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As well as simple biology.

I’m going to venture a radical thought. One of the accepted stages of development as a child is same-sex friendships and play. Around adolescence children/teens usually incorporate women into their interests and activities.

There are two possible versions of my thoughts:

[]That sticking to the familiar same sex relationships is easier, i.e. the Peter Pan syndrome; and/or
]That refusing to involve oneself with women is some form of adolescent rebellion/angst that sticks around.

I believe that the sudden acceptance of homosexuality has encourages both of these. Some people may be genetically predisposed to being gay. But those numbers haven’t exploded suddenly.
[/quote]I think obesity and ugly women are more the cause. I use the UK as a primary example. They have the most unattractive women in the Western World and also have a full 1/3 of UK male college students having made out with other men. When you have disproportionate numbers of awful looking fat women, a lot of guys go into “any hole’s a goal” mode. I mean really, what major difference is there between a 250lb “woman” and 250lb “man”. They’re both shaped like a blob of silly putty. If you’ll have sex with one, why not the other? Neither one of them looks like any woman you’d see in nature before the 20th century.




I think that’s Rachael Maddow.


Children of a Homosexual Couples Tell Courts Why They Support Traditional Marriage**
LINK: Children of a Homosexual Couples Tell Courts Why They Support Traditional Marriage

Grown children of gay and lesbian parents are now fighting back against gay marriage – based on their bad personal experiences.

4 adult children filed a brief to the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals. In question is whether the harm they experienced was due to bad parenting or an extreme gay lifestyle by their parents.

It’s difficult to ascertain if these particular parents were simply selfish and without boundaries because they were also gay, as their children surmise. What becomes their theme is that children need and have a God-given right to a mother and a father, despite what the gay community may claim.

Let’s hear what these children said:

Dawn Stefanowicz said her gay father was so preoccupied with sex that when she was in high school and brought home a male classmate, both her father and his lover propositioned him for sex.

B.N. Klein said her mother and lesbian partner disdained heterosexual families completely, and she didn’t have a clue about the daily interactions of a husband and wife until she went into foster care.

Robert Oscar Lopez said his two lesbian mothers were conscientious about his upbringing, but he became so emotionally confused that he turned to gay prostitution as a teen and gay and bisexual relationships as an adult…>>


Marine Le Pen’s Front National (FN), now enjoys a higher level of support among gay voters than among straights.

Adamson quoted gay artist and Paris resident Kelvin Hopper: “Faced with the current threats, particularly from radical Islam, gays have realized they’ll be the first victims of these barbarians, and only Marine is proposing radical solutions.” The historically anti-gay FN, noted Adamson, now had “more top aides who are publicly known to be gay than any other French political party.”

Experts say the wooing strategy works best on gay people who see the fight for equality as over and no longer feel obligated to support the liberal politicians who traditionally defend their rights.

“Having recently acquired the right to marry and adopt children, an important part of the gay electorate is turning to the extreme right because they do not need to support the left anymore on these issues,” IFOP pollster Francois Kraus said.