way is bad. Yet thru all of written history those with the greatest success won on those 2 battlefields and no one has ever done it better than America, let the bell of freedom ring for all.


How can man change something he didn’t create? God is the creator of marriage and He and He alone has the right to change anything!


And who’s to say He hasn’t? Who’s to say that those who are fighting and winning the struggle for equal protection under the law aren’t doing God’s work? It certainly strikes me and millions of other Christians as a morally just cause.


Update: Well as I predicted the govt is taking over ALL businesses. They are now determine wages, hours worked, raise schedule, paid time off schedules and last but not least benefits that must be provided. Looks like it will be effective this fall…Socialism has arrived…


I can see a gay bakery now. Cakes and other items shaped in the form of sex toys.


Or, perhaps, a bakery which serves all customers regardless of the owner’s religious prejudice.


Yes, a nation without thought crime.


Do you SERIOUSLY think God would sanction the perversion of the institution of marriage between two people when their behaviors are the precise behaviors that caused him to destroy two complete cities and their inhabitants? Gays, as I’ve said dozens of times before, have ALWAYS had “equal protection of the law” where marriage is concerned. They just had to marry someone of the OPPOSITE sex, which God has TOLD us is how one starts a family.


[QUOTE=Jazzhead (C&P from quote)]1.And who’s to say He hasn’t? Who’s to say that those who are fighting and winning the struggle for equal protection under the law aren’t doing God’s work? 2.It certainly strikes me and millions of other Christians as a morally just cause.[/QUOTE]

  1. Just the Bible…
  2. :banghead:


There is nothing wrong with being prejudiced, 100% of all people are.

Of course with typical libtard thinking, then I as a business owner should serve the armed robber that comes in to shop, after all he is a customer and I should not let me prejudice get in the way of serving him…