Consolidated Immigration Issues Thread


Yeah, those loggers, miners, commercial fishermen, roughnecks, welders, fabricators, mechanics, equipment operators, farmers and mill workers were all taking night courses at California’s recently “converted to super duper extra Leftism” Colleges and Universities; thereby becoming Extremist Leftist themselves.

Another wonderful piece of history revision from AS.

Too bad for you that it was the corrupt courts who crippled most of the industries, the legislation that prevented any of it from coming back was passed by politicians elected by the illegal immigrant era.

As was the sanctuary city and later sanctuary state laws, if you guys on the Left had some other filter than the “skin tone filter” this would be obvious to you.

But please continue trying to correct me on the history of the state that I was running a business in and voting in while you were still in diapers.


Nope, the white vote shifted from the start in the late 80’s/early 90’s, we see that in the voting record, and you’re not explaining why.

You’re just dancing around the issue. Do you have an answer or not RET?

And please, go on and tell me that Postmodernism didn’t grow footholds in the wider culture, as I listen to my ex-Californian neighbors exposit feminazi, and progressive boilerplate, about how everything is the fault of patriarchy creating corrupt power dynamics that abuse the non cis-white-males.

Or when I look through a course on the History of Engineering, exposit on gender, race, and transsexual intersectionality, and I can be rest assured that things have always been this way.


The “White Vote” did not “Shift” because their is no “White Vote”, if you spent just one day apart from your racist party you would know that.

Communists, racist, treasonous losers who cannot survive off of the government dole vote for Democrats, it makes no difference what their skin tone is.

As the industries were crushed the people who provided for themselves left and the people who remained and came later were those who were government leaches, government leaches vote for Democrats regardless of their skin tone.

Illegal immigration allowed for this process to be accelerated, millions of Welfare rats in just a few years converted California from a mostly Conservative State to a hopelessly Communist State; which is why you want open borders.

You are watching decades of Extremist Leftism in jeopardy of falling, you have lost all but the biggest lunatics with your messages and the illegal immigrant “Hail Mary” is your only hope.

Your guys took California and they will likely take Texas with this strategy if what I am reading is correct, but you will lose more than you gain in the long run; by the time Texas flips California will be like Venezuela so your strategy will be exposed for all to see.


Cool, you don’t have an answer, but I found one anyway.

Look right here RET:

Practically overnight, Republicans are marginalized… among whites as well as Hispanics.

Nope, I want Bracero.

Get that part right from now on. It’s not a hard word to remember.

Also; Marx hated immigration for the same reason you do. Your ignorance is both hilarious, and self-defeating.


Yeah, I guess post modernism happened overnight, it had nothing to do with putting all the private sector people out of work so they would leave and adding millions to the Welfare roles and government jobs.

And I have no doubt that your side will purge all of the dependent class just like the students of Marx and every other Communist example in history; you are using illegal immigrants and many other “groups” as nothing more than a means to an end.

Once you get the full state control and the populace is rendered impoverished and unarmed you will purge the unproductive just as your predecessors did; there is nothing new or unique about your version of this failed philosophy.



California was already a progressive haven in most sense of the word, and it had already made fundamental policy transitions before the 90’s ever hit.

Yeah, you did lose jobs due to bad decisions— decisions your own not-Hispanic voters approved of.

I’m sorry you have gullible, economically illiterate neighbors RET, but they were like that long before any illegals showed up.

And now your neighbors are showing up at my door, and spreading the damage here.

Californians are like the Swedish; practically leapt themselves into prosperity, and then they took the fundamentals for granted, until they ran it into the ground.

Right about the same time actually.

Easy and good trade war must be working out -- Good job, guys!

The only gullible, economically illiterate people I know are illegal immigrants and those who have done everything legal and illegal to keep them flooding into California.

