Consolidated Gay Issue Thread


More sexual perversion…
No homo, no AIDS.


lol yes!


This is the direction we are going at and we are doing so because of our failure to follow the Constitution.


The truth in that statement was undisputable, but what about the liberals who claim that homosex is not a choice?


What about them? They won’t listen to reason no matter what anyone says. Any overt action is a choice.

  1. No one has discovered a GAY gene. If someone does, abortion will go the way of the dinosaur. Just imaging if parents start aborting children wholesale when the gay gene is presented to them. Parents realize that gays are inherently unhappier than others, and have a higher suicide rate. They are bullied more often, robbed more often. And beaten up more often. When parents see that their child will be gay, many, if not most, will choose to terminate.
  2. Having worked in the Music Industry, I know many homosexual producers, performers, etc., who are angry at the “I can’t help it, I was born like this”, crowd. They say that being born Homosexual sounds like a birth defect, not a preference. And they are right. If you choose to live the life you do, that is normal, but is you live the way you do because you are “born this way” it sounds like you are making excuses for being yourself.
  3. Ever been hit on by a gay person? Why, oh why, would someone who “knows” they were born gay, and cannot change, hit on someone they “know” was born THAT way, and cannot change? Did they WANT to get punched in the teeth?

The definition of “IS” is. Liperals do this and confuse people.
But, Pro Choice means Pro Abortion.
“Born that way”, means protected status, like Blacks, women, disabled people, etc.
It isn’t that liberals don’t know anything, just what they know, is wrong.


You’d think that if a gay gene did exist, they would have found it with Liberace.


Homo IMO and what I believe is that it is definitely a two sided coin. There are those who are BORN with some bad code, no different that finding bad code in a software app.

Then there are those who have made the lifestyle a choice.

I have NO idea what kind of % we are talking about at to chance or choice.

NOTE: I never believed this for a long time, I always felt it was a choice. But after some college Bio classes and later being a software engineer and seeing how 1 (ONE) line of code in a ½ million lines of code app can FUBAR it!

I don’t think there is a Gay gene, what I think is is just some wrong code and that is the result…


Uh… but genes embody, if not control our code. There’s even that phrase “genetic code”. Are you certain you’re making a distinction?

Just to say, scientists now can “program” fleas, through their genes, to grow antennae where their wings should be.


Wow. So, if this “code” can be manipulated, gays could be changed before they’re even born. Think of the implications of that!


I’m ore concerned with the migrating hair gene. The one that made my hair move from my head to my back.


I’m concerned with the “ingrown hair gene”…the one that makes the hair on my head start to grow out of my ears!


A good question for coffee shop discussion but totally irrelevant in regards to the Constitution.

Nobody has more or less “Rights” and the laws regarding what is recognized as a valid “Marriage” apply the same to everyone, just because there are several sub groups who don’t want to get married as the institution is defined is not the equivalent of saying those groups are prevented from getting married as the institution is defined.

A single employee of Walmart cannot file his taxes as a “Corporation” because he does not fit the legal definition of being “Incorporated”, he is NOT prohibited from forming a Corporation and then filing his taxes as a Corporation; he has chosen NOT to do what is necessary to meet the legal parameters.

If I don’t want to buy a gun my 2nd Amendment Rights have not been denied, I have simply chosen not to exercise them for whatever reason; if I claim that my inability to legally own and bear a nuclear bomb is “unequal treatment and a violation of my Rights” I would be an idiot since nobody can own and bear a nuclear bomb and I can indeed buy the same firearms as any other citizen if I choose to.

And Marriage is not a “Right”, it is an Institution that requires two willing participants to agree as individuals; if marriage was a “Right” then everyone would get a spouse whether or not any willing individual came along. Some societies have operated this way but we have never been one of them.


LOL!!! :coffee_spray:


I am quite pleased with my graying mane, I look like a Grandpa!
Best job ever…


Fortunately, I don’t have the ingrown hair gene. My hair is getting grayer and grayer (I like to think of it as my silvery mane), and my eyebrows are starting to grow wild like my grandmother’s. sigh


I remember three old ladies (one was my aunt) who used to share a tent every year at our denominational (low level, district) camp meeting. I remember one of them wanting one of the others to pluck the “wild hairs” out of her eyes. I wondered at the time what in the world she was talking about. Now I know - firsthand!


Yeah…I did a job on them last night. Couldn’t stand them anymore. Now, I hardly have any eyebrows. Oh well…you can’t win for losin’ I guess.


Has anyone wondered what a consolidated gay person is?


I think its this: LGBTQIA