Like all Liberals you get upset when the consequences of your policies find their way into your own neighborhoods, when it happens enough you will flee but you will bring your politics with you so it is just a matter of time before you convert your new place into the same purgatory that you created in your former place.

Your slave class will not save you in the end, the power you glean from such tactics will be fleeting; history is littered with the failures of those who thought that Socialist ends would justified whatever means were necessary to establish them.


Nope, I’m a free marketeer.

Pretending I’m something else only makes it look like you can’t argue your side of this in good faith.

If we disagree, we disagree, but be honest about what that disagreement is. If you can’t do that, then you’re wasting time for both of us.


You oppose anything that would reduce government dependency and you support only what creates government dependency, anything you say about “Markets” is designed to advance that agenda and that agenda alone.

Your support of the “free markets” would disappear tomorrow if Welfare disappeared tomorrow, that is because without Welfare a free market would steer illegal immigrants away from you just as fast as citizens who are not government leaches run from your party now.


I want the regulatory state disminished to near nothing, the welfare state gone, and for the labor market to run itself.

The absence of central planning, of any kind.

I want free trade, not “managed” trade, not “fair” trade, free trade.

I want a 100% on the economic freedom index.

No RET, you can’t point to any policy I’ve supported that involves the State more in the economy.

We have a disagreement on immigration, and that’s the only excuse you give for it. The only one. Milton Friedman wanted the same immigration policy I do. Barry Goldwater wanted the same policy I do.

You disagree about what the outcome will be, fine.

But you don’t get to tell me what my position it, when I quote what other free marketeers say in unison is the correct approach here.

Ergo, you disagree with the Free market school of thought, you disagree with the Austrians. Be honest about it, and quit beating around the bush.


All very easy to say when you KNOW that there is absolutely NO political will to get rid of Welfare anywhere on the horizon with nearly half of the US population receiving more in largess than they pay in taxes, your dependent slave invasion would build that percentage to such a level as to make eradicating the Welfare State impossible FOREVER; JUST LIKE IT DID IN California.

You are like the GOP Congress that passed a Robertscare repeal 50 times when they knew Obama would never sign it but refused to pass it even once when they knew there was a President in the White House who would sign it immediately.

You are not fooling anyone.


Coordination of the labor market is more important than the states poor choices with its welfare state.

The Welfare state, does not give you an excuse to play economic God.

Because who are you empowering to be that God? The Government.

Government stupidity with its funds, cannot justify Government expansions of power. That’s circular reasoning.

Milton Friedman wanted the same policy.

Unless you’re going to call him a socialist, you’re in a bind RET.

Be honest about what it is you’re disagreeing with. Quit beating around the bush.


Please post everything you can find from Friedman on the subject of importing Welfare recipients, I would be quite interested in hearing about all of this “agreement” you say you have with him.


Look, for example, at the obvious, immediate, practical example of illegal Mexican immigration. Now, that Mexican immigration, over the border, is a good thing. It’s a good thing for the illegal immigrants. It’s a good thing for the United States. It’s a good thing for the citizens of the country. But, it’s only good so long as it’s illegal.

He said this, because illegals took less welfare than legals… and natives. To him, illegal immigration is the closest thing we get to pre-1914 immigration.


You forget that NEITHER a Republican President NOR a Republican Governor has the LEAST effect on government policies in Kalifornia. Reagan was popular enough to get a FEW conservative ideas through the legislature, but they were quickly rescinded as soon as another Democrat governor took office. Its the LEGISLATURE that governs Kalifornia, and that’s been leftist since the 1920’s!


… So you’re saying I’m right, and that California was leftist, long before the 90s.


Never denied it.


As expected, not 1 citation of Friedman advocating importing Welfare recipients to improve the economy.


As expected, no reaction to him stating illegal immigrants were good.

You don’t take ownership RET. That’s a failing.

You won’t admit what it is you’re disagreeing with here.


Maybe we should all head for California on election day and upset their voting system. Since they can’t ask for ID . . .